Nobunaga is first seen watching cherry blossoms when his pet monkey, Hiyashimaru, brings him back a gift. Expecting food, Nobunaga is surprised to see an odd lacy garment which turns out to be Kagome's bra.

Once he introduces himself as Nobunaga, Kagome is quite shocked and greets him very excitedly. Kagome automatically assumes that he is Oda Nobunaga, one of the most famous generals in Japanese history. She is quickly corrected when Nobunaga says he is not from the Oda Nobunaga but rather Amari Nobunaga of the Takeda clan. Although Kagome has her doubts, Nobunaga falls off a cliff, showing that he is quite an idiot (and not the Nobunaga of legend).

Nobunaga is on a quest to find Princess Tsuyu, his childhood friend and sweetheart. The princess was captured by Tsukumo no gama, who has possessed the local lord and begun kidnapping brides. Once Nobunaga found out Tsuyu was among the abducted brides, he began searching for her. With the help of Inu-Yasha and Kagome, Nobunaga seizes the day and saves Princess Tsuyu (but doesn't gain her affections).

Although Nobunaga's intentions are pure, he is a poor warrior and often rushes into things without thinking them through. This is humorous due to his shared name with the historical Nobunaga, who was a master tactician and careful planner.

The Meaning Behind the Name

"Nobu" means "faith", "trust" and "fiedelity". "naga" is the kanji for "long".

Akira Ishida & Brad Swaile

Akira Ishida who is best known as Xellos from Slayers provides the voice of Nobunaga. His other roles include Ash in Voogie's Angels, Kazuma Ikeda in His and Her Circumstances, and Fish Eye in Sailor Moon Super S.

Brad Swaile is Nobunaga's English voice. Brad gained fame as Mousse in Ranma , and as one of anime's most famous characters Amuro Ray in Mobile Suit Gundam. His other voice work includes Quatre Rebera Winner in Mobile Suit Gundam Wing and Yota Moteuchi in Video Girl Ai. Brad also assumed the role of Yusaku Godai in Maison Ikkoku after the series long hiatus in the United States.

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