Kikyo is no ordinary miko, she posesses great spiritual powers which she utilizes in her role as protector of the Shikon Jewel. The Shikon Jewel was sought by demons who sought to augment their own abilities with its mystical energies.

It would be the most persistent of those demons that would change Kikyo's life forever. Inuyasha sought the power of the Shikon Jewel for himself, and for some reason, when he tried to obtain it, Kikyo showed mercy by sparing his life. Inuyasha didn't give up, and soon began to watch the miko from afar. The two saw themselves reflected in each other, they both had hidden their humanity behind facades of strength. When Inuyasha revealed his vulnerable side to her, Kikyo had a realization, if he were to use the Shikon Jewel to become fully human instead of a complete demon, the jewel would be purified and destroyed. If that happened she would be free of her obligation to guard it and she could pursue her dream of living the life of a normal woman. Kikyo had fallen in love with Inuyasha, and he loved her as well. They decided to go through with their plan, but fate intervened.

Naraku disguised himself as Inuyasha and attacked Kikyo, stealing the Shikon Jewel. He posed as Kikyo and attacked Inuyasha as well, pitting the two lovers against each other. Enraged by Inuyasha's apparent betrayal and subsequent attack on the village, a mortally wounded Kikyo gathered enough strength for one final confrontation. She used an arrow to seal Inuyasha to a tree, where he would remain for fifty years. With Inuyasha sealed, Kikyo succumbed to her injury and died. Her body held the Shikon Jewel as she was cremated, taking the Jewel with her into the next world.

Or so it was believed. The Shikon Jewel resurfaced fifty years later with the appearance of Kagome. Soon Kikyo was resurrected by Urasue in hopes that she could use the miko's powers for her own evil purposes. Kikyo was brought back to life with only her hatred for Inuyasha intact. She still believed that Inuyasha had caused her death and hated him for it. Because her soul was reincarnated within Kagome, Kikyo is incomplete. She depends on Soul Collectors to gather the spirits of the recently deceased. Kikyo feasts on these souls in order to stay alive and continue her quest to recreate the Shikon Jewel.

As she searched for Shikon shards, Kikyo wandered into various villages. Only here would she allow her old self to shine though, she tended to villagers and children, doing her best to offer help where she could. In her wanderings she learned of Mount Hakurei, and suspected that Naraku, who was thought to be dead at the time, may in fact be there. In a battle on Mount Hakurei, Kikyo was impaled by Naraku and cast off the side of the mountain. Near death, Kikyo actually created a double of herself from soil while she tried to recover from Naraku's poison. Even though an encounter with Kagome renewed her strength, Kikyo still retained a scar from Naraku's tentacle. It was only through the intervention of Midoriko, the creator of the Shikon Jewel, that she finally became whole again.

But with this gift of life came a price. Kikyo was now indebted to follow Midoriko's will and recreate the whole Shikon Jewel within Naraku, in a dangerous plot to purify the jewel while in the demon's posession.

Kikyo has recruited both Kohaku and Koga, who both have the final three shards of the Jewel in order to help her with her plan. Although she has told neither about the sacrifices they will have to make.

The Meaning Behind the Name

Kikyo means "bellflower" The name also came from the principles of Yin and Yang. The name "Kikyo" synbolizes five fundamental elements in the principle.

Noriko Hidaka & Willow Johnson

Most Takahashi fans will know Noriko Hidaka, the voice of Ranma 's Akane Tendo. Noriko also played Jean in Nadia of the Blue Water and Satsuki in My Neighbor Totoro.

Equally well known to English speaking Takahashi fans is Willow Johnson, Kikyo's English voice. Willow was also on Ranma as Kasumi Tendo. She also played Mobile Suit Gundam's legendary Lalah Sune and Lily McGuire in Fatal Fury.

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