First seen tormenting children in a park at first glance anyone would think that Mayu is your average juvenile delinquent. The real story is much more traumatic. Mayu was caught in an apartment fire and was the only member of her family that didn't survive.

On the day of her death, Mayu argued with her mother and pretended to run away from home. However, when her mother was out, Mayu secretly returned but demanded that her sick brother, Satoru, not reveal to their mother that she was in fact hiding in the closet. When Mayu inadvertently set the fire, the children's mother rushed into the blaze and saved the unconscious Satoru, not realizing that Mayu was trapped in the closet.

Perishing in the fire, Mayu's spirit is restless. Her ghost continues to exist on Earth. Believing that her mother rescued her brother, and intentionally left her to die in the fire, Mayu sets out to kill her little brother. Seeking vengeance on Satoru for being the favored child, Mayu continually attacks his comatose body in the hospital trying to end his life in return for her own loss.

Complicating matters is the appearance of the Tatari-mokke, a spirit that escorts children to the afterlife. Mayu's refusal to follow the demon is costing her a chance at redemption, for when the Tatari-mokke's eyes completely open, her soul will be sent to hell.

The Meaning Behind the Name

The kanji in Mayu can be translated as "cocoon".

Ayaka Saito & Chantal Strand

Ayaka Saito is the voice of the Akane Kojima in Boogiepop Phantom as well as Mei Ling Huang in Blue Submarine No. 6, Momiji Soma in Fruits Basket, and Moe Kisaragi in Brigadoon.

Chantal Strand's previous roles include Akari in Brain Powered, Angela in Meltylancer, Young Nami Yamaigumo in an episode of Silent Moebius.

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