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volume 3
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Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 1997 Vol. 18 - 28
Published in English as:
Inuyasha Part 1 Number 11 - Part 2 Number 1
Inuyasha Graphic Novel Vol. 3

Chapter 19: 物の怪の城
Mono no ke no
(The Dark Castle)
Inuyasha and Myoga quiz a pair of kappa about the Shikon Jewel, but have no luck. As they come across Kagome bathing in a stream she screams and watches her clothes get stolen by a monkey. Inuyasha goes to retrieve them. Moments later the monkey, Hiyashimaru brings the clothes to a hungry boy. The boy takes one look at Kagome's bra and is very disapointed. Kagome and Inuyasha arrive and quickly dispense of him. They give the boy potato chips and he is very greatful. Introductions are made and Kagome is shocked when the boy tells her his name is Nobunaga. Kagome is very excited to meet the Oda Nobunaga of legend and reads a bit about him from her history book. Nobunaga quickly dismisses her though and says he is not of the Oda Clan, but the Takeda. The group comes across a procession of young girls, being marched to the local Lord's castle. There are rumors that once the girls arrive at the castle they are never heard from again, and that the lord is also possessed by a demon. Inuyasha and Kagome decide to break in, in hopes of finding a Shikon Shard. Nobunaga announces that he too has business in the castle, and follows along. Nobunaga is trying to rescue a damsel in distress named Princess Tsuyu. When they breach the wall, everyone is shocked to find the entire castle asleep.

Chapter 20: 九十九の蝦蟇
Tsukumo no gama
(Tsukumo no Gama)
Nobunaga and the others venture into the castle in search of Princess Tsuyu. Kagome finds the princess and Myoga awakens her. Nobunaga is surprised that she still remembers him and obviously has a crush on her. The Princess explains that her husband has changed and Nobunaga vows to take her home to the Takeda Clan. Inuyasha tells the two of them to leave so he can deal with the demon who turns out to be Tsuyu's husband. After Inuyasha rips his bandages off they realize her husband has become a frog, Tsukumo no Gama. The frog skewers Nobunaga with his tongue and takes the princess. Tsukumo no Gama takes Tsuyu to his lair intending to feed on her.

Chapter 21: 残された心
Nokosareta kokoro
(Inheritance of Souls)
Tsuyu sees all the kidnapped maidens sealed inside frog eggs. Tsukumo no Gama does the same Tsuyu. Inuyasha and the others burst in and Myoga explains that he intends to feed on these maidens souls. Nobunaga tries to attack but Inuyasha strikes first fatally wounding Tsukumo no Gama. The frog demon begins to eat the maidens souls and heals completely. Nobunaga cuts Tsuyu out of her egg and the Lord who is posessed by Tsukumo no Gama begins to regain control. He asks Inuyasha to kill him before he can do anything else to harm the innocent girls, but Inuyasha cannot do it. Suddenly Tsukumo no Gama regains control and shoots his tongue through Inuyasha's side. With Inuyasha out of commission Myoga tells Kagome there might be a way to drive Tsukumo no Gama from the Lord's body.

Chapter 22: 命乞い
(Plea for Mercy)
Myoga explains that the way to drive Tsukumo no Gama from the Lord's body is to use heat, because frogs can't stand it. Kagome gets irritated and asks how she could possibly find hot water in a dungeon. Just then, the frog demon lashes his tongue around Kagome's ankle, but Nobunaga gets a grip on Tsukumo no Gama and forces him to release her. Inuyasha wakes up and is beyond angry that Nobunaga and Kagome talked him out of killing Tsukumo no Gama before. He tells Nobunaga that if he doesn't get out of the way he'll kill them both, but Nobunaga reminds him that the Tetsusaiga will not injure humans. Nobunaga tells Inuyasha that he doesn't believe in killing in any form. Inuyasha listens to Nobunaga's plea and agrees, saying that not only will he not kill the Lord, but that he won't help at all. Kagome and Tsuyu rush out to find some fire, while Nobunaga gets run though with Tsukumo no Gama's tongue while Inuyasha sits and watches. The demon follows Kagome and Tsuyu, who find Hiyoshimaru, Nobunaga's monkey, carrying a little fire. The demon is about to attack Kagome when Inuyasha arrives to block him, saying he's finished with waiting and that the Lord and Tsukumo no Gama are both going to die. Kagome notices her hairspray and along with the bit of fire they have, turns it into a makeshift flame-thrower. As the demon leaves the Lord's body, Inuyasha kills it and takes the Shikon Shard. Tsuyu thanks Nobunaga, but runs to hug her husband instead of him. Everyone is shocked to see how plain her husband is when compared to the handsome Nobunaga. Nobunaga rests a bit and Kagome asks him if he can smile just a little. He's having trouble getting over Tsuyu, but Inuyasha tells him that he was able to save a man's life, which cheers him up immensely. As he gets up to leave, Nobunaga falls off a cliff.

