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volume 9
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Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 1998 Vol. 31 - 41
Published in English as:
Inuyasha Part 5 Number 4 - 8
Inuyasha Graphic Novel Vol. 9

Chapter 79: 人面果
(The Fruits of Evil)
At school Kagome seems to be nailing her trigonometry exams. Suddenly she is running through a stadium as everyone cheers her on. But then she wakes up, and realizes it was all a dream. Kagome tells Inuyasha she has to go back home to prepare for one of her mock exams when Shippo notices two heads floating down the stream. Miroku notices that the heads have no cut marks, almost as if they grew without bodies. Kagome decides to stay and investigate. On a mountain cliff a man tries to escape from a strange looking hermit. The man is suddenly eaten by the hermit as Miroku and the others make their way through a heavy fog. The group notices a tree and hear voices coming from it. They are shocked to find heads growing like fruit from the limbs of the tree. The heads say that they had been devoured by an old man of the mountain. They tell them that the hermit is called Peach Man. Bones fall from atop the mountain and then another head sprouts from the tree. The heads tell them that they are used to keep the Peach Man youthful. As Inuyasha dashes up the mountain, Shippo and Kagome realize the new moon will rise that night and Inuyasha will become human again. Inuyasha quickly arrives at the summit and kicks the door to the Peach Man's house down.

Chapter 80: 箱庭
(The Secret Garden)
Inuyasha draws Tetsusaiga and cuts the Peach Man's stomach, but nothing seems to happen. The Peach Man throws flowers at Inuyasha who quickly shrinks down to a tiny size and is swallowed whole by the grotesque hermit. Shippo flies Kagome and Miroku up the mountain, and they find a miniature village set up in the Peach Man's home. Before they realize what has happened they are all sucked into the tiny village and Kagome notices the Shikon shard is gone. The Peach Man finds it and sticks it in his belly-button along with another Shikon shard he had found. Inside his stomach Inuyasha is struggling not to be digested when he begins to change into a human.

Chapter 81: 腹中の光
Fuku chu no hikari
(Stomach Trouble)
Inuyasha begins to panic as stomach acid burns his skin. He realizes he can use the Tetsusaiga's scabbard to call the sword outside and free him from Peach Man's belly. When he does this the sword is repelled but causes Peach Man to get sick and vomit Inuyasha up. Once freed Inuyasha tries to attack, but Peach Man crushes him under his massive girth. When Inuyasha wakes up he is bound in thorny vines that are draining his blood for the hermit's consumption. Meanwhile Miroku discovers that all the villagers in the miniature town are asleep because they have eaten the fruit there. A hungry Peach Man's hand reaches into the village for a snack and Miroku, Kagome, and Shippo decide it is their only way to escape.

Chapter 82: 桃果人の厨房
Tokajin no chubo
(The Night Kitchen)
Peach Man notices how delicious Kagome looks and decides to let her regain full size before he eats her. Inuyasha is still struggling to get free of the vines when Peach Man comes in and throws Kagome's school uniform in front of him and tells Inuyasha he has already eaten her. Inuyasha becomes enraged and tries to free himself, but is not strong enough. A tiny Shippo and Miroku pop out of Kagome's uniform and Miroku uses his air rip to help Inuyasha get loose. The vines fall onto Peach Man and knock him out. Miroku and Shippo tell Inuyasha that Kagome is still alive. Meanwhile Kagome wakes up naked in a pool of sake and Inuyasha arrives to rescue her. He gets quite embarrassed to see her nude and offers her his bloody robes as the Peach Man wakes up.

Chapter 83: 仙人の薬
Sennin no kusuri
(Peach Man's Nectar)
Inuyasha rests due to his injuries as Peach Man slowly searches for him. Everyone makes it to the cliff's edge, but with Inuyasha hurt, he will not be able to climb down. A plant with an old man's head tells the group that he was the Peach Man's former mentor. He tells them that the Peach Man is not a demon when the man himself bursts through the wall. The Shikon shard's power has made his body become like stone. He has started to become a demon and told them that by eating the his former mentor he would gain all his knowledge. The only thing he did not learn was his spell for eternal youth, and that is why he keeps his old master's head alive. Inuyasha attacks and tries to take the Shikon shards again, but is repelled.

