A group of soldiers come across a large mound of muscle lying in the middle of a desolate road. The men poke and prod it with their swords and are shocked when a nude man emerges from the muscle sack. He has a large, spider-shaped burn mark etched into his back and is missing his face.

The faceless creature tears into the men, killing them all, and ripping their faces off. He tries each face on, but is not satisfied until a young priest crosses his path. The priest's name is Muso and he meets the same fate as the bandits who discovered the creature. With a handsome new face and a taste for blood the creature decides that he will take the man's name and thus Muso is born.

At first Muso has no memory of who he is, but believes that slaughtering people may help him remember his identity. Inuyasha and the others soon cross his path, and can tell from his scent that he is one of Naraku's incarnations. Muso claims to have no memory of Naraku, but does mistake Kagome for Kikyo. Inuyasha blows him to pieces using the Wind Scar, but Muso's body quickly pieces itself back together. He makes his way to the old cave where Onigumo once lived and then his memories wash over his mind.

Immediately Muso remembers that he is Onigumo. When he merged with the demons to create Naraku, the demons desire to kill Kikyo overwhelmed him and drove Naraku on his fateful quest to tear Kikyo and Inuyasha's lives apart. Once this had been done Naraku banished Onigumo deep within his subconscious. Now Naraku has decided to reject any part of his human side and thus he completely rejects Muso/Onigumo from his body.

Muso fights against Inuyasha and proves to be powerful. He is able to reshape his body into a living weapon at will, and reform himself no matter how many times Inuyasha slices him to ribbons. Ultimately, Naraku realizes that he is still too weak to separate himself from Muso/Onigumo and reabsorbs his human half.

The Meaning Behind the Name

"Musou", the Japanese spelling, means "peerless", "unparalleled", or "matchless". "Onigumo" is written with the kanji for "demon" and "spider".

Hiroshi Yanaka & Brian Dobson

Hiroshi Yanaka is the voice of Muso. He also provides the voices of Onigumo and Naraku before he assumed the form of Kagewaki. His previous roles include Shien in Gensomaden Saiyuki, Mark Mitchell in Eat-Man, and Tomoyo Wakagi in Key: The Metal Idol.

Brian Dobson plays the role in the English dub. Brian is the brother of Paul (Naraku) Dobson and Michael (Jinenji) Dobson. His other anime roles include Garma Zabi in Mobile Suit Gundam, the Dragon Whisker Salesman in Ranma , and Helmut in ZOIDS: Fuzors.

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