Magatsuhi is the embodiment of the evil that exists within the Shikon Jewel. Impatient that the final jewel shard has not been reunited with the rest of the jewel, Magatsuhi springs forth from the Shikon Jewel and rips through Naraku stealing flesh in order to create a body for himself.

Magatsuhi began his existance when a conflagration of demons merged into the body of a man who lusted after the miko Midoriko. In battle, Midoriko ripped her own soul from her body and combined it with that of the demons, their souls merged and were placed within the Shikon Jewel as Magatsuhi, the evil essence, and Naohi, the good essence.

Magatsuhi wastes no time in his task and attacks Kohaku on the spot. This brings him into conflict with Sesshomaru and Inuyasha as well as Kagome. It is soon revealed that Magatsuhi has limited Kagome's spiritual power since birth, as he was connected to her though the Shikon Jewel that once existed within her body. In battle, a mere glance at Kagome causes her to pass out. Magatsuhi proves to be a dangerous foe, and it is only through Sesshomaru's self sacrifice that he is ultimately driven away.

The Meaning Behind the Name

The first kanji of Magatsuhi's name is "injustice" or "perverse" while the second character is "spirit" or "soul".

Takeshi Kusao & Michael Dobson

Known as the voice of Trunks in Dragon Ball Z as well as Shinnosuke in Ranma , Parn in Record of Lodoss War, and Hanamichi Sakuragi of Slam Dunk Takeshi Kusao is one of the elite voice actors in the industry.

Michael Dobson, the brother of Paul (Naraku) Dobson also voiced Jinenji in the series. His other work include Kazuto Tamura in Please Save My Earth, Daikokusei in Ranma and Kazuki Fuse in Jin-Roh.

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