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volume 7
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Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 1998 Vol. 10 - 19
Published in English as:
Inuyasha Part 4 Number 1-5
Inuyasha Graphic Novel Vol. 7

Chapter 59: 仮の腕
Kari no ude
(A Matter of Arms)
A band of men on horseback come across Sesshomaru and attempt to kill him for his armor. When he turns around, the arm that Inuyasha cut off has been replaced by a ogre's arm. The arm has started to rot, and Sesshomaru commands Jaken to find a replacement. Suddenly a man wearing a white ape-skin cloak appears and offers Sesshomaru a new arm- a human arm impregnated with a Shikon shard. The man tells Sesshomaru that with a human are he will be able to grip Inuyasha's Tetsusaiga. Before Sesshomaru departs, the man gives him a hive as well, and then tells them his name is Naraku. Inuyasha and the others are staying in a small sea-side village where Miroku is exorcising some demons for room and board. Suddenly Kagome senses something approaching quickly. A giant ogre comes forth and Sesshomaru is riding on it's shoulder.

Chapter 60: 鉄砕牙の威力
Tetsusaiga no iryoku
(The Power of the Wolf's Fang)
Kagome fills Miroku in on Sesshomaru and Inuyasha's last encounter. When Inuyasha strikes Sesshomaru with the Tetsusaiga, he dodges easily and states that Inuyasha has not come close to mastering the blade. Sesshomaru grabs Inuyasha's arm and it begins to melt from his poisonous claws. Sesshomaru knocks the Tetsusaiga out of Inuyasha's grasp and then, much to everyone's surprise picks it up and uses it to slay an army of mountain demons with only once swing.

Chapter 61: 最猛勝
(The Sting of Victory)
Sesshomaru then turns the blade on his half-brother, Inuyasha. Kagome and Miroku both step in to help as well, but Jaken quickly remembers that Naraku said that the monk would be the most troublesome of all. Jaken attacks using the giant he is riding on, but Miroku quickly sucks the creature into his wind tunnel. Sesshomaru is shocked, but remembers the hive Naraku gave him. Suddenly a swarm of demonic looking wasps fly towards Miroku and into his hand. They poison Miroku with their venom, and he is force to close off his hand once again. Sesshomaru starts to attack, but Inuyasha uses his Claws of Blood to distract him long enough to escape with Miroku, who has become seriously ill from the poison. As Sesso-maru fights Inuyasha Miroku manages to get enough strength beat some answers out of Jaken. Inuyasha uses his scabbard to fend off the Tetsusaiga, but when Kagome arrives, the sword transforms back to it's rusted state after she hits it with an arrow.

Chapter 62: 腕を奪う
Ude o ubau
(Arm Robbery)
Kagome aims for the Shikon shard she sees in Shessho-maru's arm, but he dodges easily. Inuyasha barely saves Kagome from getting ripped to pieces. Inuyasha tells Sesshomaru he will rip his human arm off and take the shard in the process, but he proves to be too fast for Inuyasha. Jaken tells Miroku that it was Naraku who gave him the nest, but Miroku is barely staying concious. Kagome rushes over with some her first aid kit as Inuyasha and Sesshomaru fight it out in the background. Kagome fires another arrow that shatters Sesshomaru's breastplate. He tosses Inuyasha into Kagome and knocks her out, which allows the Tetsusaiga to revert back to it's more powerful state.

Chapter 63: 奪還
Miroku climbs to his feet and tries to use his void again, but the wasps fly out of their hive ready to inject more of their venom into him. Inuyasha tells them to escape with Kagome while he deals with his brother. Sesshomaru drives his claws through Inuyasha's back and out of his stomach, but while Sesshomaru is gloating about his impending victory, Inuyasha rips his new arm off and takes the Tetsusaiga back. Sesshomaru decides to retreat since he can no longer touch the Tetsusaiga and Inuyasha collapses in a pool of his own blood.

Chapter 64: 別れ
(Separate Ways)
As Sesshomaru retreats the wasps that stung Miroku follow after him. He removes the remnants of the arm that now seems to be trying to devour him and tosses it back to the wasps, which return it, and it's Shikon shard to Naraku. Suddenly Sesshomaru is standing behind Naraku and slices his head off. The disembodied voice of Naraku echoes through the forest telling them he may call on them again. Meanwhile Miroku pays his Tanuki partner to take them back to Musashi's Domain so Inuyasha can heal. Inuyasha walks Kagome back to the Bone-Eater's Well where he apologizes for endangering her life, hugs her, and then takes the Shikon shards they had collected and throws her down the well, commanding her never to return. Kagome immediately tries to go back to the Sengoku Era, but finds the well doesn't seem to work anymore.

