Royakan, the Hell Wolf, is a fairly lazy and rather friendly demon wolf that travels with a pack of three-eyed wolves. Despite his appearance he has a cheerful demeanor until he is tricked by Naraku, who plants a small seed on his head. As the seed grows, its roots threaten to bore into his skull and tear his head apart. Until Royakan kills Inuyasha, Naraku refuses to remove the seed.

Royakan decides to take his chances with Inuyasha, and manages to find him in a weakend state because of a previous battle Inuyasha had with Sesshomaru. After awhile, Inuyasha's strength begins to return, and the tide turns against Royakan.

After Naraku is forced off the battlefield, Ryokan's head begins to split because of the seed, Kagome asks him if he'd like any help removing the Shikon shard to which the seed is attached. Just as Royakan is about to tell her that only Naraku can remove it, Kagome pulls the shard out. The vines fall of Royakan, and he happily walks away.

In the anime, Royakan's role is expanded slightly and it is revealed that he once served Inuyasha's father, although he was generally seen as incompetent.

The Meaning Behind the Name

Royakan means oar, arrow, tree trunk.

Kiyoyuki Yanada & Colin Murdock

Kiyoyuki Yanada's voice can be heard as Tamiya in Ah! My Goddess, Gateau Moca in Bakuretsu Hunter, Takenori Akagi in Slam Dunk, and Kagemaru in Virtua Fighters.

Colin Murdock's most famous role is probably Atsushi Henmei in Jin-Roh, but he also has played Tatsunosuke in Z-Mind, and other roles in Inuyasha including The Water God, and Sango's Father.

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