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volume 11
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Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 1998 Vol. 52 - 1999 Vol. 11
Published in English as:
Inuyasha Part 6 Number 3 - 7
Inuyasha Graphic Novel Vol. 11

Chapter 99: 竜巻
(The Typhoon)
Inuyasha has run out of air by the time Miroku gets the Water Goddess to the temple. The tiny woman makes all the water in the lake part revealing Inuyasha and the false god. The goddess falls asleep leaving the gang to deal with the false god. Shippo revives Inuyasha who rips the serpentine beast with his claws and Sango tells everyone snake-demons' heads must be removed to destroy them. The snake uses the Amakoi Halberd to summon a typhoon and throughs Sango from Kirara's back. The typhoon rages out of control and threatens to destroy the village.

Chapter 100: 大蛇成敗
Daija seibai
(The Slaying of the Snake)
Inuyasha takes the halberd (and an arm) from the false god who now turns completely into a snake. The Goddess tells Kagome that she can stop the storm with the Amakoi Halberd, but Inuyasha can't get it to them and fight the giant snake at the same time. Bravely Taro-maru dives in and gets the halberd but is almost killed by the snake. Luckily for him Sango saves the day, but he still gets knocked unconcious and falls to the bottom of the lake. Inuyasha splits the snake in half, but it still continues to fight. Miroku finishes the job by sucking the beast into his wind tunnel. With the halberd returned, the Goddess ends the storms.

Chapter 101: 風穴の傷
Kazaana no kizu
(The Wound and the Wind)
Sango gets the group to help her exocise a nest of rat demons in a local village. While she and Kagome finish the job Miroku wanders off after a pretty girl. The girl turns out to be a mantis demon in disguise which Miroku easily dispatches with his air rip. As the mantis is being sucked in it cuts his hand and widens his vortex. A Hell Wasp of Naraku's watches and flies off to report. That night the girls are mad that Miroku left them to deal with the rats and Miroku keeps thinking about his injury. The next morning the group awakens to discover Miroku has left during the night. As the group leaves the village they see Naraku running away and chase after him. The Hell Wasp returns to the real Naraku and he learns that his plan to seperate Miroku has succeeded.

Chapter 102: 夢心の寺
Mushin no tera
(The Temple of Innocence)
As Miroku and his tanuki fly through the air he remembers the night his father died, engulfed by his own air rip. Miroku's destination is the temple where he grew up. Inside he finds Master Mushin, his foster father who taught him all he knows. He tells Mushin about the cut in his hand and Mushin agrees to fix it after Miroku has purified himself. Inuyasha and Sango chase after the fake Naraku and cut him down revealing another golem doll. Kagome wonders if Naraku was trying to lead them away from something and Myoga appears suggesting they should find Miroku. Back at the temple Miroku drinks some pain-killer to put him to sleep in preparation for his surgery. Mushin goes to the storeroom for a drink of sake to steady his hands and finds a demon waiting for him that possesses his body. Mushin retuns to kill the sleeping Miroku.

Chapter 103: 弥勒救出
Miroku kyushutsu
(To the Rescue)
Mushin strikes, but Miroku dodges and watches as something slides from Mushin's mouth. Realizing he is possessed, Miroku tries to flee, but the drugs are beginning to slow him down. The tanuki arrives and carries him away, but Miroku tells him to hide until the drugs wear off. The tanuki flies off to find Inuyasha, but is attacked by Saimyosho Hell Wasps. Inuyasha and the others continue to search for him when suddenly they see the tanuki flying through the sky. The tanuki takes them to the temple where many demons are searching for Miroku who has hidden himself inside a barrier. Miroku notices two mantis' calling for revenge for their sister's death and realizes this has been a trap. They fight off the demons but Miroku's barrier breaks. Inuyasha is barely able to save him in time.

