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volume 4
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Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 1997 Vol. 29 - 39
Published in English as:
Inuyasha Part 2 Number 1 - 6
Inuyasha Graphic Novel Vol. 4

Chapter 29: 雷獣兄弟
Raiju kyodai
(The Thunder Brothers)
Kagome follows Shippo, but it isn't long before Manten finds him first. Manten is only too happy to show off the wrap he has made from Shippo's father's pelt. Kagome saves Shippo just in time, but one of her arrows takes off two of the three hairs on Maten's head, sending him into a rage. Kagome is knocked unconscious from Manten's blast and is taken prisoner, leaving a stunned Shippo watching helplessly. Shippo frees Inuyasha, who immediately takes the Shikon shards back from him. Shippo tells Inuyasha that the Thunder Brothers kidnapped Kagome and so the two of them set off to rescue her. Manten tells Kagome that he plans to boil her and rub her body on his head in hopes of growing new hair, when Hiten arrives. When Hiten finds out that Manten lost the Shikon shards he punches a hole in a female demons head. Kagome soon realizes she won't be able to reason with him.

Chapter 30: 惚れた女
Horeta onna
(The Crush)
Manten tries to kill Kagome for his hair treatment, but she tells them if she dies they'll never find the shards. Kagome tells them that Inuyasha is in love with her and will trade the shards for her life. Inuyasha, Shippo and Myoga make their way to the Thunder Brother's mountain hideout when suddenly a bolt of lightning strikes beside them. Hiten calls Kagome Inuyasha's "love" which Inuyasha refutes. Hiten suddenly strikes with his Blade of Lightning, but Inuyasha counters with the Tetsusaiga.

Chapter 31: かごめの策
Kagome no saku
(Kagome's Last Hope)
Inuyasha and Hiten's battle really gets underway as Manten and a captured Kagome watch from his cloud. When Manten tries to interfere Kagome pushes him off and he is knocked unconcious causing his cloud to disappear and Kagome to fall on top of him, which wakes him up. Shippo rushes to save Kagome but his attack removes Manten's last hair sending him into an uncontrollable rage. Kagome decides to use the arrow stuck in his snout to pry the Shikon shards out of his head. Her plan fails and she and Shippo are both in danger of being strangled to death by Manten. Inuyasha is pinned down with the Tetsusaiga out of his reach watching helplessly as Kagome struggles.

Chapter 32: 妖力を喰う
Yoryoku o kuu
(The Power to Devour)
Shippo bites into Manten's neck and refuses to let go. Inuyasha uses his Claws of Blood attack to distract Hiten and get the Tetsusaiga back. Inuyasha hurls the Tetsusaiga which finds it's mark in Manten. Hiten rushes to Manten's side and becomes enraged when he realizes he's dead. In order to increase his own power, Hiten devours Manten's heart. More powerful than ever Hiten attacks a Tetsusaiga-less Inuyasha again.

Chapter 33: 鞘を捨てる
Saya o suteru
(With Only a Scabbard...)
A huge bolt bears down on Inuyasha when Myoga tells him to use the Tetsusaiga's scabbard to block it. The scabbard shields him from the blast, and Inuyasha runs headlong towards Hiten who spears him in the shoulder. Kagome notices the wheels on Hiten's feet spin when he flies and Shippo transforms into a bow so she can shoot them off. The arrow finds it's target and Hiten begins to fall. Inuyasha grabs his spear and a current of electricity flows through both of them. Inuyasha discards the scabbard and punches Hiten in the face. Manten can not believe anyone would do such a thing, and begins to power up even more. Inuyasha blocks his next attack using the scabbard which begins to crack.

Chapter 34: 鞘が呼ぶ
Saiya ga yobu
(The Cry)
The others look on as the scabbard starts to break. Shippo runs across the battlefield to retrieve Tetsusaiga, but Hiten spots him and shoots some lightning at Shippo and Kagome. Inuyasha watches as they are engulfed in flames and then headbutts Hiten. The scabbard cracks even deeper when suddenly Tetsusaiga flies into Inuyasha's hand. The scabbard summoned the blade and slices Hiten in two. Inuyasha turns to watch what he thinks are Kagome and Shippo's ghosts ready to go to heaven, but as he is about to make an important confession, the reaches out and realizes they are still alive.

