A being birthed from a series of experiments by Hakudoshi, Moryomaru is the result of fusing different demons together over and over, creating and recreating until a seemingly perfect being is born.

Unlike the other offspring of Naraku, Moryomaru is a bastard child who was given life by Hakudoshi and given a semblance of a soul by Kanna. At first Moryomaru was nothing more than a towering golemn who responded to the commands of his creator. Soon the creature crosses paths with Goryomaru, a human who attempts to kill the creature by merging with it. This allows Goryomaru to keep Moryomaru in check until Hakudoshi murders the human and sets Moryomaru free once more. Eventually Moryomaru was entrusted with the Infant, who used Moryomaru as a new body and a living suit of armor. With new powers at his command, Moryomaru and the Infant followed Hakudoshi's lead in rebelling against Naraku. Moryomaru had the added benefit of posessing Naraku's heart which allowed him to operate without fear of reprisal from the powerful demon.

Moryomaru's strongest weapon is his very body. He can change its consistency and shape at will, and when he is injured, he can heal almost instantly, thanks to the small round spheres of haku, or life force, that originally granted him life. Because he was created from numerous demons, Moryomaru has the abilities of all those who were a part of his creation, with a mere thought he can transform his body to a dough-like form to absorb a blow or make it hard enough to shatter stone. He can also form extensions of himself, such as wings and whipping tentacles. Upon gaining the mind of the Infant, Moryomaru becomes much more cunning and begins to seek out powerful demons only to kill them and steal their abilities for himself.

Moryomaru is a ruthless being who despises both Inuyasha and Naraku. Upon finally achieving a power greater than that of both his enemies, Moryomaru begins to gather the Shikon Jewel fragments for himself and initiates a hunt for those in possession of the fragments, namely Kohaku, Koga and Naraku.

The Meaning Behind the Name

Moryomaru's name ties in with his character very closely, "mou" is "to imitate or copy" while "ryou" is a mountain or river spirit and "maru" is a traditional male suffix.

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