After the resurrection of the Band of Seven the scattered mercenaries sought to regroup and kill Inuyasha. The one member that is unaccounted for is Suikotsu, the hand-to-hand combat expert of the group. Strangely enough, Kikyo happens to find a young doctor who has taken care of a village in Ushitora. Unlike the other members of the Band of Seven, Suikotsu is a kind and benevolent man. Upon meeting him, Kikyo believes that he must not be the deceased former mercenary, even though the Shikon shard in his neck should lead her to believe otherwise.

Suikotsu has no memories of his life as a killer, but as a doctor he has a strange abhorrence for blood. The arrival of his brothers from the Band of Seven is still not enough to reawaken his memories. Finally when Jakotsu's blade injures Suikotsu everything comes rushing back. Suikotsu was not suffering from amnesia, but a dissociative disorder which is more commonly known as multiple personality disorder. Dr. Suikotsu is a good-hearted healer who fears the very sight of blood, while the mercenary Suikotsu lives only to inflict pain and suffering. Once his violent personality takes control it is able to keep his compassionate side at bay.

While blood trigger's Suikotsu's violent transformation it is children that allow the doctor to regain his composure. While trying to kill Rin, he soon finds himself reverting to his "Doctor Persona" and ensuring her safety. Eventually though, he is able to subdue the doctor and even though he looks normal he slaughters most of the elderly villagers he once cared for. Suikotsu overcomes his good personality and uses Rin as a hostage while Jakotsu battles Sesshomaru. While his kindness is strong, his violent nature shines through in the end, revealing that he is a member of the Band of Seven through and through.

The Meaning Behind the Name

"Sui" is written with the kanji that means "drowsy, sleep, or die". The "kotsu" character is "skeleton" or "remains". Each of the Band of Seven have the latter character in their names, which relates to the fact that they are actually undead.

Hiroaki Hirata & Michael Donovan

Hiroaki Hirata provides the voice of the freakish Suikotsu. His previous work includes Ironhide in Transformers, Sa Gojou in Gensou Maden Saiyuuki , and the narration for Digimon Adventures.

One of America's most famous voices, Michael Donovan provided the voice of Ryoga Hibiki for years on Ranma , Ning from A Chinese Ghost Story, Kimihiko Masumi ofKishin Corp. and Sage and Cye from Ronin Warriors.

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