Shippo is a fox also known as a kitsune. Legends of kitsune often portray them as a tricksters who are capable of using magic to disguise themselves. Shippo is no different as he has the ability to change his shape, which he uses to deceive and confuse. He has used this power to become everything from a bow to a skull. In the direst situations when Shippo has no choice but to stand his ground and fight he depends on his foxfire to attack opponents.

Even though he comes across as a bit of a brat, Shippo is really a very kind person, and is at an age when he is experiencing the pangs of first love. With every village the group visits, Shippo explores and finds a cute girl to befriend, often falling in love with her much too fast. His kindhearted personality is especially evident when it comes to Kagome. He feels very protective of her because of all she did to help him after his father died. His fierce loyalty to Kagome ensures that he will always take her side in an argument with Inuyasha, especially when the topic is the half-demon's feelings for Kikyo.

Even though Shippo and Inuyasha are constantly arguing or putting down one another deep down there is a grudging respect that exists between the pair and their relationship is best described as that of older and younger brothers. Shippo often feels it is his place to remind Inuyasha that he is not all-powerful and usually receives a punch to the head for his trouble. When his friends lives are in danger Shippo overcomes his nerves and finds the bravery that allowed him to confront his father's murderers.

The Meaning Behind the Name

Shippo means "seven jewels". This name comes from Buddhism.

Kumiko Watanabe & Jillian Michaels

Kumiko Watanabe's career stretches back to the 1980s. One of her earliest roles was Jun Yamato in Ronin Warriors. Her other work includes Alfreed in The Heroic Legend of Arslan, Kurayago in Hakkenden, JunJun in Sailor Moon and C-ko in Revolutionary Girl Utena.

Jillian Michaels does a few other voices for Inuyasha which include Princess Tsuyu and Yuka. Outside of Inuyasha she voiced Rosa Cheyenne in Silent Möbius, Comodo Mahama in Brain Powered and Al Bowen in Project ARMS.

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