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volume 16
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Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 2000 Vol. 4/5 - 14
Published in English as:
Inuyasha Graphic Novel Vol. 16

Chapter 149: 人間の盾
Ningen no tate
(The Human Shield)
Inuyasha sends Miroku to go find Kagome and make sure she is okay, while he fights Kagura. Kanna is draining Kagome's soul with her mirror, but Kagome manages to fight her off until Miroku arrives. He sees Koharu who is holding a sickle to her throat, but when Miroku approaches her she attempts to cuts him. Miroku knocks her unconcious and he and Shippo try to help Sango and Kagome. Meanwhile Inuyasha cannot use the Scar of the Wind due to Kagura's control over the wind in the area. He sees the place he must strike, but Kagura has puposefully made it so that he will kill the villagers if he unleashes the Scar of the Wind.

Chapter 150: 反転
Kagura continues to toy with Inuyasha until it appears that he has taken enough punishment and falls to the ground exhausted. Kagura appears ready to strike the deathblow as the shield of villagers moves aside allowing a clean shot at Inuyasha. Suddenly he springs back up just as the villagers move allowing him a perfect shot with the Scar of the Wind. He sends out the powerful blast, but just as he does Kanna appears behinds Kagura. Shippo arrives too late to warn Inuyasha against what is coming. The blast strikes Kanna's mirror and is sent flying back at Inuyasha. He is severely cut, scarred, and broken as he likes collapses to the ground unconcious. From behind Kagura and Kanna Naraku appears to savor his victory. Miroku dashes forward, but Naraku's wasps are there as well to prevent him from using the Wind Tunnel. Alone, Miroku has no options. Kagome wakes slightly and asks Kirara to carry her to Inuyasha.

Chapter 151: 四魂の光
Shikon no hikari
(The Light of the Shikon)
Miroku questions Naraku about the two women that now work with him, and he explains that they were born from him. He tells Miroku that he is alone now, and orders the villagers to attack him while Kagura takes Inuyasha's head, which Naraku plans on showing to Kikyo. Kagura sends out a wind blade, but Kagome's arrow flies out of nowhere and cancels it out. Everyone is surprised to see Kagome is still awake, and even Inuyasha manages to wake up slightly. The Tetsusaiga protected him from dying by the Scar of the Wind, but he is completely wasted otherwise. Kagome notices the glow of Shikon shards within Naraku's clothing, and he removes them to show everyone. He tells them how Kikyo gave him the shard she took from them, and with it's power he was able to create Kanna and Kagura. Kagome has heard enough and fires an arrow at them, knowing that Kanna might reflect it back at them.

Chapter 152: 放たれた矢
Hanatareta ya
(The Arrow Released)
As the arrow flies towards them Naraku commands Kanna to return it to Kagome. The arrow flies into the mirror, but does not come back out. Kanna begins to absorb Kagome's soul once more, but Kagome gambles that if she could not do it before that she will be unable to do so again. The mirror begins to shake and Kanna has no choice to to either release the souls or let her mirror shatter. She returns the souls, and just as she does Miroku unleashes his wind tunnel to suck up Naraku and his offspring. Naraku makes a quick escape before he can be taken though. When the villagers awake they remember nothing that has gone on and Koharu finds a sutra from Miroku. She hopes that he is safe wherever he is. In a small hut Kagome and the others are tending their wounds while Inuyasha wonders why Kikyo gave Naraku the Shikon jewel. Elsewhere Kikyo is caring for some soliders when Naraku arrives to tell her that Inuyasha now hates her for what she has done.

Chapter 153: 桔梗の真意
Kikyo no shin'i
(Kikyo's Plan)
Inuyasha awakens to find that Shippo is caring for him while Sango rests and Miroku and Kagome are out. He cannot help but wonder about Kikyo and her reasons for giving Naraku the jewel. Just as he does he see's Kikyo's soul skimmers arrive outside. Knowing that Kikyo must be near he crawls out using Tetsuiga as a cane. Shippo is tied by by one of the creatures and can only shout for Inuyasha not to go. He finds Kikyo in a glade and she cradles him after he collapses from exhaustion. She tells him that she is glad to see he is still alive and she would never allow Naraku to kill him because his life is hers. In the woods Kagura listens in with orders to report back to Naraku. She thinks they two will be easy targets, but Kikyo fires an arrow at her before she can attack. Knowing she is outmatched she flies off leaving the two alone. Kikyo tells Inuyasha to be safe until she can destroy Naraku and then leaves him once again saying that his life belongs only to her.