Chapter 35: 小さな悪霊
Chisaii na akuryo

(A Little Imp)
Kagome returns from the Sengoku Era to find her Grandpa talking to Hojo. At first she's worried that he saw her climbing out of the Bone-Eater's Well, but instead he just tells her how happy he is that she's gotten over her Neuritis. As Kagome walks with her friends, she tells them that she has to go to summer school because her math grades have been so horrible. As they walk through a playground, Kagome notices a little girl setting off firecrackers in an attempt to scare the other children. Kagome chases her, but as soon as she touches her, she feels an intense heat rush over her entire body and the girl disappears. Kagome's friends ask her who it was she was talking to, because they couldn't see anything. In the Sengoku Era, Inuyasha and Myoga are waiting for the Tetsusaiga's cracked scabbard to be mended by some Forger Bees. While waiting, they notice a Tatari-Mokke. The Tatari-Mokke is a demon that plays with the spirits of recently deceased children in an attempt to calm them before they move beyond the mortal world. In modern times, Sota asks Kagome to take him to the hospital to visit his friend Satoru, who has been in a coma for the past six months. During the visit, Kagome sees the little girl again, and watches as she pulls the IV line out of Satoru's arm.

Chapter 36: 目が開くまで・・
Me ga aku made....

(Until My Eyes Open)
Sota tells Kagome about the accident that put Satoru into a coma. He tells her that after he first entered the hospital, everyone from school would visit him, but then accidents started happening everytime they went, and now Sota is the only person that will visit him. He also tells Kagome that in the same fire that put Satoru into a coma, Satoru's big sister Mayu died. The next day, Sota and Kagome visit Satoru's burned apartment and find Mayu's ghost there. She throws things at them and tries to scare them off, but gets frustrated and tells Kagome that she's going to kill Satoru, because their mother saved him and not her. Kagome travels back in time to ask Myoga about the large spirit she saw following Mayu. He tells her that it is a Tatari-Mokke, and that when its eyes open Mayu will be sent to Hell to become an evil spirit. Kagome decides that she has to help Mayu find peace so that she won't suffer such a horrible fate.

Chapter 37: 地獄へ
Jigoku e

(To Hell)
Kagome returns to the hospital to ask Satoru's mother about Mayu. His mother tells Kagome about the day she died. Mayu was angry that her mother didn't come to a Parent-Participation Day at school because she stayed home with a sick Satoru. Mayu got so mad that she ran away. Satoru's mother went out for a little while and while she was out Mayu came home and hung her clothes on the heater. She hid in the closet so that her mother would not find her when she came home. The fire started and their mother ran in to save Satoru, not knowing that Mayu was in the apartment. Suddenly the window in Satoru's hospital room explodes and his mother and Kagome rush to find Mayu's ghost in the room with him. She uses her powers to knock her mother unconscious and throw Satoru out the window. Luckily Inuyasha is hanging around outside and saves the boy. Mayu gets angry, but suddenly the Tatari-mokke appears behind her with it's eyes opened. It pulls her into hell as Inuyasha and Kagome follow behind.

Chapter 38: 魂鎮め
Tama shizume

(To Rest)
The Tatari-mokke brings Mayu back to her burning apartment at the instant of her death. Inuyasha and Kagome arrive but only Kagome is able to pass back to the moment where Mayu died. Back at the hospital Satoru awakens from his coma and tells his mother that Mayu is in the closet and she has to save her. Meanwhile Kagome is trying to get Mayu to forgive her mother before she goes to hell. She tells her that her mother isn't mad at her and loves her very much. This causes Mayu to break down and admit how much she misses her mother. Just then her mother walks into the old apartment and sees Mayu for her to say that she is sorry.

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