The brash leader of the Eastern Demon Wolf tribe, Koga is a demon that resembles as human and leads his pack of wolves on murderous raids of villages in the area. Living life as a brigand, hunting for food and killing any humans that get in his way, Koga is content with his place in life and the responsibilities he has as leader of his pack. When the Shikon Jewel is shattered by Kagome, the shards fly across the countryside to be found by demons who crave their power. Koga quickly realizes the power he can attain by using the shards and begins to search for them, eventually gaining control of three shards, which he places in his arm and both legs.

Koga's lust for power leaves him unsatisfied with the reward of controlling three shards. His desire leads his tribe into conflict with the Birds of Paradise, a nearby group of grotesque harpy demons. In the battle that ensues, Koga's tribe is dealt many casualties. Koga realizes that he must be able to locate the rival demon's shards in order to kill them, and so he kidnaps Kagome for her ability to trace the jewel fragments. In the course of kidnapping her Koga falls in love with Kagome and vows to keep her as his wife. This love affair continues to be one-sided and creates a rivalry between Koga and Inuyasha.

After the battle with the Birds of Paradise Koga is ready to rest, but his tribe is excited about their recent victory and crave another battle. Koga refuses to accompany them, and because of this they are executed by Kagura as they raid Kagewaki's castle. By the time Koga arrives to avenge them, he is quickly dispatched by the powerful winds that Kagura controls. With the entire Eastern clan save for two loyal companions, Ginta and Hakkaku, wiped out Koga begins his life a nomad. In his search for Naraku, Koga gains a powerful weapon, the Goraishi. Bestowed upon him the spirits of the powerful Wolf Demon Tribe elders, the claws enhance Koga's power tremendously.

Koga swears revenge against Kagura and vows to hunt her down and by association seeks revenge against Naraku as well. Koga's guilt over the loss of his clan leads him to become overly protective of other wolves he encounters in his travels. His protection of the Northern tribe's elder leads him into battle with Kyokotsu and the Band of Seven, while his loyalty to Kai and Shinta forces him into an almost hopeless battle with Moryomaru, which costs him the protection of the spirits that bestowed the Goriashi upon him. Koga's impulsive nature has cost him his tribe, his protection and in the end may very well cost him his life.

The Meaning Behind the Name

Koga means "steel fang".

Taiki Matsuno & Scott McNeil

Taiki Matsuno provides Koga with his Japanese voice. His previous work includes Rice Rice in One Piece, Kazu in Dragon League, Kintaro in Ge Ge Ge no Kintaro and he was also the Japanese voice of Teddy Ruxpin.

Scott McNeil is the English voice behind Koga. His previous work includes Principal Kuno in Ranma , Duo Maxwell in Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, Takai in Sanctuary, and Piccolo in Dragon Ball Z.

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