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volume 2
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Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 1997 Vol. 8 - 17
Published in English as:
Inuyasha Part 1 Number 6 - 11
Inuyasha Graphic Novel Vol. 2

Chapter 9: 結羅の巣
Yura no su
(Yura's Web)
Yura sits amongst a pile of skulls and sends strands of hair out to hunt for Inuyasha and Kagome. Our duo emerges from the well and Kagome guides Inuyasha to the source of the hair. They come across a campfire and find a group of beheaded samurai. Kagome realizes that if she doesn't face up to her responsiblities more people could die. She readies her bow and they head toward Yura's lair. Inuyasha is snagged by strands of hair and Kagome sees the giant ball of hair that Yura is hiding in. Inuyasha rips loose of the hair but Yura tangles him again and cuts him across the chest with her sword, "Crimson Mist." Kagome fires an arrow into the ball of hair causing a large number of hidden skulls to fall out. Yura looses her temper and sends blasts of fire at Kagome.

Chapter 10: 窮地
As Inuyasha watches Kagome as she burns in Yura's flame and quickly throws uses his Claws of Blood technique to cut Yura's hand off. Yura attacks Inuyasha with her skulls and dismembered hand, but Inuyasha continues to evade her attacks. He rams his hand straight through her chest and grabs the Shikon shard, but Yura plunges her sword through his hand. Yura quickly turns and notices Kagome is still alive and climbing across her hair.

Chapter 11: 魂移し
Tama utsushi
(Soul Transfer)
Yura panics when she notices Kagome climbing towards one of the skulls and Inuyasha attacks her while her back is turned. Yura turns the hair into a giant pillar with Kagome inside blocking Inuyasha form coming to her rescue. Inuyasha's kimono protects Kagome from Yura's attacks until he arrives and slices off Yura's other arm. Yura then drives her sword into Inuyasha's chest, but not before Kagome rams an arrow into the skull she had been watching. Inside the skull was Yura's comb, and as soon as it was destroyed, Yura faded away. Inuyasha calls Kagome by her name for the first time as they walk away. And unnoticed by the pair is a tiny flea-demon sitting on a skull watching them.

Chapter 12: 半妖
A feudal lord is celebrating with his men when suddenly a delicate hand rips his head off. The beautiful man tells a the little creature he calls Jaken to use The Staff of Heads. The staff makes a noise and the two get ready to move on. Suddenly the army that was with the lord gets ready to attack and Jaken burns them to dust using the staff. Jaken addresses the man as Sesshomaru and asks if Inuyasha might know the whereabouts of the grave they are seeking. Jaken explains that Inuyasha has been freed from captivity and the two set out to find him. In Musashi's Domain Kagome arrives on her bicycle and runs over the tiny flea demon. She tries to treat Inuyasha's wounds, but quickly realizes that he heals more quickly than humans. Suddenly the tiny flea is feeding off Inuyasha and quickly gets crushed. Inuyasha recognizes him as Myoga, the guardian of his father's tomb. Myoga tells everyone about Inuyasha's parents, both of whom are deceased. Inuyasha's mother proves to be a sensitive topic, and he heads outside. Kagome follows him and suddenly they notice a carriage flying in front of the moon. Inuyasha recognizes the woman riding in it as his mother.

Chapter 13: 母の顔
Haha no kao
(A Mother's Face)
Kagome and Inuyasha watch as the carriage is crushed by a giant demon's claw. Sesshomaru and Jaken are riding on the demon and Kagome overhears Sesshomaru call Inuyasha his "brother". He tosses a chain around Inuyasha's mother's neck and then tells him that he is searching for their father's grave. Sesshomaru begins to torture Inuyasha's mother and states that he has brought her back from the dead. Inuyasha rescues her and tells Kagome to escape with his mother, but not before Sesshomaru tries to attack them. Inuyasha's mother teleports Kagome and him to a quiet field by a stream. Kagome notices that his mother's face does not reflect in the stream and that she can not warn Inuyasha.

Chapter 14: 無女
Mu onna
(The Nothing Woman)
Inuyasha peers into the water and quickly realizes that this creature is not his mother. She places her hand through his back and as Kagome watches helplessly. Suddenly the field turns into a swap and Kagome can not loosen her chains. Myoga arrives and helps her get free. Jaken arrives and watches as the Nothing Woman merges with Inuyasha as she searches Inuyasha's soul for the location of his father's grave. The Nothing Woman tells Jaken it is in the Black Pearl, but suddenly Kagome runs in and tries to save Inuyasha. Inuyasha has almost totally disappeared into the Nothing Woman's chest when Kagome splashes her reflection, causing him to be relased. Just as he is freed, Sesshomaru arrives and announces that he knows exactly where the grave lies.

Chapter 15: 黒真珠
Kuro shinju

(The Black Pearl)
Sesshomaru rams his finger through Inuyasha's eye and pulls the Black Pearl from it. Inuyasha attacks, but Sesshomaru strikes first. Suddenly the Nothing Woman jumps in the way to protech Inuyasha and is ripped apart for her efforts. Sesshomaru uses the Staff of Heads on the Black Pearl and everyone dives through a magical portal. On the other side they find themselves in their father's grave. Myoga explains that Sesshomaru is seeking his father's sword, Tetsusaiga.

Chapter 16: 鉄砕牙

(The Fang of Steel)
Sesshomaru tries to remove Tetsusaiga, but finds that it is sealed to protect it. Inuyasha arrives just in time and attacks, and Sesshomaru asks if he has come to try and remove the sword for himself. Myoga tells Inuyasha the he must be the one to remove the sword since it was hidden in his eye. Inuyasha says he has no interest in a rusted old blade but Myoga tells him it's the only way to defeat his brother. Kagome tells Inuyasha that he will crush Sesshomaru's pride if he can remove the sword when Sesshomaru could not. Inuyasha grabs the sword and tries his best, but he also can not remove it. Sesshomaru is mildly amused. Sesshomaru attacks with his poison claws, and Kagome jumps in to stop Jaken. Suddenly she accidently pulls Tetsusaiga out by herself much to everyone's amazement.

Chapter 17: 変化

(The Transformation)
Sesshomaru loses interest in Inuyasha and dashes over to Kagome who is still holding the sword. He makes short work of her melting her and the wall behind her leaving the sword for himself. Inuyasha gets very angry and attacks once again, but suddenly Kagome emerges from the melted wall still holding the sword. They realize the sheild spell protecting the sword must have saved her, and she hands Tetsusaiga off to Inuyasha. Sesshomaru quickly transforms into his true form, a giant dog demon and Inuyasha attacks with the rusty, old Tetsusaiga, which seems to do nothing. Kagome tries to give Inuyasha a pep talk, but he just gets angry and makes her cry. He explains that he is trying to protect her, and suddenly feels a pulse from within the blade.

Chapter 18: 形見

Kagome is shocked to hear Inuyasha say that he will protect her. After feeling the pulse of the Tetsusaiga, Inuyasha regains his confidence and attacks Sesshomaru head on. Suddenly the rusty old Tetsusaiga transforms into a giant fang and Inuyashas slices Sesshomaru's arm off. Everyone heads back to the village where they tell Kaede of what has happened. Myoga explains that Kagome was able to pull the blade because she was a mere human. Tetsusaiga was created to protect Inuyasha's mortal mother and can only be drawn to protect humans. Kagome heads outside to tell Inuyasha how to use the sword if he promises to keep protecting her, which he thinks is incredibly stupid. Kagome tells Inuyasha to "sit" and leaves in a huff.

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