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volume 6
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Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 1997 Vol. 50 - 1998 Vol. 9
Published in English as:
Inuyasha Part 3 Number 3 - 7
Inuyasha Graphic Novel Vol. 6

Chapter 49: 怨念
(Hatred Unspent)
As Inuyasha and Kikyo fight Kaede and Shippo tend to Kagome's body. Inuyasha destroys Kikyo's bow, but then throws Tetsusaiga away and grabs Kikyo. Inuyasha tells Kikyo he doesn't care if she hates him, but he won't let her kill him for something he never did. Kikyo refuses to believe him. As he thinks back he remembers how Kikyo told him the jewel would last forever as long as a demon held it, but if it was used to make him human, it would vanish and free her from her duty of protecting it. Inuyasha hugs her and tells her he knows what she went through was twice as hard. But Kikyo can not accept it and attacks again. Kaede tells Inuyasha to destroy her sister, but Kikyo tells her as long as her hatred of Inuyasha lives her soul will not return to Kagome's body. Suddenly Kagome's eyes open and her soul is pulled back out of Kikyo's body. As Kagome lies unconscious, they watch as Kikyo still struggles to live.

Chapter 50: 引き裂かれた魂
Hiki sakareta tamashii
(A Soul Asunder)
Suddenly Urasue's head begins to speak. It explains that Kikyo's body is fueled on pure hatred now and only some of Kagome's soul remains in her. Urasue's head dies as Inuyasha chases after Kikyo. Kikyo tries to jump off the mountainside to prevent what little soul she has left from returning to Kagome, but Inuyasha grabs her before she falls. Inuyasha asks her to return to Kagome, but she attacks him with what strength she has left causing the to fall down the side. Inuyasha manages to hold on, but Kikyo slips from his grasp and falls down the chasm. Inuyasha heads back to Kagome trying to imagine who could hold such a grude against he and Kikyo to do this to them. Inuyasha tells Kaede that he could not save her sister. Kagome awakens and tells them she had a horrible dream... she couldn't answer any problems on her math test. Downstream Kikyo pulls herself out of the water and across an ancient battlefield.

Chapter 51: 不良法師
Furyo hoshi
(Monk on the Make)
A young monk is waiting outside the walls of a large home. An old man takes him in to see the princess who has been been ill. The monk is asked to exorcise the demons from her in hopes of making her well again. The young monk examines a statue of Amida Buddha, which seems to be sweating nervously, and then asks the lord of the manor to have everyone leave and not bother him while he works. Suddenly a weasel demon springs from the statue and the monk notices it has a shard of the Shikon Jewel in it's forhead. As the lord and his servants wait outside they hear the house being ransacked. When they go in to check on the princess they find she has been cured, but everything in their manor has been stolen. Inuyasha still seems distant to Kagome and Shippo as the thinks about Kikyo. He wonders if becoming a full demon will prevent him from being tricked by another woman again. That night the monk is examining the Shikon fragment he found while resting in a hot spring. He is nude except for a sleeve and a set of beads he wears over one arm. Suddenly he hears a voice and notices Kagome bathing on the other side. The monk immmediately notices she is wearing a large part of the Shikon Jewel. Shippo starts to chastise Inuyasha about not putting the moves on Kagome when suddenly Kagome screams. A monkey pulled her hair. The next morning the monk and his partner, a tanuki, are watching the group from above. The monk tells the tanuki to attack the men while he deals with Kagome. The tanuki asks why the monk (who he calls Miroku) will not just use his right hand, to end it quickly. The monk explains that if he did, it would kill them all.

Chapter 52: 玉泥棒
Tama dorobo
(Jewel Thief)
The tanuki transforms into a giant demon boulder looking thing and comes flying down on the group. As Inuyasha holds the boulder back, Miroku slips down and steals Kagome and her bicycle. Inuyasha draws Tetsusaiga on the demon boulder, which quickly changes back into a tanuki. Suddenly Miroku removes the beads from his gloved hand and a great pulls the sword away from Inuyasha. Kagome gets free but Miroku steals her bike and the Shikon shard. Later Miroku is in a town being entertained by a group of less than attractive women. They find Kagome's bicycle parked outside and Miroku seems happy to see Kagome again. Miroku runs off when Inuyasha tries to fight, but shocks Inuyasha when he is able to block the Tetsusaiga with only his staff.

