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volume 14
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Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 1999 Vol. 33 - 43
Published in English as:
Inuyasha Part 7 Number 3 - Part 7 Number 12
Inuyasha Graphic Novel Vol. 14

Chapter 129: 真の使い手
Shin no tsukaite
(The True Master)
Inuyasha unleases the Wind Scar against Sesshomaru, but holds back at the last minute, sparing his elder brother's life. Sesshomaru is blasted away, mysteriously protected by the Tenseiga and left to heal, alone, in the forest. The group wonders why the Tenseiga chose Sesshomaru as its master, as the Tetsusaiga has chosen Inuyasha. Totosai hones the Tetsusaiga for Inuyasha. Meanwhile, Sesshomaru is discovered by a peasant girl.

Chapter 130: 狼
Totosai leaves the group to journey by themselves again, when suddenly Kagome senses a Shikon shard. Everyone follows her to find a village overrun with livestock, but with all the villagers dead on the ground. Inuyasha thinks wolves are responsible, and Kagome notices that the Shikon shard's presence has vanished. Meanwhile, the little girl continues to bring the helpless Sesshomaru food, which he refuses. In order to please him, the girl, whose name is Rin, returns to her adopted village to try to find something better for him to eat, she is discovered stealing fish and is beaten badly by the villagers. When she returns Sesshomaru asks what happened to her, and realizes she's mute, but she is happy that he has taken an interest in her. Rin goes back to her village and finds a man in the cave she uses as her home, a pack of wolves begins to attack the village and the man flees, but doesn't get far. A young man named Koga is shown to be controlling the wolves and gets them to bring the man to him. Koga asks about a stolen Shikon shard, which the man produces for him, then Koga kills him without hesitation. Rin watches helplessly as her village is destroyed by the wolves and runs to the forest to find Sesshomaru, but dies on the way. Sesshomaru is reunited with Jaken, and smells the scent of blood in the air.

Chapter 131: 少女の命
Shojo no inochi
(The Maiden's Life)
Sesshomaru finds Rin's dead body surrounded by wolves. With one look he scares the wolves away and he and Jaken approach the body. Sesshomaru walks away but suddenly remembers Rin's smile, he turns around and draws the Tenseiga. Using it, he slays the demon's that were about to take her soul to the next world, thus bringing the girl back to life. Jaken is shocked by Sesshomaru's act of kindness, but Sesshomaru now realizes the power of the Tenseiga, and plans to use it against Inuyasha. Meanwhile, Inuyasha and the others are surrounded by the pack of wolves that attacked Rin's village. Inuyasha and Sango have an easy time killing most of the wolves, but a few manage to escape and call their master, Koga. Suddenly a tornado appears moving closer to the village and it is revealed to be Koga, moving at lightning-fast speed. He becomes enraged when he finds his wolves dead, but Kagome notices he has three Shikon shards with him.

Chapter 132: 鋼牙
Koga and Inuyasha begin their battle, but Inuyasha is shocked when he realizes that Koga can dodge the Tetsusaiga's attacks. Sango tells Miroku that she has heard of the Wolf Demon Clan that Koga controls, and that he is wild and violent. Kagome warns Inuyasha that Koga has Shikon shards in his arm and both legs, which surprises Koga. Inuyasha launches another attack and manages to set Koga up for the Wind Scar. But right before Inuyasha delivers the deathblow, Koga senses something wrong and quickly runs away, surprising everyone. Miroku wonders how Koga could sense the danger of the Tetsusaiga, and Inuyasha begins to track him in order to get the three Shikon shards. Koga and his wolves regroup and he decides that he will kidnap Kagome and use her for his own purposes.

