Shiori's is a unique child, like Inuyasha she is the daughter of a human and demon and unaccepted in both worlds. Her father was Tsukuyomaru, a handsome demon bat and her mother was a humble villager. He father died mysteriously, leaving her and her mother to fend for themselves. After Tsukuyomaru's death, Shiori grew up in a human village where she was generally mistreated and disliked. Although she is treated poorly, Shiori is a kind, soft spoken girl who has a very close relationship with her mother.

Eventually the village comes under attack by Shiori's grandfather, Taigokumaru. Taigokumaru promises to stop the attacks if his granddaughter is allowed to come live with him, and her mother, in the interest of protecting the angry villagers agrees. Initially Taigokumaru comforts Shiori by telling her that she will live the life she deserves in the bat demon's cave and be protected from the abusive humans she lived with. This proves to be false however, as Taigokumaru has his own reasons for wanting Shiori.

Shiori is part of the bloodline that created the barrier which protects the Hyakki Bat demons. As part of that bloodline she is able to wield the power of the barrier, which is why Taigokumaru was so interested in having her live with him. The Hyakki bats break their oath and attack the village again, with Taigokumaru leading the charge. By carrying Shiori with him, he can remain inside the powerful protective barrier she generates. Soon Inuyasha and the others become embroiled in the situation. Inuyasha was told that if he kills Shiori and bathes the Tetsusaiga in her blood it will become powerful enough to break any barrier thanks to her genetic heritage as a barrier generator.

Shiori does her best to try to stop her Grandfather from harming anyone, but she is unable to control the barrier that protects him. Soon she discovers that Taigokumaru is the one responsible for killing her father, and the anguish in her heart gives her the strenth to force her grandfather outside of the barrier. This allows Inuyasha to deliever the killing blow.

After meeting Shiori, Inuyasha realizes that her troubled young life is very similar to his. Having seen this, Inuyasha can not bring himself to kill the innocent girl merely power up his sword. Shiori gives him the orb that is used to control the barrier, and when it is destroyed by Tetsusaiga, its power proves sufficent to give Tetsusaiga the boost it needed.

The Meaning Behind the Name

"Shi" means violet (the color of her eyes), while "ori" is a "woven item".

Kaori Mizuhashi & Nicole Bouma

Kaori Mizuhashi is the voice of Shiori. She played Taeko Minazuki in Ai Yori Aoshi, Nyako in Eden's Bowy and Nachos in Mahou Nyan Nyan Taruto.

Nicole Bouma portrays Shiori in the English dub. She is relatively new to anime.

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