Urasue is an ogress with a talent for sorcery. She comes to claim the bits of bone and graveyard soil left after Kikyo's cremation in hopes of forcing her to retrieve the Shikon Jewel she once protected and bestow its power upon the sorceress. After destroying Kikyo's shrine, and retrieving her remains, Urasue departs.

After baking the soil and bones in a kiln, the shell cracks to reveal Kikyo, completely reconstituted physically, but emotionally muted. Urasue comes to the realization that Kikyo's soul has not been restored to her body, because it has already been reborn elsewhere (in Kagome to be exact). Urasue manages to capture Kagome and force her soul into the Kikyo's body. She also creates an army of clay soldiers to prevent Inuyasha from rescuing Kagome.

Urasue manages to take a small part of Kagome's soul and places it into Kikyo's revived body. Kikyo returns to life and instantly realizes that Urasue is evil and harbors malicious intentions. As Urasue barks orders at the newly revived Kikyo, the priestess blasts her head off her body. Urasue still manages to speak and live, but it appears that she eventually dies from these wounds.

The Meaning Behind the Name

Urasue means "divination".

Yoshiko Ohta & Cathy Weseluck

Yoshiko Ohta provides the witchy voice of Urasue in Japanese, and she has played some classic characters as well. She was Leo in Kimba the White Lion, Erumu Boy in Marine Boy, Sapphire in Ribbon no Kishi and Kin Ono in Ranma .

Cathy Weseluck is one of the most famous English language voice actresses. Her most notable role is Shampoo and Azusa Shiratori in Ranma , and her other work includes Dorothy Catalonia in Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, C-ko Kotobuki in Project A-ko, and Shinbei Inue in The Hakkenden as well as various background voices in Maison Ikkoku and Inuyasha.

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