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volume 12
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Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 1999 Vol. 12 - 21
Published in English as:
Inuyasha Part 6 Number 8 - 12
Inuyasha Graphic Novel Vol. 12

Chapter 109: 奈落の城
Naraku no shiro
(Naraku's Castle)
Inuyasha is frustrated by Sango's betrayal but Kagome and Miroku think she must have had a good reason. Naraku tells her to put down her boomerang before she hands him the Tetsusaiga. As she gives him the sword a hidden blade pops out of her glove and she cuts Naraku's costume away revealing the young lord of the castle. Sango becomes paralyzed while Kirara attacks Naraku and takes a large chunk out of his shoulder. Kirara instantly pulls back in anguish and Naraku tells Sango that his body is a mass of venom and noxious vapors. He calls Kohaku out to kill Sango. Kohaku uses his sickle to inflict multiple injuries to Sango but hesitates before delivering the final blow. Inuyasha and the others arrive in time to see Sango pass out. Naraku unleashes snake like vapors that begin to poison the entire group.

Chapter 110: 瘴気
(The Vapors)
Without Tetsusaiga or Sango's Hiraikotsu the group is trapped by the vapors. Sango apologizes to Kagome but Inuyasha tells her he will deal with her later. Naraku tells them they will all die because of Sango's pettiness. Inuyasha tries to clear a path, but fails so Miroku decides to unleash his vortex even though it will kill him due to his recent injuries. Inuyasha punches him in the stomach and stops him cold. Kagome uses her sight to locate Naraku's Shikon shard and launches and arrow at him blowing his arm off in the process. Everyone is shocked to witness Kagome's hidden power.

Chapter 111: 浄化
Naraku tells them that long ago someone else possessed powers comparable to Kagome's and Inuyasha realizes he means Kikyo. Naraku asks if she is Kikyo's reincarnation, but only receives an arrow as an answer. He releases more vapors from his damaged torso but then he and the castle vanish. The Tetsusaiga is left behind and Kohaku carries his master away. Naraku realizes he must get rid of Kagome if he wants to survive. Inuyasha tells Kagome he was shocked by her power. Miroku tells Sango he understands her actions, but she tells them she will betray them again as long as Kohaku is with Naraku. Inuyasha tells her she is useful and that is the only reason he will allow her to stay. Sango breaks down in tears as Kagome holds her in her arms.

Chapter 112: 地念児
(The Earth Boy)
Kirara is still sick from biting Naraku so the group decides to fetch some medicinal herbs to help her heal. Myoga tells them a demon guards the field where the herbs grow, so Inuyasha and Kagome head out while Miroku and Shippo watch over Sango. Kagome thinks Inuyasha would be happier to be alone with her for the first time in awhile, but he doesn't seem to care much. Up ahead in the forest a woman is killed by a large demon her insides are eaten away and the villagers blame the Earth Boy, Jinenji. Inuyasha asks about Jinenji and the medicinal plants. The men tell him they lie in Jinenji's field outside of the village and that the demon boy has started to eat humans. When they arrive they see a giant creature tending the herbs so Inuyasha heads out to take them. Inuyasha prepares to attack when he notices the boy-creature does not smell of human blood. Suddenly the villagers begin to pelt Jinenji with stones and he begins to cry for his mother. An old woman emerges and chases the men away. She tells them her son is a half-breed, half human, half demon.

Chapter 113: 襲撃
(The Raid)
Jinenji's mother tells the story of her meeting her demon husband. Inuyasha is surprised to hear that she is the human rather than the demon half of Jinenji's parentage. Jinenji gives them the necessary herbs to treat Kirara and his mother tells them to leave. On their way out of town they meet the villagers who are planning to attack Jinenji. Inuyasha tells them that he will find the real culprit behind the deaths and goes in search of the demon. Kagome goes back to Jinenji's house and helps him weed the garden. He becomes overjoyed at Kagome's warmth toward him. Inuyasha finds the demon's lair and realizes that it has recently hatched it's eggs and will be teaching them to hunt. The villagers approach Jinenji's home ready to kill him in the night.

Chapter 114: 半妖の思い
Hanyo no omoi
(The Half-Breed's Heart)
The villagers taunt Jinenji and try to get him to come out and fight. His mother and Kagome go out instead. The villagers become angry and try to burn down the house. Just then the real demon appears with her larva and begin killing villagers. Kagome wounds the demon with an arrow but it lashes back and tries to impale her with it's tongue. Jinenji rushes to save Kagome and rams his hand through the demon's mouth. Inuyasha arrives and begins killing the larva, but Jinenji's mother won't let him help her son.

Chapter 115: 居場所

(The Belonging Place)
Jinenji fights the giant demon while the villagers try to escape. Inuyasha cuts the off and forces them to watch as Jinenji battles to save them. The old woman tells her son to show them his true strength and he rips the demon's head clean off. The villagers are now terrified of Jinenji and apologize for troubling him. He gives them medicinal herbs to cure their wounds. Kagome and Inuyasha head back after saying their final farewells to Jinenji and his mother. Suddenly the villagers appear and offer to help repair Jinenji's field. As they walk back Kagome asks if Inuyasha was ever treated like that. He tells her it was difficult being a half-breed and she is happy to learn more about his life.

Chapter 116: 邪気の穴
Jaki no ana

(The Cave of Evil)
In a village Kikyo has been treating the wounds of men injured in battle. A high-ranking official approaches her and takes her to the castle of the local lord. Elsewhere, blood and demon parts begin to rain down on a town causing the elderly and children to fall ill. Miroku decides they should help find the source of this disturbance. Kikyo is taken to see Lord Kagewaki, who has recently succeeded his father and become a lord. Kikyo senses an evil aura coming from the lord's room and the man instantly recognizes her. Lord Kagewaki is actually Naraku in his princely disguise. Inuyasha and the others find a cave where the evil seems to be emanating from. Kikyo attempts to leave the castle but Lord Kagewaki's men prevent her.

Chapter 117: 満願

Inuyasha and Miroku decend deeper into the cave only to discover horrible demons battling each other, the victor absorbing the body of the defeated. The final monster lashes out at Inuyasha, who gladly fights back, but Miroku knows that Inuyasha will be transformed no matter the outcome.

Chapter 118: 蠱毒

Kikyo arrives at the cave entrance and quickly passes Kagome and Sango to enter the cave and find Inuyasha. Once she arrives, the dead souls that inhabit her body flee, and Kikyo collapses. Inuyasha is struck saving her, and Kagome senses the presence of a Shikon shard nearby. The owner of that Naraku.

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