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volume 5
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Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 1997 Vol. 40 - 49
Published in English as:
Inuyasha Part 2 Number 7 - Part 3 Number 2
Inuyasha Graphic Novel Vol. 5

Chapter 39: 蜘蛛頭
Kumo gashira
(Spider Head)
In the Sengoku Era, Kagome, Inuyasha, Myoga and Shippo are all riding down a river when suddenly a girl on a cliff above is knocked towards them. Inuyasha saves her and notices some shadowed figure on the clifftop that was chasing the girl. When the girl realizes she was saved by a demon she gets angry and hits Inuyasha. She explains that a demon called Spider Head was chasing her. Kagome suggests they help the girl, but Inuyasha is not interested since there are no Shikon shards at stake. Inuyasha insists that they be across the mountain before the sun sets. The girl they saved sets off for home, and the group escorts her back to her temple where an old man greets them. He calls the girl Nazuna, and explains that he has taken care of her since he a Spider Head slained her father. The old priest is surprised that Inuyasha could enter the temple since his spells seal it from all demons. Inuyasha gets very angry when people start asking him why he is being so sensitive about the old priest insinuating that he was a mortal. Suddenly the entire roof is covered in Spider Head demons and the old priest is attacked. Inuyasha tells everyone to get out while he fights, but Kagome notices the Tetsusaiga isn't transforming when he uses it. Shippo saves Inuyasha who is overwhelmed by the Spider Heads and everyone retreats outside. Everyone is shocked to see that Inuyasha has transformed into a normal human boy.

Chapter 40: 新月
(New Moon)
Nazuna is still in the temple trying to save the priest, but he insists that she leave. Outside Myoga explains that every half-demon's blood ebbs away and they become human at certain times. Inuyasha's time happens to be the first night of the new moon phase. Kagome gets upset that Inuyasha didn't trust her enough to tell her about this, and then blames him for letting them get in such a dangerous situation where he can not help them. Nazuna arrives and begs them to go save the old monk. Inuyasha says he has no interest in helping Nazuna or the old man, but Kagome realizes she left the Shikon shards in her backpack which is still inside the temple. Together Shippo and Inuyasha head back into the temple and find the old man and the backpack, but suddenly the old priest attacks them.

Chapter 41: 蜘蛛の巣
Kumo no su
(The Spider's Web)
Inuyasha is surprised when he realizes the monk is the demon master controlling the Spider Heads. The monk's body explodes into a large, fleshy spider's web. He binds Inuyasha but Shippo attempts to rescue him to no avail. The demon monk bites Inuyasha and injects him with a very lethal venom. Shippo throws a firey acorn in hopes that it will reach Kagome and signal that they need help. Kagome and Nazuna arrive and see the demon about to ingest the Shikon shards. Nazuna is very upset when she realizes the monk has been lying to her the entire time. The monk attacks Kagome but since she is holding onto the Tetsusaiga it protects her with it's magical aura. Kagome manages to rescue Inuyasha and along with Nazuna and Myoga they run into a storage room and use the Tetsusaiga to create a barrier around the room. Kagome worries about Inuyasha who seems to be in a comatose state.

Chapter 42: 結界の中
Kekkai no naka
(Inside the Aura)
Inuyasha is growing closer to death with the venom racing throw his veins. Myoga jumps on his wound and begins sucking his blood in an attempt to save him. Myoga blows up to the size of a skull and passes out due to being so full. Inuyasha wakes up and asks Kagome why she was crying for him. She tells him that she was worried about him, and he tells her not to be ridiculous. Suddenly Nazuna hears a creaking noise from inside the room and a talking mouse runs out. The mouse reveals himself to be Shippo and proudly tells Kagome that while they were hiding in the storage room he stayed behind to rescue the Shikon shards. Everybody takes this time to rest overnight but Kagome stays up with Inuyasha. He wakes up and asks if he can lie on her lap, she says yes and he tells her that she smells good, and that he had been lying all this time when he told her he hated her scent. Nazuna wakes up and interrupts them. An embarrassed Kagome tosses Inuyasha out of her lap then takes time to rest herself. While everyone else is sleeping the monk convinces Nazuna to remove the Tetsusaiga and lower the barrier around the room. The demons rush in and slam Inuyasha against a wall just as his hair begins to change color and his claws extend from his fingers.

Chapter 43: 犬夜叉復活!
Inuyasha fukkatsu!
(The Demon Reborn)
Inuyasha begins to change back into a demon as the monk undergoes a transformation as well. Suddenly Inuyashas rips the creature's arm in two and tears it apart as he regains his demon powers. Inuyasha tries to crush the creature's head, but as soon as he does, a new one appears. The former monk reveals that the whole thing was a ruse to lure Inuyasha there so he could take the Shikon shards for himself. Nazuna stabs the spider demon with the Tetsusaiga, but it seems to have no effect. Just as the monster is about to devour her, Inuyasha steps in and saves the day.

