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volume 8
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Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 1998 Vol. 20 - 30
Published in English as:
Inuyasha Part 4 Number 6 - Part 5 Number 3
Inuyasha Graphic Novel Vol. 8

Chapter 69: 気配
(Sensing Presences)
Shippo makes six illusionary copies of himself to distract the wolves and then dives down the well and slides past the tree to the bottom. In Tokyo Kagome hurries off to her date, but at the temple's gate she sense the Shikon shard and heads back to the well. Inuyasha fights off the wolves and wasps, but Royakan seems to keep unleashing more. Without Kagome they can not find where Royakan's Shikon shard is on his body. Meanwhile Kagome's date is going rather badly for Hojo. He thinks Kagome is not feeling well so she uses that as an excuse to cut their afternoon short. Kagome immediately goes to the Bone-Eater's Well and starts digging until she is transported back through time. The wolves find Shippo though and start to climb down into the well just as Inuyasha smells Kagome's scent.

Chapter 70: 再会
Inuyasha fights off Royakan and then heads for the well. Shippo tells Kagome that Inuyasha still hasn't healed, but then a wolf almost bites them both. Inuyasha jerks the tree out of the well and shoves it down Royakan's throat. Kagome emerges and passionately hugs Inuyasha. She tells him that she only wanted to see him and how worried about him she was. In the woods Naraku watches Inuyasha and Kagome and is shocked by her resemblance to Kikyo. Kagome feels Naraku's Shikon shards and before he can escape Inuyasha and Naraku have him cornered. Inuyasha asks why he has done all of this to him, and Naraku starts to tell him about that day 50 years ago...

Chapter 71: 奈落
Naraku is surprised to see how much Kaede has aged since the last time they met. It is then that Kaede realizes he must truly be Onigumo. He explains that as Kikyo's powers weakened because of her love for Inuyasha that the local demons were able to find Onigumo. The demons were drawn to Onigumo's base desires for Kikyo. Onigumo promised the demons that if they gave him a body and the strength to take Kikyo they could have his soul. The demons devoured Onigumo and merged giving birth to Naraku. He then tricked Inuyasha and Kikyo to taint the Shikon Jewel, but Kikyo took the Shikon Jewel with her in death and Naraku was unable to take it. Inuyasha can not bear to hear anymore and attacks Naraku, but only rips his baboon fur off. A man with long black hair shields his face from the group and then notices Miroku. He immediately recognizes the family resemblence to his grandfather but escapes before Inuyasha can strike him again.

Chapter 72: 目印
(The Mark)
Inuyasha pursues Naraku who is shocked that he could penetrate his aura and live. Naraku flees quickly though and Inuyasha sees the makr of a spider as he fades away. Kaede explains that the burn mark resembling a spider is the last vestige of Onigumo remaining in Naraku. Suddenly Royakan reawakens as his head begins to split from the vines. Kagome notices the Shikon shards and once she plucks it out the vines fall away and Royakan goes home. Kagome decides to go home so that she won't bother Inuyasha who seems to be thinking more about Kikyo lately. As she is about to leave Inuyasha stops her and asks when she will come back. He tells her that she inspired him and that he does want her near him. Meanwhile two monks are journeying through a small village when the sense something amiss. What they find is Kikyo.

Chapter 73: 死魂
(Young Souls)
The monks watch as Kikyo talks to a group of children. The elder monk, Seikai can tell that she is a demon and approaches her asking her to pick up a scroll he intentionally dropped at her feet. He tells her that a demon's true form will be reveal should one touch it, and Kikyo hands it back to him with no trouble. When he touches the sutra he feels as if dozens of needles pierced his body. The monks then notice that the scroll has been wiped clean. A little girl named Sayo befriends Kikyo and asks her to stay, but secretly Kikyo knows it is time for her to move on. Miroku is talking to a lord about a demon who has been stealing young girls' souls recently. Kagome and Inuyasha have a brief moment of togetherness while Miroku is away, but are shocked when the dead princesses body suddenly jumps up and and a strange creature flies in to remove her soul. Inuyasha kills it quickly and the girl's soul floats away safely. Outside more of the creatures fly away carrying souls. Sayo, is having trouble sleeping and notices Kikyo outside. She follows her down to the river and watches as the creatures bring the girls' souls to her.

