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volume 13
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Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 1999 Vol. 22 - 32
Published in English as:
Inuyasha Part 6 Number 13 - Part 7 Number 2
Inuyasha Graphic Novel Vol. 13

Chapter 119: 桔梗の矢
Kikyo no ya
(Kikyo's Arrow)
Kagome wonders why Kikyo has appeared and rushes into the cave to see what is going on. She finds Miroku, who wonders why she is not affected by the miasma. Below she can see Inuyasha fighting the Poison Imp. The Imp tries to absorb Kikyo, which enrages Inuyasha. Miroku tells Inuyasha not to defeat the Imp, because if he does, their bodies will merge. Inuyasha notices Kagome has entered the cave and decides he has no other choice but to fight. Kagome enters the battle arena to rescue Kikyo so that Inuyasha will stop fighting long enough to try and escape. Kikyo awakens and uses an arrow to break the seal on the cave, causing everyone to be sucked up into the sky.

Chapter 120: 蠱毒の行方
Kodoku no yukue
(Where is the Imp?)
Inuyasha, Kagome, and Kikyo ride the Imp's body toward a nearby mountain, where they notice a figure waiting for them. Once they approach they realize its Naraku, who quickly absorbs the Imp's body as his own, increasing his power. Before he leaves, he takes Kikyo with him, leaving Inuyasha and Kagome behind.

Chapter 121: 囚われた桔梗
Torawareta Kikyo
(Kikyo Captured)
Kikyo finds herself in Naraku's lair. He tells her that he's raised a shield so that her Soul Skimmers can't help her. She recounts their past when he was nothing more than a dying theif named Onigumo. Naraku can't help but laugh and tells her that he'll make use of her incredible powers. As the group launches their strike to rescue Kikyo, Kagome feels saddened and jealous of Inuyasha's feelings for Kikyo. As Inuyasha approaches their destination, he finds himself in Kikyo and Kaede's village, 50 years ago on the day he was framed for stealing the Shikon Jewel. Kikyo appears and fires her arrow into his heart.

Chapter 122: 幻影殺
Gen ei satsu
(Death by Illusion)
Inuyasha relives his death at the hands of Kikyo, unable to change anything, he listens to Kikyo's last words and understands how much she loved him, then accepts his fate to die with her again, understanding that she followed him in death. Miroku is alone too, and hears the sound of wind emanating from his hand, his Air Rip begins widening, pulilng him inside himself, killing him. Sango is wandering through a mist and finds the bodies of her companions, all dead. Before she can react Kohaku's scythe drives its way into her and counting Sango among the fallen. Naraku watches on and notices that only Kagome is immune to his "Death by Illusion" attack. As Kagome nears him and fires an arrow, the ground opens up, swallowing her whole.

Chapter 123: 殺意
(Death Wish)
Kikyo comes to save Kagome who is on the verge of falling down a deep chasm. She destroys the golem Naraku was using and then uses her demons to lift Kagome up to safety. Meanwhile Inuyasha begins to think of Kagome which breaks him free from his trance and allows him to escape. He finds Miroku who believes his arm has been devoured by his wind tunnel. Miroku goes off to find Sango while Inuyasha searches for Kagome. Kikyo takes the Shikon shard from Kagome and then attempts to drop her down the chasm, just as Inuyasha arrives.

Chapter 124: 奈落の正体
Naraku no shotai
(The True Naraku)
Inuyasha arrives in time to save Kagome from falling. When he asks what happened, Kagome can not bring herself to tell him that Kikyo tried to kill her. Kikyo flies away and Kagome asks if Inuyasha still loves Kikyo. He quickly changes the subject and tells Kagome that the only reason he is there right now was because he was thinking of her. Kikyo travels back to Naraku's castle and gives him the Shikon shard. She tells him he needs it more than anyone else. Kikyo calls him a half-breed and explains there is still a lot of Onigumo, the human left in him. She tells him that since her death she has never felt more free or alive and then leaves. Naraku removes his robes and examines his back, which has a hideous spider scar burned into it. As Kikyo leaves she thinks to herself that she will allow Naraku to gain all the shards and then send him to hell. Meanwhile a strange old man riding an demon-oxen is searching for Inuyasha. Myoga is with him and the old man reveals that he is the swordsmith that crafted Tetsusaiga.

