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volume 15
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Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 1999 Vol. 44 - 2000 Vol. 2/3
Published in English as:
Inuyasha Graphic Novel Vol. 15

Chapter 139: ふたりの気持ち
Futari no kimochi
(Dueling Emotions)
Kagome returns to school after another long absense and her friends tell her that a new girl seems to be pursuing Hojo. Kagome doesn't seem too concerned, so they all go out go out after school to find out why. They are shocked when they discover that the other boy Kagome is seeing is so mean to her, and demand that she breaks up with him. This is of course, Inuyasha. In the past Inuyasha is still upset over Kagome and Koga, and he refuses to make up with her. Eventually he heads to the present to talk it out with her, but Sota comes in and sees him while he is waiting, and he panics. Kagome comes home without realizing Inuyasha had been there and decides it was her fault after all.

Chapter 140: 井戸の向こう
Ido no muko
(The Other Side of the Well)
Hojo invites Kagome to go out to the movies with him on Saturday, and her friends accept for her. Meanwhile Inuyasha is thinking about Kagome and Shippo tells him maybe she has fallen in love with Koga. Kagome tries to get back to her studies but seems to find concentrating difficult. That night while she sleeps Inuyasha comes to visit her, but her alarm clock goes off and he grabs it and runs away to keep her from seeing him. The next day Kagome tells Hojo that she can't go to the movies with him, and that he should take the young girl that seems to like him. Hojo tells her not to worry about that girl, and seems flattered that she is jealous of her, which Kagome is not. Kagome decides to go back to the past and just before she can tell Inuyasha she is sorry, he tells her it was his fault. Kagome is shocked, and then he shows her the broken alarm clock and apologizes for breaking it.

Chapter 141: 追跡
(The Chase)
The gang is wandering through a deep forest when Kagome detects a Shikon shard nearby. They recount a story they heard in the village about an bear finding a shard and turning into a giant monster that wrecked their village. Two bandits emerge and try to take Sango and Kagome, but the bear arrives and the bandits are left in the dust as everyone chases after it. Soon Naraku's wasps swarm down onto the bear and take off with the shard it had with everyone in pursuit. Meanwhile another tribe of wolf-men have found a large Shikon shard at a castle and want Koga to help them take it. He refuses because his arm is still injured, but the rest of his tribe decide they want to help in the raid. When they storm the castle only a young woman is present, but soon Ginta and Hakkaku come back to report almost everyone has been killed. Another wolf-man comes and gives Koga a Shikon shard he took and tells him to go save everyone. Koga sticks the shard in his wounded arm and rushes off. The man who gave him the shard falls apart as soon as he leaves.

Chapter 142: 屍舞
Shikabane mai
(Corpse Dance)
Inuyasha and the others arrive at the castle and find the corpses of the wolf-tribe. Suddenly they spring to life and begin to attack Inuyasha. Inside the castle Naraku is talking to the young woman named Kagura from earlier. It seems that she is manipulating the corpses and making them fight. He tells her to stop just as Koga arrives and sees Inuyasha covered in blood. He immediately assumes that Inuyasha murdered them all and flies into a rage. The jewel in his arm seems to be making him incredibly powerful, but Kagome is able to see that it is not a real Shikon shard.

Chapter 143: 神楽
Inuyasha and Koga continue to battle it out while Sango and Miroku make their way into the castle hoping to find the source of the moving corpses from earlier. Inside they come across Naraku, who tells them he spread the rumor of the Shikon fragment being at this castle in order to lure Koga here to kill Inuyasha. Suddenly roots sprout form beneath his cloak reavealing this is in fact another of Naraku's puppets rather than the real thing. Outside Koga breaks Inuyasha's arm and then knocks him unconcious with a devastating shot to the stomach. Kagura arrives and tells Koga that she was the one who killed his men, and just as he starts to attack he falls to the ground, the phony shard he had in his arm has poisoned him. Kagura blasts him with blades of wind cutting him badly.

