Kanna, the oldest of Naraku's offspring, resembles a small child of pure white. Kanna is actually something of a void given personification. She has no color, no scent, no emotions and no self control. She always does exactly as instructed by Naraku and never questions his orders.

Kanna is never seen without her mirror. The mirror functions as a vessel for containing the souls of anyone unfortunate enough to see their reflection in it. Once Kanna has captured a soul, the victim's body becomes a puppet under her control. Before Naraku was able to generate powerful barriers, Kanna also used her mirror to deflect Inuyasha's Wind Scar. One of the few times Kanna has shown any concern is when she attempted to absorb Kagome's soul. The soul proved to be unusually large and Kanna's mirror cracked under the strain.

Kanna seems to be the favorite of Naraku's creations. He takes special care to keep her out of harms way, while placing Kagura in deliberately dangerous situations. One of Kanna's most important missions was overseeing the safety of the Infant after he divided from Hakudoshi. She was charged with placing the child in the care of a noblewoman alongside Kohaku, and ensuring the Infant's safety.

Because of her unwaivering loyalty to Naraku, it comes as a shock when she betrayed him in order to help Moryomaru. Not surprisingly her betrayal is revealed to be an elaborate ruse to lure Moryomaru into Naraku's clutches so he can regain his heart. After this Kanna disappears once more as she often does, waiting in the wings until she can be of service again.

The Meaning Behind the Name

"Kanna" means "godless".

Yukana & Janyse Jaud

Yukana is the voice of Kanna in Japan. Her previous work includes Kino Mayumi in Blue Submarine #6, Theresa Testarossa in Full Metal Panic! and Felicia in Vampire Hunter: Darkstalker's Revenge.

Janyse Jaud, Ranma 's Hinako Ninomiya, portrays Naraku's evil spawn. Her previous roles include quite a few Takahashi series. She was the sexy Akemi Roppongi on Maison Ikkoku as well as Misa in Mermaid's Scar as well as Panni in Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture as well as also playing Felicia in Vampire Hunter: Darkstalker's Revenge. on Inuyasha she is also the voice of Kagura.

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