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volume 1
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Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 1996 Vol. 50 - 1997 Vol. 7
Published in English as:
Inuyasha Part 1 Number 1 - 6
Inuyasha Graphic Novel Vol. 1

Chapter 1: 封印された少年
Fuin sarita shonen
(The Accursed Youth)
The book opens a long time ago with a half demon named Inuyasha stealing a jewel and proclaiming he plans to use it to become a full blooded demon. Suddenly he is hit by an arrow in the heart. Inuyasha realizes that a priestess he knows named Kikyo has shot him. Soon Kikyo dies and the Shikon Jewel that Inuyasha had stolen was cremated along with her. Now in 1996, Japan a young girl named Kagome is celebrating her 15th birthday. She lives in a temple with her grandfater, mother and younger brother. Getting ready for school Kagome goes to check on her brother who is near the old well on the property. Kagome investigates and suddenly is pulled into the well by a centipede woman. When Kagome exits the well she realizes she is no longer at home. She has fallen back in time. She sees Inuyasha pinned to a tree. Villagers chase her away, but eventually she finds her way back to their village where Kaede, Kikyo's sister realizes that Kagome looks exactly like her deceased sister. Kaede explains that 50 years ago Inuyasha attacked their village to steal the Shikon Jewel and killed Kikyo in the process. Inuyasha was affixed to the tree and has been sleeping for the past five decades. The centipede woman from before returns searching for the Shikon Jewel and Kagome leads her back to the well. Suddenly Inuyasha awakens and realizes the woman who killed him is returning.

Chapter 2: 甦る犬夜叉
Yomigaeru Inuyasha
(Inuyasha Resurrected)
Inuyasha speaks to Kagome as if she were Kikyo and is surprised to see her having trouble fighting Mistress Centipede. Inuyasha continues to insist that Kagome is Kikyo and insults her as she fights the centipede. Eventually Kagome is wounded and from the wound the Shikon Jewel falls out. Inuyasha demands the jewel after he sees it, but the centipede monster. Mistress Centipede eats the jewel. She begins to transform and Kagome has no choice but to set Inuyasha free. Inuyasha makes quick work of Mistress Centipede, but as soon as he is free, he demands the jewel for himself.

Chapter 3: 玉を狙う者
Tama o nerau mono
(A New Foe)
Inuyasha tries to fight Kagome in order to take the Shikon Jewel from her. A necklace is quickly thrown around his neck, and when Kagome yells "sit!" he is forced to the ground. They all return to the village where Kaede explains that demons and evil men will come searching for the Shikon Jewel. Kaede tells Inuyasha what happened to Kikyo and then tells Kagome that she might be the reincarnation of Kikyo. Kagome tries to befriend Inuyasha who keeps insulting her, and before a crow demon arrives.

Chapter 4: 屍舞烏
Shibu garasu
(The Dancing Dead)
Kagome is captured by some bandits who attempt to rape her. Their leader tries to kill her, but Inuyasha arrives just in time. While he's fighting the leader, he notices that the crow demon has boared its way inside the man's corpse and is posessing his body. The demon bursts forth and swallows the Shikon Jewel as it flies away.

Chapter 5: かごめの矢
Kagome no ya
(Kagome's Arrow)
As the crow demon escapes, it captures a little boy from the village. Inuyasha rush after it to save the boy. With one blow from Inuyasha the demon explodes, but its pieces of flesh quickly begin to take shape once more. Kagome realizes that in order to kill the demon for good, she'll have to strike the Shikon Jewel inside it. Using her bow and arrow she manages to make the shot, but in the process the arrow shattered the Shikon Jewel into dozens of small shards. Back in the village, Kaede tells them that they must work together in order to restore the Shikon Jewel to its original form. Kagome becomes depressed at the thought of having to stay in the Sengoku Era instead of returning home.

Chapter 6: 逆髪の結羅
Sakasa gami no Yura
(Yura of the Hair)
While she finally takes a bath in a cold river, Kagome catches Inuyasha peeking at her and gets really irritated. Kaede goes back to the village to treat a sick child, leaving Inuyasha and Kagome alone together. Inuyasha tells Kagome to take off the robes she's wearing, because she looks so much like Kikyo in them. Kagome decides she doesn't want to deal with Inuyasha's insults anymore, and tells him she's leaving to go back to the modern era. Back in the village, Kaede arrives to treat the sick girl, but as soon as she gets there, the girl darts up out of her bed in a trance-like state. Kaede notices strands of hair pulling the girls arms like a puppet. The girl lunges forward with a cleaver, meaning to attack as a horrified Kaede looks on helplessly. Kagome finds her way back to the Bone-Eater's Well and notices the bones of Mistress Centipede at the bottom. She decides she's too afraid to go down, when a bird drops dead beside her. Suddenly her face is cut and she notices strands of har all around her. The puppeteer behind all these lengths of hair appears and introduces herself as Yura of the Hair before launching an attack and swiping Kagome's Shikon Shard. Yura jumps at Kagome with her sword, but Kagome falls backwards into the Bone-Eater's Well and disappears. A stunned Yura looks for Kagome while Inuyasha rushes through the village and notices a number of girls floating in the air about to attack him. A blood-soaked Kaede tells Inuyasha that they are being manipulated and he must not attack them. She then tells him that they have to find Kagome.

Chapter 7: 骨食いの井戸
Hone kui no ido

(The Bone-Eater's Well)
Kaede orders Inuyasha to cut the hair attached to the girls, but the hair entangles him and since he can't see it, Yura manages to bound him to a tree. Seconds before the hair tightens and takes his head off, Inuyasha breaks free. He quickly grabs up Kaede and escapes from another group of villagers. Once they find a safe hiding place, Inuyasha tells Kaede to show him where the hair leads, but in her injured state, she says she'll be of no use to him and that he must find Kagome. Meanwhile, Kagome wakes up at the bottom of the Bone-Eater's Well and is shocked to look up and see her Grandpa and Sota looking down at her. Kagome climbs out and realizes she's back in 1996 Tokyo. Needless to say, her Grandpa and Sota are shocked. In the Sengoku Era, Inuyasha begins digging a hole and tosses Kaede in, covering her up. Kaede makes sure to remind Inuyasha that he'd better come back for her when this is all over. Back in 1996, Kagome is enjoying a nice, hot bath before dinner. Grandpa Higurashi decides to seal up the Bone-Eater's Well in order to ensure that no other demons will fall through time. Kagome begins to wonder if everything is alright in the past as Inuyasha follows her scent to the well in his time and decides to go through.

Chapter 8: 帰還

(The Return Home)
Kagome is excited to be home and lays on her bed thinking about all that happened right before she left. At first she feels bad about leaving Inuyasha to deal with Yura, but quickly changes her mind when she remembers how rude he was to her. Kagome heads downstairs for dinner and is excited to see that they are having oden. Out of nowhere, Inuyasha bursts into their dining room and tells Kagome that he's taking her back to the past. Grandpa can't believe that Inuyasha could get through his barriers, but Inuyasha says that they could never stop him. Kagome's mother reacts the same way Kagome did when she first saw Inuyasha....she wants to feel his ears. Kagome notices a strand of hair on Inuyasha's sleeve and suddenly it cuts her. She soon realizes that Yura's hair is coming through the well and endangering her family. Inuyasha cuts the controlling strand and then gives Kagome his kimono to protect her. As they jump through the well Yura wonders if they are on their way to meet her.

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