Chapter 144: 風使い
Kaze tsukai
(Wind Witch)
Koga can no longer stand from the poison and multiple wounds Kagura has inflicted upon him. She prepares to finish him off when Kagome fires an arrow at her that she easily dodges. Kagura has no patience for the girl and sends a blast of wind towards when, when Inuyasha springs up and deflects them. Shippo got the Tetsusaiga to him, but his arm is still broken and useless. Kagura and Inuyasha go at it while Kagome gets Koga out of the way. Inuyasha demands to know why Kagura smells just like Naraku, much to everyone's surprise. As the battle continues Inuyasha realizes he cannot use the Scar of the Wind because he is unable to find the proper place to slash. Suddenly he shouts for Kagome to fire an arrow at him.

Chapter 145: 背中の蜘蛛
Senaka no kumo

(The Spider On Her Back)
As Kagome's arrow flies towards Inuyasha it's purifing powers stop Kagura's wind temporarily and allow Inuyasha to unleash the Scar of the Wind. The blast washes over her making it look as if she has been sliced to pieces. Miroku and Sango finish up with the fake Naraku inside and make their way back to the others to see Kagura standing there still alive. Inuyasha's broken hand caused the power of the Tetsusaiga to be decreased significantly. Kagura's kimono has been shreadded and she has a large cut across her breasts, but is otherwise unharmed. Kagura pulls a feather from her hair and takes flight on it. As she leaves they see she has a large spider burn on her back just like Naraku. Miroku wonders if Naraku had transformed into this woman, but Inuyasha said it seemed as if this was the first time she had met them.

Chapter 146: 神楽の謎
Kagura no nazo

(Mystery of the Wind Witch)
Koga lies on the ground, his arm turning black from the poison. Inuyasha wants to let him die, but Kagome insists that he try to save him. Inuyasha tells them that he will cut Koga's arm off to stop the spread of the poison, but Kagome quickly stops him and uses one of her arrows to purify his arm of the poison. It works and Koga jumps to his feet and runs off. Kagura arrives at Naraku's castle damning him for not telling her of the Tetsusaiga's power. Naraku quickly grows tired of her yapping and from his hand emerges a heart, which he begins to squeeze causing Kagura immense pain. He tells her that because she was born from him, she will do as he says. Two large pots sit nearby containing organs, flesh and bones, obviously the process through which Kagura was born. That evening in a small hut the group discusses Kagura and why she smelled like Naraku. Miroku says that he does not believe that Kagura is acutually Naraku, and states that if Naraku did change into a woman he would not be the sort that he would ask to bear his child. He explains that because Naraku was formed from many demons he may be able to give birth to new ones as well. Meanwhile Naraku orders Kagura to go face Inuyasha again, and to take her older sister Kanna, a small white haired girl, with her.

Chapter 147: 小春

Some soldier are combing a rural area looking for a girl named Koharu. They see a girl in the mist and attack her attempting to capture her, but realize that it is not Koharu, but Sango. The real Koharu watches from the bushes as Sango and Inuyasha fight the men and send them packing. Koharu apologizes for the trouble when Miroku wanders up and the girl instantly recognizes him. She rushes up to him and hugs him tightly. As it turns out 3 years ago Miroku met this girl who had been orphaned and ask her to bear his child when she was only 11. He told her he would return for her someday, but in the meantime the lords son had become more and more interested in the girl. The previous night he forced himself on her causing her to run away. Sango and the others seem sickened that Miroku would ask such a young girl to bear his child, and Sango seems rather uncomfortable with Koharu and Miroku's past. Far away Kanna sits stareing into her mirror watching Koharu. Soon it is time for them to leave and Miroku makes arrangements for Koharu to stay in a nearby village. That night as they leave Kanna meets Koharu and sucks her soul into her mirror.

Chapter 148: 神無

As the group leaves the village an angry mob comes upon them. These are the same villagers they just left behind, but now they seem intent on killing everyone. Kagome says something must be controlling them, but Inuyasha says he can smell no demons nearby. Naraku's wasps fly in and Miroku rushes off to find Koharu. When he does he and Inuyasha leave Koharu and Kagome in Sango's care making Sango feel a little less than appreciated. Koharu tells Sango and Kagome that she saw the demon that was doing this and leads them inside one of the houses. There they find Kanna who reverses Sango's boomerang knocking her unconcious. Suddenly Koharu grabs Kagome and forces her to look into Kanna's mirror, which steals her soul. Meanwhile Miroku and Inuyasha fight off the villagers when Kagura arrives.

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