Chapter 74: 救われぬ魂
Sukuwarenu tamashii
(The Soul Past Saving)
The monk Seikai confronts Kikyo once more and this time uses a soulbond on her. Kikyo dispatches of it easily and the monk is stabbed in the neck killing him. Kikyo leaves the man to die but then notices Sayo watching her. Kikyo is ashamed and leaves the girl. The next morning Kagome insists that they help the souls of the women from the previous night, but Inuyasha is not interested. They notice a body floating in the river and the man awakens revealing himself to be Seikai's assistant. He is frightened of Kagome who he mistakes for Kikyo. The young monk tells them that it was her that took the young girls' souls. Inuyasha tells everyone to leave this to him.

Chapter 75: 桔梗の結界
Kikyo no kekkai

(Kikyo's Shield)
Inuyasha thinks back to when Kikyo fell from the mountainside as he rushes off to find her. Kagome seems a little down after she tells Miroku that Inuyasha still loves Kikyo. They decide to follow Inuyasha in case he gets in trouble and then notice the creatures from the previous night. Suddenly a mystic shield stops Miroku and Shippo but Kagome disappears through it. Kagome slides down a hill and finds Kikyo asleep in a tree. Kagome thinks that Kikyo doesn't resemble her very much but then Kikyo snaps awake and asks where Inuyasha is. Kikyo tells Kagome that she is in the way and then paralyzes her with only a touch.

Chapter 76: 死の匂い
Shi no nioi

(The Smell of Death)
Kikyo binds Kagome to a tree using her soul retrieving demons. Kagome tells Kikyo that Inuyasha still loves her, but then regrets telling her. Inuyasha arrives, but can not see Kagome. Kikyo explains that she needs souls to live on that she is driven only by hatred for him. He tells her he never stops thinking of her. Kagome is upset by this, and Kikyo seems surprised. Kikyo touches Inuyasha and Kagome tries to warn him to run, but no one can hear her. The two kiss, and Kagome starts to weep as they embrace. Kagome watches as they both begin to sink into hell together.

Chapter 77: かごめの声
Kagome no koe

(Kagome's Voice)
Kagome tries to tell Kikyo about Naraku, but Kikyo will not listen. Kagome gets angry and suddenly Kikyo can not keep the souls she has captured inside of her any longer. She tries to pull Inuyasha further down, but Kagome's voice awakens him and he frees her. Kikyo is saddened that he would leave her to save Kagome but tells him there was no lie behind her kiss as she vanishes. Kagome storms off and won't allow Inuyasha to explain. That night Kaede is awakened by her sister who has finally returned home.

Chapter 78: やさしい匂い
Yasashii nioi

(A Gentle Scent)
Kaede is afraid of her sister and surprised to hear she just encountered Inuyasha. She asks about Naraku, and Kaede begins to explain. Miroku asks what happened with Kagome, and Inuyasha tells him it was only the same think the monk does with women himself. Miroku assumes Inuyasha had sex with Kikyo in front of Kagome and is a bit taken aback. Kagome tells Inuyasha that she hates him and Miroku gives Inuyasha some tips about dealing with women. Kaede finishs the tale of Onigumo and Kikyo realizes that Inuyasha has changed since they knew each other. He has become more gentle and she blames Kagome for taking her place with him. With that Kikyo takes her leave. Inuyasha sees Kagome crying and thinks he has really hurt her, but she really was just yawning which made her eyes tear up. Kagome wants to know how Inuyasha could tell her that he wanted her with him, but then tell Kikyo that he never stopped thinking of her. He tells her they are both true. Kagome asks if she is simply Kikyo's replacement, but Inuyasha tells her that was never the case. That she is Kagome to him, not Kikyo. He tells her he feels calm around her, but when he turns around he notices that she has fallen asleep.

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