Hailing from the Demon Slayer's Village, Sango is the oldest child of the village headman. She is a master of the giant bone boomerang Hiraikotsu, and she spent her days raising her twin-tailed cat demon, Kirara. Her life was relatively peaceful and happy until the night she, her father, and two other slayers were summoned to Lord Hitomi's castle. Joining Sango was her little brother Kohaku on what would be his first mission as a demon slayer. The extermination went well until a small spider landed on Kohaku, taking contol of the boy and forcing him to murder his father, sister, and the two other slayers. Kohaku was promptly killed by the castle guards, and they were all buried in the garden after a seemingly routine mission went horribly awry.

Although Sango was unconcious, she was not dead. She dug her way out of her shallow grave, and was allowed to convelese at the castle under the watchful eye of Lord Kagewaki Hitomi, who was actually Naraku in disguise. Naraku had lured Sango and the other top slayers away in order to destroy their village to ensure they never posed a threat to him. Initially Naraku tricks Sango into believing that Inuyasha wrecked her village, but it soon becomes clear that he was innocent of the charges. Sango joins up with Inuyasha and his compatriots, but soon comes to a heartbreaking realization.

Naraku has resurrected Kohaku sustaining him with a Shikon shard stuck in his back. Sango constantly wrestles with the decision of whether or not to kill her brother in order to let him rest in peace, but Inuyasha refuses to allow her to end the boy's life.

During Sango's travels, she soon finds herself with feelings for the lustful Buddhist monk, Miroku. He loves to fondle Sango's bottom, much to her disgust, but after almost losing Sango to a giant salamander demon, Miroku vows to settle down with her after they have completed their search for the jewel shards and Naraku is defeated.

The Meaning Behind the Name

Sango means "coral". Kirara means "mica", but is the onomonopea for the sound a stone makes when glittering. Continuing in the stone category her brother Kohaku's name means "amber".

Houko Kuwashima & Kelly Sheridan

Houko Kuwashima previous roles include Ayako Nanigawa in Detective Conan, Kaitou Jeanne in Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, Yurika Misumaru in Martial Successor Nadesico, and Mei Ling in the video game Metal Gear Solid. She's had quite a few large roles and has become one of the big names on the voice acting scene in Japan.

The English voice for Sango is a big name in North America. Kelly Sheridan is best known as Ukyo Kuonji on Ranma , but her other roles include Hitomi Kanzaki in The Vision of Escaflowne, Lena in ZOIDS, Miharu Ratokie in Mobile Suit Gundam, Yuki Saiko in Silent Moebius, and Hamaji in The Hakkenden.

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