Chapter 104: 蠱壺虫
(Urn Grubs)
Everyone finds Miroku hiding in the crater left by his father's death and tell them how worried they have been. Suddenly Mushin arrives and threatens to exorcise Inuyasha. Miroku begs Inuyasha not to kill him, but Mushin ensnares him in his giant rosary. Inuyasha fights back and Kagome notices the urn grub inside Mushin's mouth. Myoga tells them that they must take the grubs urn and point it at Mushin to remove the creature. Sango and Kagome smoke out the creature using the urn while Inuyasha tries his best to fight as the rosary drains his powers. Inuyasha pounces on Mushin, but is reminded by the old man that if he dies, no one can repair Miroku's injured hand. More demons arrive and Miroku is forced to uncover the vortex and risk his life in the process.

Chapter 105: 弥勒の寿命
Miroku no jumyo

(The Span of a Life)
Miroku sucks hundreds of demons into his hand causing him immense pain. Inuyasha breaks free of the rosary and forces the binding onto Miroku's air rip. As more demons barrel down on them, Inuyasha uses the Tetsusaiga and to everyone's surprise kill them all with one stroke. Sango spots the Urn Keeper making his escape and cuts him in half. Kagome uses the urn to remove the urn from Mushin. That night Mushin preforms the long surgery on Miroku. The next morning he tells Inuyasha that he must defeat Naraku quickly because the tunnel had already widened before he could repair it. Miroku wakes up and wastes no time in copping a feel off Sango. Meanwhile the Saimyosho reports back to Naraku that Inuyasha was able to kill all the demons with one blow. Naraku decides to release a demon that Inuyasha won't attack.

Chapter 106: 琥珀

The group makes camp and Inuyasha and Miroku discuss recent events. Inuyasha reminds Miroku that he can not use his air rip for at least a month. Sango and Kagome use this time to sneak off into a hot spring. Once they remove their clothes Kagome notices the large scar on Sango's back. Sango tells her that her brother Kohaku gave her that scar before he died. Sango hears a noise and finds a monkey sneaking around the springs. Miroku and Inuyasha come to investigate, but get beaten up for peeping. The next morning the group finds a village of freshly dead bodies and the murderer is a young boy wearing a demon exterminator's uniform. Sango chases after him on Kirara and the three of them vanish through a portal. Sango asks the boy to remove his mask and he is revealed to be Kohaku. Naraku appears behind him and asks if she is happy to see her little brother once more.

Chapter 107: 琥珀の命
Kohaku no inochi

(New Life)
Myoga tells the group that the little boy they saw was Sango's brother Kohaku. Naraku tells Sango he has brought Kohaku back to life while Kagome tells the others she saw a Shikon shard in Kohaku's back. Naraku says if the shard is ever removed Kohaku will die immediately. He tells her the only way to save her brother is to take Tetsusaiga from Inuyasha and give it to him. She refuses and tries to strike Naraku down, but her brother's sickle blocks her boomerang. Naraku explains that Kohaku works for him now and then vanishes in a cloud of poison. Suddenly Sango returns to the group but tells everyone that that was not her brother. Kagome asks Miroku what he thinks when they are alone, but he thinks it is best to leave her be. Inuyasha says he will make Sango talk or force it out of her, but Kagome forces him to sit. That night Sango dreams about her brother and then wakes up and stares as a sleeping Inuyasha gripping his blade. Outside, Kohaku watches the hut surrounded by demons.

Chapter 108: 珊瑚の裏切り
Sango no uragiri

(Sango's Betrayal)
Inuyasha awakens as Sango watches him and drills her about what happened. She tells him what they saw is no longer her brother, but he does not believe her. He tells her she can not walk away from love and Kagome wakes realizing he is thinking of Kikyo. Miroku senses the demons outside and they head out to fight. Kohaku fights Inuyasha, but proves to be no match. Inuyasha promises not to kill him, but suddenly Kohaku rams his own sickle into his back and tries to remove the Shikon shard. Sango realizes he will die without it. Sango knocks the Tetsusaiga away from Inuyasha while Kohaku flees. Sango takes the blade and follows on Kirara. Suddenly she is transported to the manor where her father was killed and sitting on the front stairs is Naraku.

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