Chapter 133: 生け捕り
Inuyasha, Kagome and Shippo race after Koga in an attempt to catch him and steal his Shikon shards. On a mountain pass, a group of wolves suddenly attack Inuyasha, giving Koga enough time to rush in and snatch Kagome and Shippo away. Suddenly, everyone realizes that Kagome was his target the entire time, and Sango attempts to pursue the kidnapper. As soon as she does though, a flock of horrible demons decend upon her and begin attacking. Kagome is taken to the Wolf Demon Clan's lair and is told that she will assist the clan in tracking down the Shikon shards belonging to the Harpies, their mortal enemies.

Chapter 134: 狼の洞窟
Okami no dokutsu
(The Wolves' Cave)
Inuyasha and Miroku find Sango and learn about the mysterious Harpies that attacked her. In the Wolf Demon Clan's lair, Shippo tries to make sure none of Koga's clan attacks Kagome, when suddenly Koga himself arrives and startles Kagome by telling her how pretty he thinks she is. He informs her that he has decided that she will become his mate, but when she tells him she is already involved with someone else, Koga says he will kill Inuyasha and take her for himself. Miroku, Sango and Inuyasha follow a trail of mushrooms left by Shippo that will lead them to the Wolves' Lair, but the Wolf Demon Clan has already left to begin their assault on the Harpies.

Chapter 135: 極楽鳥

(The Harpies)
Kagome watches the massive battle between the Demon Wolf Clan and the Harpies as Koga takes her to the top of the Harpies mountain lair. Suddenly the Harpie King explodes from the mountain and tries to devour Koga. The King wants Koga's shards and he in turn, wants the Kings. Kagome tells him that the King is keeping his Shikon shard inside its mouth. Koga sets Kagome down and goes after the shard, but the Harpies continue their attack and capture one of Koga's men. Kagome quickly grabs a bow and arrow and saves the wolf demon, but more Harpies come to kill her. All of a sudden, Inuyasha arrives to save Kagome. Koga becomes very upset.

Chapter 136: 三つ巴の戦い
Mitsudomoe no tatakai

(The Three-Way Battle)
Koga begins taunting Inuyasha and challenges him to a battle for Kagome after he dispatches the Harpie King. Inuyasha decides not to wait and runs up the mountain to kill Koga. Sango and Miroku arrive riding Kirara, and Miroku decemates the Harpies by using his Wind Tunnel. The Harpie King attempts to devour Koga when Inuyasha rips one of its wings trying to get into the fray. Koga kills one of the Harpie Kings and the brother crashes their body into the mountain in an attempt to get his revenge on Koga. The King escapes, but Inuyasha and Koga remain. When Koga declares that Kagome is his mate Inuyasha becomes enraged and rushes in to begin their battle.

Chapter 137: 強い男
Tsuyoi otoko

(The Stronger Man)
Inuyasha and Koga battle each other on the side of the mountain, both getting their blows and insults in on their opponent. Kagome tries to reason with them both, but their pride won't allow her to interfere. Suddenly, the Harpie King erupts from the side of the mountain and bites down on Koga's arm, mauling him. In the process he loses one of his Shikon shards and falls back to the ground. The Harpie King flies down to collect his other two shards when suddenly, Inuyasha stands over Koga and performs the Wind Scar, instantly ripping the Harpie apart. Inuyasha thinks nothing of it and prepares to continue fighting Koga, but Kagome rushes to the injured wolf demon's side and refuses to let Inuyasha hurt him.

Chapter 138: 逃がした理由
Nigashita wake [riyu]

(Why She Let Him Go)
Inuyasha is dumbstruck as to why Kagome is protecting Koga. Koga stands up and tries to attack Inuyasha but is too weak to even stand on his own. Kagome forces Inuyasha to sit as Koga's tribesmen, Ginta and Hakkaku, quickly grab their leader and run away. Inuyasha vents his frustration with Kagome as to why she would let them escape after they kidnapped her and comes to the conclusion that she must have enjoyed being with Koga. After collecting the Shikon shard from the Harpie King's remains, Kagome apologizes to Inuyasha but he refuses to listen to her and they get into a worse argument than before. Kagome borrows Kirara and flies back to the well so she can go home. Inuyasha seems happy to see her go.

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