Inuyasha Around the Web

General Information

Inuyasha Anime Continuation - An online petition to lobby the producers of Inuyasha to begin a second series of animation.
Arabuusimiehet - The largest and best Inuyasha image gallery on the internet. The webmaster has kindly allowed us to use the DVD covers from this site.
Inuyasha & Kagome Dolls - A neat a little program that lets you change Kagome and Inuyasha's clothes.
Inu-Tachi - An up-and-coming Inuyasha fansite, that also has information on Takahashi's short story Firetripper.
Chiisana Inuyasha - This site covers the manga and anime, as well as general information about music and fanfiction.
Fujishima/Takahashi Page - A comprehensive site that lists the correlation between Takahashi's various stories, their various manga editions and the anime.
Shikon Jewel - A site detailing various aspects, terms and techniques from the series.

Character Shrines

Undertone- A fansite dedicated to Sesshomaru and the characters that revolve around him.
Higeki - A Kohaku fansite.
Han Suki - A shrine to Inuyasha's mother, Izayoi.

Japanese Sites

Kyoko Asuka's Inuyasha Page- A great Japanese language Inuyasha site, filled with detailed insight and scans for those who can read the language.
Ryutekirakuen - A great site with episode ratings and information on products.
Inuyasha Information From Japan - A good news blog that previews and discusses the week's upcoming chapter.

Rumic Links

Rumic World- The main site of which The Inuyasha Companion is a part of. For all the most up-to-date Inuyasha news in the United States and Japan, this is the only place you need go.
Tomobiki-Cho, The Urusei Yatsura Website- The greatest Urusei Yatsura page in existence is back with a new look and a wealth of information.
Life at Maison Ikkoku- For the true romantics, check out Takahashi's love story of a lifetime at this excellent Maison Ikkoku site.
Ranma Perfect Edition - The best Ranma page on the internet, bar none.
Mermaid Flesh - This dark horror story is likely to appeal to Inuyasha fans.
The Ring & the Rosary - The complete story on the religious/boxing romantic comedy by Rumiko Takahashi.
Rumic Theater - The only online source for Rumiko Takahashi's short stories.
We Want Rumic World! - A campaign dedicated to getting the 1980s Rumic World OAVs out on DVD.

An Introduction to Inuyasha