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volume 10
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Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 1998 Vol. 42 - 52
Published in English as:
Inuyasha Part 5 Number 9 - Part 6 Number 2
Inuyasha Graphic Novel Vol. 10

Chapter 89: 木乃伊
Mira (monoi)
(The Mummy)
Naraku and a near-death Sango leave the manor in search of Inuyasha. Inuyasha and the others explore the Exterminator's Village and find a cave filled with bones. While in the cave, they discover the mummified corpse of a demon with a female, human torso. Kagome notices a large hole in the chest, and the group decides that they had best go to the manor to find information about this mysterious mummy. In the forest, Sango grows weaker and Naraku tells her that he has a Shikon shard she can use in order to exact her revenge on Inuyasha. Inuyasha and the group travel toward the manor, but as they decide to rest for a bit, Sango's Hiraikotsu flies toward them, cutting down all the trees surrounding them and leaving Inuyasha exposed to her next attack. Myoga recognizes Sango and tells Inuyasha not to attack, but he refuses to listen.

Chapter 90: 仇
As Sango continues her attack against Inuyasha. Miroku decides to try and suck her Hiraikotsu into his void when he notices Naraku's demon wasps. Inuyasha spots Naraku and moves to attack, but Sango blocks the way and uses a poison gas to keep him at bay. With Inuyasha momentarily out of commission, Miroku moves in to kill Naraku. After a few strikes, Miroku is able to cut Naraku's arm off, but the arm acts independently and flies through the air toward Kagome. Inuyasha rushes to save her, but the hand is able to grab the Shikon Jewel from around her neck.

Chapter 91: 疑惑
Naraku disappears in a cloud of poisonous gas with Kagome's large Shikon shard. He tells Sango to defeat Inuyasha before she returns. Sango becomes suspicious of Naraku and sends Kirara to follow him. Sango begins her battle with Inuyasha, but when she almosts inhales her own poison dust, Inuyasha saves her. She stabs Inuyasha in the arm, but he points out she is bleeding profusely. Sango faints from loss of blood. Miroku is still chasing Naraku with Kirara, but the pair are attacked and cut off from the others.

Chapter 92: 謀略
Sango wakes up as Inuyasha carries Kagome and her in pursuit of Naraku. Myoga explains the situation to Sango as they race to save Miroku. The monk seems to be holding his own against Naraku until he is impaled through the chest with one of Naraku's tendrils. Miroku pulls the tentacle out and is surprised to find he is uninjured. Sango overhears Naraku admit to being behind the attack on her village. He even admits to creating the demon at the manor to lure some of the exterminators away from the village so it's defenses would be weaker. Sango tries to attack, but the Shikon shard in her back falls out and she collapses in pain. Suddenly Inuyasha attacks and decapitates Naraku. Just as they think they have finally killed him, Naraku's head begins to laugh.

Chapter 93: 傀儡
Inuyasha stoops to remove the baboon cowl that Naraku's head is covered in and is shocked to see that the entire upper portion of his head is missing. Miroku realizes how much more powerful Naraku's aura was the last time they fought when suddenly his body begins to fight again. Sango tells them to target his chest and when they do, the body suddenly turns to earth and a lone doll with a strand of hair around it remains. Miroku realizes they have only been fighting a golem and not the real Naraku. Back at the manor house the young lord watches as a small doll breaks and it is revealed that he was the true Naraku all along. Back at the Exterminator's Village Inuyasha is upset that Sango can not remember the face of the suspicious young lord or the route back to his manor. Sango examines the graves of her townspeople and Kagome asks her to join them when she heals. Sango decides to come along since Naraku will eventually try to take the Shikon shard back from them. She then begins to tell Kagome how the Shikon Jewel was created in her very village.

Chapter 94: 玉の誕生
Tama no tanjo
(The Birth of the Jewel)
Inuyasha carries Sango down into the cave they explored before. She explains that what they saw earlier were the mummified remains of many demons that formed together to defeat a single mortal. The person they tried to kill was a female priestess from hundreds of years ago. Her name was Midoriko and she was able to clense demon's souls. She and Miroku explain that everything is made up of four souls (Shikon) and that the balance of these souls determines how good or evil someone is. The demons needed to become more powerful to prevent Midoriko from destroying them, so they bound themselves to an evil human that lusted after her. Miroku realizes this is similar to how Naraku was created which surprises Sango. She continues that Midoriko fought for seven days and nights. Midoriko was killed, but before she died she merged her soul with the demon's and expelled the merged souls from her body, thus creating the Shikon Jewel. When Sango's grandfather was alive the jewel found it's way back to their village. He died retrieving it, and the jewel had become tained with evil. The jewel was entrusted to Kikyo who carried it to her death. Inuyasha realizes that the Jewel is causing events to repeat over and over, and that he must put a stop to it once and for all.

Chapter 95: 水神

(The Water God)
The group begins their search for the manor where Naraku is now residing, but Sango still can not remember where it was. Miroku decides to give up the search, and resume looking for Shikon shards until Naraku searches them out again. They watch as a sacrificial palanquin passes before them. The headman's son is going to be sacrificed to the Water God. Miroku offers to exorcise the Water God suspecting him to be a demon, but the headman does not wish to risk the god's wrath. Kagome notices a child wearing a mask peek out of the palanquin when Inuyasha catches a little boy spying on them. The boy gives them jewels and asks them to to help him kill the Water God. They watch as the masked boy intended as a sacrifice is loaded onto a boat. They realize that taromaru, the boy helping them, is actually the headman's son who is supposed to be sacrificed, but instead his father sent his servant's child in his stead.

Chapter 96: 神器

(The Holy Relic)
The gang travels by boat to the Water God's temple in the middle of the lake. Inuyasha dispatches the guards which look like demons and then they head inside. The Water God immediately realizes that they villagers tried to dupe him and promises to flood the village when the group fight their way into his throne room. All of the god's vassels turn into sea creatures when struck. taromaru spots his friend Suekichi and Inuyasha tries to finish the god off quickly. Much to everyone's surprise the Water God undoes Tetsusaiga's transformation with his holy spear, the Amakoi Halberd. Everyone begins to believe they are actually fighting a true god rather than a lowly demon, but Inuyasha slays gods and demons just the same.

Chapter 97: 神の正体
Kami no shotai

(The God's Truth)
Everyone except Inuyasha seem uncomfortable about fighting a god when suddenly they are all teleported to the bottom of the lake. Inuyasha struggles to save Kagome from the whirlpool they are trapped in, but can not. Suddenly Kagome awakens to find herself back in the temple laying before the Water God. Suekichi tries to attack, but the god knocks him away. Kagome's arrow though, does severe damage and she escapes with Shippo and the two boys. Outside Miroku tries to give Sango mouth to mouth resusitation, but she slaps him thinking her was going to kiss her. Two large fish bring Inuyasha to the surface and Miroku thanks them for their rescue. The fish tell them that the Water God is a fake who used to be a mere water sprite. He stole the Amakoi Halberd and gain immense power from it. Inuyasha awakens and heads back to the temple to save Kagome.

Chapter 98: 本物の水神
Honmono no suijin

(The True God)
The False Water God is searching Kagome out and finds her hiding in a small shed. He starts to drag her out, but Inuyasha crashes in and deflects the halberd's strike just in time. The false god jumps into the water and swims off, but Inuyasha makes the mistake of diving in after him. Suddenly the snake-like god has him and takes him beneath the surface. Meanwhile Miroku and Sango seek out the True Water God and find a tiny woman sealed in a cave.

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