Chapter 84: 変化の弓
Henge no yumi
(The Enchanted Bow)
Inuyasha refuses to drink the elixer made from human heads that could heal his injuries. He attacks again, and Miroku unleashes his air rip which has almost no effect. Kagome spots a bow in the corner of the room and tries to fire an arrow, but the bow breaks in half before she can. Inuyasha stabs the Peach Man in eye while he is distracted, but realizes his arm is broken too. Suddenly the old man's head grows into a bow for Kagome to use. She fires an arrow and knocks the shard loose. As Peach Man turns to fight Kagome, Inuyasha knocks the Peach Man off the cliff and tumbles down with him.

Chapter 85: 犬夜叉の心
Inuyasha no kokoro

(The Soul of a Demon)
Inuyasha and Peach Man fall off the cliff and everyone climbs down the mountain to find Inuyasha, but all the find is the corpse of the Peach Man. Thinking Inuyasha might be crushed underneath the body, they try to turn him over, but he is too heavy. Miroku urges everyone to mourn their loss, but Kagome gets upset thinking Inuyasha was too hard-headed and pushed himself too hard resulting in his death. Inuyasha wakes up in a tree above the group having regained his demon powers and hears everyone saying how stupid he was. He realizes Kagome is actually glad to see him and they all watch as the enchanted peaches transform into real fruit. Kagome returns home and wonders if Inuyasha will still use the Shikon Jewel to turn into a full demon. Inuyasha, Miroku, and Shippo are resting up in a forest and discussing the Shikon Jewel themselves. Miroku asks Inuyasha if he plans on becoming a full demon and he says that he is. He tells Inuyasha that he may become evil and kill Kagome in the process. Meanwhile in a faraway village a giant centipede attacks and a masked girl carrying a large boomerang she calls "Hiraikotsu" dispatches it with ease. The exterminator notices that the centipede had a Shikon shard inside it and goes into a shack to shed her gear. When she emerges the pretty girl tells the villagers that she is taking the Shikon shard because it originally came from her village.

Chapter 86: 退治屋

(The Exterminators)
Inuyasha, Kagome, Miroku and Shippo arrive at the village and find the men cleaning up the dead centipede demon's corpse. The villagers tell them about the woman who took the Shikon shard and that she comes from a village of demon exterminators, but that they do not know where the village lies. Sango, the female exterminator, arrives home and cuddles with her pet, Kirara. Her brother Kohaku arrives to greet her and they both go to meet their father, the village headmaster. He is please to see that she found a Shikon shard and tells her of a priestess that was unable to purify the jewel 50 years ago. The headmaster tells Kohaku that he will join them on their next mission. At a nearby castle a group of five exterminators including Sango, Kohaku, and their father arrive to fight a giant spider demon for a local lord. Inside an old man tells his young master that hopefully with the death of the spider demon his illness will disappear. Sango kills the demon in one move but a tiny spider bites Kohaku on the neck. Suddenly Kohaku's scythe flies through the air and murders eveyrone except Sango.

Chapter 87: 罠

(The Ambush)
Sango is shocked as her brother attacks her as well. She notices a small thread of spider web that connects Kohaku to the lord of the manor. She tries to attack the lord, but his guards strike her down before she can reach him. They then turn and kill Kohaku with a volley of arrows and spear Sango once again. Suddenly the lord's head is sliced off by the sickly young master. His head turns into a spider and crawls away. He orders the exterminators to be buried in the garden. Inuyasha and the others venture through the forests of Japan searching for the Exterminator's Village when they notice a swarm of demons flying across the sky. Back at the manor Sango digs herself out of her grave and is discovered by the the young lord.

Chapter 88: 砦の中
Toride no naka

(Within the Fort)
When they finally reach the Exterminator's Village the pack of demons they saw earlier have killed everyone there. Sango's pet Kirara is the only survivor and everyone is shocked to find Myoga there as well. Miroku helps bury the dead and Myoga tells everyone that a small band of extermintors were gone when the attack hit. At the manor the young lord nurses Sango back to health. The young man steps outside and from the bushes emerges Naraku who seems to be at the beck and call of the young man. Naraku tells the man that he tried to warn the exterminators of the attack, but arrive too late. Naraku tells the young lord that Inuyasha slaughtered everyone at the Exterminator's Village and makes sure that Sango overhears them. Sango struggles out of bed and vows to kill Inuyasha.

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