Chapter 23: 肉づきの面
Miku zuki no men
(Mask of Flesh)
Kagome and Inuyasha arrive back at the village, but Kagome heads straight for the Bone-Eater's Well so she can go home and study. Inuyasha gets very angry and tries to stop her, but she gets past him and disappears into the well. A woman arrives in a taxi, bringing an old family heirloom left to her by her father. It is the Mask of Flesh and legend has it that once you put it on, it can only be removed in death. As she gets out of the taxi, the case carrying the mask begins to rumble. Kagome and Sota leave for school and meet the woman at the entrance to the shrine. They get shivers when they see her face, scarred and haunted-looking. When Kagome arrives in school, she learns that her Grandpa has been making up exotic illnesses as the excuse for Kagome's absences. Hojo, a fellow student, tells her how sorry he is and give her some Shiatsu Sandals in hopes of making her feel better. Kagome's friends point out that he must really like her. In the Sengoku Era, Inuyasha is moping around because Kagome told him to "sit" eight times before she left. Meanwhile, Kagome falls asleep at her desk, and the Mask of Flesh peers into her window.

Chapter 24: 壊れた体
Kowareta karada
(The Broken Body)
The Mask of Flesh peers into Kagome's window and sees the two Shikon Shards sitting on her desk. Outside two young people are on a date. The man is telling his girlfriend about the rumors of a ghost woman in the area when suddenly they hit the Mask of Flesh's body with their car. Kagome hears the crash and realizes its 2 AM and she hasn't been studying. In the past Inuyasha is moping around waiting for Kagome to return. The next day at school, Kagome has finished all her tests and her friends tell her they're envious of her high scores. Hojo rides up on his bike and gives Kagome a foot-massager and then asks her out to the movies on Saturday. One of Kagome's teachers stops her and tells her that she failed the math exam and will need to make it up on Saturday. On her way home she runs into Inuyasha who is ready to look for more Shikon Shards. Kagome tells him he will have to wait three more days until she finishes her make-up exam. Inuyasha doesn't understand and Kagome throws him back down the well. That night a gang of kids are beating up an old man in the park when the Mask of Flesh arrives and begins ripping their heads off and eating them.

Chapter 25: 人を喰う面
Hito o kuu men

(Face Off)
Kagome's classmates tell her about last nights murder in the park. The old man told the police that the woman had a face like a Noh mask but the police didn't find anyone. Kagome considers going to get Inuyasha but realizes she would never get any studying done with him there. She sits down to begin studying but realizes her math study guide is gone. In the Sengoku Era, Inuyasha is thumbing through her study guide trying to figure out what it is. Friday, Grandpa gets food poisoning and goes to the hospital. Kagome's Mom goes to wait with him leaving Sota and Kagome home alone. That night Sota and Kagome sit in her room when the Mask of Flesh suddenly attacks. Kagome grabs Sota and they escape outside. She tells Sota to go down the well and get Inuyasha while she distracts the demon. Sota dives down the well and Inuyasha emerges just in the nick of time.

Chapter 26: 助けてやるが・・・
Tasukete yaru ga...

(I'll Help You, But...)
Inuyasha can smell Kagome's blood as he carries Sota off with him. Sota can not believe that Inuyasha is as mean as Kagome says he is. Kagome has run into a construction site and climbed up the half completed building, hoping that the Mask of Flesh can not follow her up. The mask pulls itself up using it's neck and suddenly Kagome is face to face with the demon. Inuyasha arrives just in time and uses his Claws of Steel to rip the demon in half. Inuyasha immediately demands that Kagome apologize for throwing him back down the well the last time he came to the present which she does. The Mask of Flesh reforms it's body and explains that it was carved from a Bodhi tree that contained a shard of the Shikon Jewel many centuries ago. Inuyasha splits the demon in half, but it reforms and begins to eat his hand.

Chapter 27: 片割れ

(Half a Demon... is Worse Than One)
The Mask of Flesh begins to grow hands like Inuyasha's when he suddenly starts to rip them off. They dive off the building and Inuyasha splits the demon across a construction crane. He quickly crushes one side of the mask, but the other contains the shard and attempts to attack to Kagome's face. Inuyasha slices the shard off the mask and saves Kagome. Suddenly Kagome realizes that it's dawn and her make-up exam is in a few hours. After she rushes through it, she heads off to meet with Inuyasha so they can travel back to the Sengoku Era. Across town, Hojo is left waiting at the movie theater all alone.

Chapter 28: 狐火

Inuyasha is enjoying Kagome's future food in the middle of a battlefield when a mysterious voice announces that it will take their Shikon Shards. Suddenly, a pink, goofy-looing circle appears and tells them they will die, as it nibbles on Inuyasha's head. With a quick slap, the circle evaporates leaving a small fox-child crying on the ground. Kagome immediately wants to give him a hug because he's so cute, but the boy runs into her bag and swipes the Shikon Shards. He tries to escape, but receives a bop on the head from Inuyasha for his trouble. The boy tells them his name is Shippo and that he is trying to avenge his father. Meanwhile on another battlefield, soldiers watch as two men named Hiten and Manten fly through the air towards them. Enbedded in Manten's forehead are two Shikon Shards, while Hiten has three. Shippo reveals that his father had a Shikon Shard and was murdered for it. Shippo is able to steal the shards again, and uses a spell to keep Inuyasha from moving.

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