Chapter 44: かけらのありか
Kakera no arika
(Where the Shards Are)
Kagome yells out that the Shikon jewel's power is beginning to dissolve into the demon's body. The spider begins to crush Inuyasha and Nazuna. Together they struggle to reach the Tetsusaiga before they are crushed to death. Nazuna grabs the sword and touches it's hilt against Inuyasha's finger causing the blade to spring to live. Inuyasha slices free and then cuts the Shikon shards out of the demon, killing it. When Kagome retrieves the shards she points out that they fused when they were inside the creature, and now they seem to have a little less than half the completed stone. Nazuna thanks them and as they sail back down the river, Kagome remembers how Inuyasha told her she smelled good.

Chapter 45: 骨と土
Hone to tsuchi

(Earth and Bones)
Inuyasha is dreaming one night of when he was imprisoned by Kikyo. He watches Kagome as she sleeps and wonders why they resemble each other so much. Suddenly Kagome wakes up and slaps Inuyasha thinking he is some evil creature. As they look across the field they are sleeping in they see an old woman with a sythe flying across. The next morning they head by to Musashi's Domain where they find that Kaede has been attacked. She explains that the old demon had come the night before and raided Kikyo's grave. She tells them that the old woman was the ogress named Urasue. She took the ashes from Kikyo's bones, which Kaede says can be used for evil. Inuyasha tells Myoga that he also smelled the earth being carried away by Urasue which surprises Myoga. Kagome tries to talk to Inuyasha and gets angry when he won't look at her. She asks if he hates her because she looks so much like Kikyo. Inuyasha shocks her and tells her that she is wrong. Suddenly it looks as if he will kiss her when she pushes him away. Kaede heads off to retrieve her sister's bones when Kagome asks her if Inuyasha and Kikyo were more than just enemies. Inuyasha interrupts and agrees to go along too. In the mountains Urasue is heating what looks like a clay figure in a giant kiln.

Chapter 46: 抜け殻

(Empty Shell)
Kagome starts to wonder if Kikyo and Inuyasha could have been lovers. She starts to feel sorry for him as she realizes that Kikyo must have betrayed him. As they make their way up the mountain Urasue removes the figure and then splits it open with her scythe. A nude woman emerges and Urasue welcomes Kikyo back to life. Urasue commands Kikyo to stand and take the Shikon jewel for her, but Kikyo falls unable to walk. Urasue realizes that Kikyo's soul did not return and that it must have already been reborn in someone else's body. The group cross a rickety rope bridge, but are ambushed by creatures that are half men, half statues. As Inuyasha fights them off Urasue notices how much Kagome looks like Kikyo. She cuts the bridge and flies away with Kagome. Urasue puts Kagome into a small pool of water and herbs as Kikyo emerges from a cave. Urasue explains that she plans to transfer Kikyo's soul back from Kagome and to it's original owner.

Chapter 47: 拒絶

Inuyasha emerges from the rubble at the mountains bottom when suddenly a giant leaf carrying Kaede and Shippo crushes him. Kaede tells Inuyasha that she thinks Kagome is truly the reincarnation of her sister and says she feels her sister and Inuyasha will be reunited very soon. On the mountaintop Kagome is bound in the pool as Kikyo and Urasue watch. Urasue is shocked that Kagome can still talk while having her soul removed, and then she notices she is carrying part of the Shikon Jewel. When she tries to take it a magical shield stops her. Urasue realizes the the shield is preventing her from removing Kagome's soul. Meanwhile Inuyasha tells Kaede about how he met Kikyo. He explains that he wanted the jewel so he could become a full demon, but even though they fought, neither he nor Kikyo would ever strike the killing blow. Inuyasha soon thought about her all the time and Kikyo was going to let him use the jewel to become completely human. When he arrived to use the jewel Kikyo attacked him. Inuyasha felt so betrayed that he attacked the village and stole the jewel before Kikyo sealed him to the tree. Kaede thinks there is something wrong with Inuyasha's story. Urasue watches as Kagome's soul struggles to stay with her and says that her past life must have ended in true abomination. Inuyasha arrives just in time, but then notices Kikyo's unmoving body sitting on a rock. As he says her name, Kagome hears a voice begging not to hear it's name called once again.

Chapter 48: 裏切り

Suddenly the shield holding Kagome's soul in breaks and travels into Kikyo's body. Urasue explains that Inuyasha calling Kikyo's name is what broke the seal. Suddenly Kikyo stands and with a wave of energy tears Urasue's head off for dragging her back to world of the living. Inuyasha tries to talk to Kikyo, but she suddenly attacks him demanding to know why he betrayed her. Inuyasha doesn't understand what Kikyo is talking about, and Kaede tries to stop her sister from attacking. Kikyo explains that Inuyasha attacked her and stole the jewel before he destroyed the village, and that this time, she will kill him.

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