Chapter 125: 刀々斎

(Totosai, the Swordsmith)
Jaken and Sesshomaru arrive at the swordsmith Totosai's home to find that he has abandoned it. Meanwhile Sango, Miroku, Shippo and Kagome are all surprised at how understand Inuyasha is being about Kikyo stealing the Shikon shard. They are all convinced that he is being so nice in an effort to cover for Kikyo so they won't think badly of her. Suddenly Totosai arrives and attacks Inuyasha. When Inuyasha counters with the Tetsusaiga, Totosai is able to hold it it back using a piece of hide. As he holds back the blade, he examines the scratches and nicks that Inuyasha has put on it from constant use and gets very upset. Myoga interrupts their fight and explains that Totosai is the forger of the Tetsusaiga. Totosai says he is going to challenge Inuyasha to see if he is worthy of using the blade and that if he is not, he will destroy the weapon. Totosai says he is being hunted by a man that wants him to make a weapon better than the Tetsusaiga, and that Inuyasha must protect him, suddenly the man appears, and is revealed to be Sesshomaru. The coweredly Totosai tells Sesshomaru if he defeats Inuyasha he will make him a new blade. The two brothers waste no time in beginning their battle.

Chapter 126: 天生牙

Inuyasha gets off to a bad start against his brother, with Sesshomaru easily dodging his attacks. Totosai says that Inuyasha has not been able to master the Tetsusaiga. Sesshomaru shows his power by gripping Inuyasha's hand and demanding Totosai make him a new sword. Totosai refuses, and then spits a mouthful of flames at Sesshomaru, telling him that he already made him a wonderful sword, the Tenseiga. Totosai splits the ground open with his hammer and allows the group to escape from Sesshomaru. Later Jaken asks Sesshomaru about the Tenseiga, and Sesshomaru demonstrates it by splitting Jaken with it, suprisingly Jaken is unharmed and Sesshomaru explains that the Tenseiga is a sword that cannot cut. Totosai explains to the group that the Tenseiga is a blade of healing. It is used to binde souls and if one was able to master it, they would be able to bring the dead back to life. That night a group of bandits meet their fate at the hands of an angry Sesshomaru.

Chapter 127: 風の傷
Kaze no kizu

(Scar of the Wind)
Totosai leaves the group because he cannot count on Inuyasha to protect him. Inuyasha could care less and encourages him to leave, so Totosai asks for the Tetsusaiga back and gets pummeled by Inuyasha. No sooner does he leave than he comes running back at high speed with Sesshomaru right behind him. When Totosai refuses to make a new sword for Sesshomaru, Inuyasha pulls the Tetsusaiga and leaps into battle against his half-brother. As Inuyasha strikes, Sesshomaru unveals his new replacement arm, a horribly long, scaly, dragon arm. Because the arm isn't from a demon, it can withstand the Tetsusaiga's attacks. Inuyasha is shocked and lowers his guard, allowing Sesshomaru to scar his face. Sesshomaru brags about the "Scar of the Wind" (Kaze no Kizu) which Inuyasha knows nothing about. Sesshomaru is no longer worried about Inuyasha's attacks because he knows he hasn't mastered the attack. Sesshomaru lands another blow, and Inuyasha is knocked back. Totosai asks if Sesshomaru can sense the Scar of the Wind, to which he replies that he can. Totosai tells Kagome that the Scar of the Wind is the secret to mastering the Tetsusaiga. Inuyasha stands, ready to attack again.

Chapter 128: 見えない軌道
Mienai kido

(The Invisible Path)
Inuyasha wonders what the Scar of the Wind is, and why Sesshomaru can see it when he cannot. Totosai tells Kagome that he cannot teach the technique, that Inuyasha must master it on his own. Suddenly Inuyasha remembers that the last time he saw Sesshomaru, he used the Tetsusaiga to slaughter a hundred demons with one strike, and that that might be the Scar of the Wind. Inuyasha begins to feel weak, and Sesshomaru tells him that he has poisoned him with the venom from his claws. Sango tries to save Inuyasha, but he stops her boomerang from interfering, saying that he will defeat Sesshomaru alone. Inuyasha makes a swift attack and holds his half-brother in place long enough to cut off his dragon arm. This only angers Sesshomaru, who cuts Inuyasha's eyes, injecting them with his venom and blinding him. An enraged Sesshomaru begins to reveal his true power as he reverts to his true demonic form, but as he approaches Inuyasha senses something in the air and even though he is blinded, prepares to attempt the Scar of the Wind.

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