Chapter 65: 鬼蜘蛛

(The Spider's Lair)
In the Sengoku Era Inuyasha shoves a tree down the well to prevent Kagome from coming back. Shippo is very upset by this, but Inuyasha doesn't seem to care. Miroku asks Inuyasha about the circumstances regarding his first meeting with Naraku 50 years ago. Inuyasha explains that he only knew him to look like Kikyo, and was not sure of his true form. Miroku beleives that maybe Naraku hated Kikyo, and not Inuyasha. Back in the modern Tokyo, Kagome goes back to school, and tells her friends her uniform got bloody so she has to wear normal clothes to school. At school all she can do is think about Inuyasha. In the past Kaede is treating Inuyasha's battle wounds and explains that perhaps Naraku wanted more than just the Shikon Jewel all those years ago. Perhaps he wanted to win Kikyo's love. She tells them of a man that wanted to see the Shikon Jewel defiled and takes them to where the man once lived. Miroku and Inuyasha travel with Kaede to a small cave where a man named Onigumo once lived. When Kikyo met him he was horrible burned over his entire body and both of his legs had been crushed after he fell from a cliff. Onigumo was a very evil man, but Kikyo still saw that he was taken care of. One day he told Kaede that he wished to see Kikyo and the Jewel defiled, and shortly afterwards Kikyo and Inuyasha met their untimely ends. Kaede went to check on him a few days later, but found his cave had been burned. She assumed his campfire got out of control and being unable to move, Onigumo was burned to death. Inuyasha explains that he is looking for a demon, not a human, and the group travel into his cave.

Chapter 66: 邪気の跡
Jaki no ato

(The Shadow of Evil)
As they travel further down, Inuyasha wonders what the connection between Naraku and Onigumo could be. The find the spot where Onigumo once laid, and even thought 50 years have passed, grass and moss whill still not grow on that spot. Miroku says that Onigumo may have become possessed by a demon inside the cave and suddenly the bloodly corpse of Kikyo appears before them. She quickly fades when Miroku kills a small lizard that was used to create the illusion. Back at the well Shippo tries to remove the tree when suddenly he is surround by a pack of wolves and a giant demon. Inuyasha saves Shippo from the pack but reopens his chest wound in the process. Miroku steps in and sucks up a few of the wolves and demands to know who sent this creature. As he escapes Inuyasha and Miroku both agree this must be an agent of Naraku.

Chapter 67: ふたつの時
Futatsu no toki

(When We Are Two)
During gym class Kagome thinks about Inuyasha. She has been gone for three days and can not believe he doesn't want her to return. Hojo asks her out again, and her friends force he to go since she stood him up last time. Later on Kagome tries to go down the well again, but still nothing happens. In the past Inuyasha and Shippo have been sealed into a small shed so Inuyasha can heal without hurting himself further. Shippo changes into Kagome and tells Inuyasha he'll sleep with him, but that doesn't seem to help. Miroku and Kaede come in to check on him and treat his injuries. Shippo asks Inuyasha about Kagome later, and he insults her, but privately he knows that as long as she is alive, he is happy. Inside a cave Naraku meets with the wolf demon from earlier. The demon's name is Royakan and Naraku places a tiny plant on his head. The seedling contains a Shikon shard which will make the plant grow quickly. Soon it will split Royakan's head open, and Naraku will only remove it if he slays Inuyasha. Meanwhile Inuyasha is still coughing up blood and having trouble healing due to Sesshomaru's venom.

Chapter 68: 破られた結界
Yaburareta kekkai

(The Pierced Wall)
Miroku and Kaede set up a barrier outside of the small shed where Inuyasha is resting and repel some wolves that attack. Suddenly Royakan arrives covered in vines and demands to fight Inuyasha. Kaede and Miroku are making the shed invisible to Royakan until Naraku throws a spear at them causing the barrier to be broken. Royakan attacks, but is sliced across the face by Inuyasha. Royakan bats Inuyasha around since he is still not a full strength. Inuyasha drops his Shikon Jewel-half but Shippo manages to save it. Miroku tries to open his wind vortex, but suddenly Naraku's wasps appear forcing him to close it. In the future Kagome says goodbye to her family. As she heads off on her first date she visits the well once more. Meanwhile Shippo is surrounded by a pack of wolves in front of the Bone-Eater's Well.

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