Mask of Flesh

A woman travels to the Higurashi's Shrine to get an ancient family heirloom exorcised, but arrives too late as the object's demonic power reawakens and possesses the woman.

The heirloom, called the "Mask of Flesh" resembles a Noh mask, breaks out from its sealed box and attaches itself to the woman's face. The origin of the mask reveals that it was carved from the trunk of an ancient Bodhi-tree, the same type of tree that Buddha became enlightened beneath. This particular tree held a shard of the Shikon jewel in its trunk. The legend of the mask is that once the it is placed on someone it cannot be removed until the victim dies. The mask is believed to be indestructible, even against fire, and anyone who attempts to destroy it has met with a strange demise.

Perhaps because of the shard embedded within it, the Mask of Flesh is able to sense the Shikon shards in Kagome's room and attempts to get them, but not before getting run over by a car that seriously damages its human body. Because of this, the mask begins to hunt down other humans and murder and absorb them into its own body in order to regain its strength.

The Meaning Behind the Name

The Mask of Flesh's name is self-explanatory.

Kazuko Yanaga & Cathy Weseluck

Kazuko Yanaga provided the voice of Norma in Crusher Joe, Tokiko in Dream Hunter REM, and Bigro in Iczer-3.

Cathy Weseluck has voiced quite a few Takahashi characters from Ranma 's Shampoo and Azusa Shiratori, to Kagome's Mother and Urasue in Inuyasha, C-ko Kotobuki in Project A-ko, and Mirai Yashima in Mobile Suit Gundam

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