Chapter 53: 風穴
(Wind to Nowhere)
Inuyasha and Miroku face off in the town's square. Inuyasha is able to knock Miroku's staff away, but Miroku only runs away and asks everyone to get out of the way. Suddenly Miroku turns and removes the wrapping over his hand. A huge wind comes out and begins sucking everything towards his palm. Houses and blown down and horses are sucked into Miroku's hand as Inuyasha tries to escape. Inuyasha tries to cut his arm off as he is being pulled in, but Kagome comes flying in out of nowhere. Miroku seals his hand again and the winds die down. Kagome realizes that he is not a bad person since he tried to keep from sucking her into his void.

Chapter 54: 呪われた手
Norowareta te
(The Cursed Hand)
Kagome sits over Miroku who seems to be unconcious and tells Inuyasha she will try to reason with him. Suddenly she feels Miroku's hand rubbing her bottom and is no longer so willing to deal with him. Miroku explains that he is searching for a demon named Naraku that created the void in his hand. He tells the story of his grandfather who first met Naraku nearly 50 years ago. Naraku was able to change his appearance as their battle spanned across the years and finally Naraku appeared as a beautiful woman and pierced Miroku's grandfather's hand. The curse is carried down through the generations and the hole widens every year. In a few years time, Miroku will be devoured by the hole in his own hand. Miroku believes Naraku is searching for the shards, and that 50 years ago he slew a priestess and nearly took the jewel then. Inuyasha realizes that Naraku must have made himself look like him and then killed Kikyo. Inuyasha vows to kill Naraku for Kikyo's sake. Kagome points out that surely they will run into Naraku if they keep gathering the shards, and invites Miroku to join them, but he says he isn't good at working with others. Miroku asks Kagome to bear his child before he dies causing Inuyasha to get upset, but he refutes Miroku when he thinks they are a couple. Elsewhere on a battlefield a horde of demons swoops down on an army. Some time later the group finds them and notices their livers have all been removed. Inuyasha smells ink, and then tells Miroku that he will not hand over the shards or work together with him.

Chapter 55: 懐中の鬼
Kaichu no oni

(The Monster Within)
Miroku departs the group, and Kagome and Shippo seem to miss him already. Inuyasha continues to follow the smell of ink while Miroku discovers an artist named Kotatsu in another town. The artist is being beaten for looking at a princess of the region. Miroku decides that the woman might be in danger and follows her entourage. A short time later Inuyasha finds the painter, but is suddenly attacked when a giant demon jumps from the Kotatsu's kimono. Inuyasha kills the demon quickly, but is overwhelmed by the smell of ink and liver and is knocked unconcious. That evening Miroku is talking to the princess when Inuyasha and Kagome arrive at the manor. At that moment the artist Kotatsu is preparing an army of thousands of ogres.

Chapter 56: 鬼を操る
Oni o ayatsuru

(The Master Painter)
Kotatsu keeps trying to paint the the princess, but is unhappy with his depiction. Kagome tells Miroku about the artist and that he may have a Shikon shard. Everyone hides as Inuyasha smells ink approaching once more. A large group of demons carry the princess away, and Miroku follows on Kagome's bicycle. Kotatsu lears out at the princess, who suddenly transforms into Shippo. The others make it just in time, to see an arm of demons, painted by Kotatsu leap to life and attack.

Chapter 57: 絵師の夢
Eshi no yume

(The Artist's Dream)
Kotatsu thinks back to when he found the Shikon shard on a battlefield. He killed many people to use their liver in his inks. People became suspicious and he was forced to leave Kyoto. That is when he first saw the princess. Miroku unleashes his wind tunnel and sucks the hundreds of ogres into his hand. Kotatsu escapes on the back of a demon and Inuyasha chases after him. Inuyasha forces his way through the demons Kotatsu unleashes and finally comes face to face with the artist himself.

Chapter 58: 汚れた墨
Kegareta sumi

(Tainted Ink)
Inuyasha can not draw his blade, because cutting the demons would overpower his sense of smell and knock him out again, so he must think of another approach. Suddenly he is engulfed in flames and decides to use Tetsusaiga anyway. Kotatsu offer to give Inuyasha the shard, but when he withdraws his sword, Kotatsu's demons attack again. Suddenly the ink spill from it's container and rips Kotatsu's arm off before devouring him. Miroku is hestitant to pick up the shard since it is sitting in the man-eating ink, but Kagome picks it up as if it were nothing. Miroku prays for Kotatsu and then decides that he will join the group and search for more Shikon shards.

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