Chapter 154: 三匹目の妖怪
San biki me no yokai
(The Third Demon)
Kagome and Miroku come to find Inuyasha who is trying to make his way back to the hut they are staying at. Inuyasha seems ashamed of going to see Kikyo when Kagome arrives, and soon gets quite upset with him for doing so. Miroku wants to know if Kikyo has sided with Naraku, but Inuyasha shouts that that is not the case. This makes Kagome even more upset that he would still take Kikyo's side. That night Miroku has to tend to Inuyasha's wounds since Kagome refuses to. At a village a Naraku's third "spawn" is busy devouring villagers when Kagura things he is rather pathetic. Just as she thinks this the creature tells her what she though, surprising her that he can read minds. She sends one of the villagers corpses to tell Inuyasha to come and see the new creature for himself, and he arrives just in time to save some children from being devoured. The creature quickly shows his abilities to Inuyasha, who seems unsure of how to proceed.

Chapter 155: 悟心鬼

(The Mind-Reader)
Inuyasha arrives to deal with Goshinki, but is unable to land a strike since Goshinki knows what he is going to do before he does it. The others think of helping, but Goshiki says he could kill them before they could make a difference. When Inuyasha notices the remains of the parents of the children Goshiki tried to kill he becomes enraged and tries to use the Scar of the Wind. Before he can, Goshinki leaps forward catching the blade in his mouth and biting it in half. Everyone is stunned as Inuyasha stands dumbfounded with his broken sword in his hand.

Chapter 156: 妖怪の血
Yokai no chi

(Demon Blood)
Before Inuyasha can react Goshinki slashes him badly sending him flying across the ground. Miroku leaps in to protect Kagome who tries to go to Inuyasha, but before they can, Goshinki is on them and sends Miroku flying as well. He read Miroku's mind that he was planning to unleash his wind tunnel even if the wasps poison cost him his life. The two children from earlier go to check on Inuyasha, and just as Kagome is about to be devoured Goshinki sense's pleasure in Inuyasha. Suddenly he rips Goshinki's arm off and everyone notices he has changed. His eyes are red and his fangs and claws have grown in size as well. He rips right through Goshinki who is unable to read what Inuyasha is planning since he is acting purely upon the thought of being able to easily slaughter Goshinki.

Chapter 157: 本能

(True Nature)
Inuyasha curiously stares at his claws as he immerses himself in his newfound powers. Kagome starts to approach him when he realizes he wants to kill more people and cause more havoc. He warns her not to come near because he does not know if he can control himself. She does though, and commands him to "sit" which forces him to the ground and causes him to revert back to his normal self. They look at the shattered blade of Tetsusaiga when Totosai's bull arrives bearing Myoga. He says he sensed that something had happened to the blade and came as soon as he could. From there they all leave to have Totosai repair the damage. Some time passes and Rin, Jaken, and Sesshomaru arrive at the destroyed village. They find Goshinki's head and Sesshomaru seems interested that his teeth were able to shatter Tetsusaiga. He carries the head off with them as he thinks to himself that Inuyasha's blood smells like that of himself and his father- a full demon's blood. Myoga sends Inuyasha along to Totosai while the others wait at the bottom of the mountain. He tells them that Tetsusaiga was designed not only to protect Inuyasha, but also keep him from transforming into a full demon when he was near death. He warns them that now that he has done it once, it may be too late to completely prevent it from happening once again even if the blade is reforged.

Chapter 158: 鬼の剣
Oni no tsurugi

The Orge's Sword
Sesshomaru and Jaken leave Rin behind as they enter the domain of Kaijinbo, the swordsmith. Sesshomaru tosses Goshinki's head down and tells Kaijinbo that his teeth were able to rip though Tetsusaiga, the blade forged by Totosai, who happens to be Kaijinbo's former master. Meanwhile Totosai is sickened to see what has become of his sword. He agrees to repair it, but says he will require one of Inuyasha's fangs to do so. As they wait for the sword to be restored three days pass and Inuyasha becomes a human again. Sango sees this for the first time, which does not please Inuyasha very much. Kagome asks him if he still wants to become a full demon using the Shikon Jewel, when he realizes that that is what had just happened to him. She tells him she worries that if he does that he will forget her when his heart becomes more savage. He assures her that that is not the case. Back in Kaijinbo's hut Jaken comes to collect the sword. No sooner does he open the door than he is sliced in two by Kaijinbo who is now wielding the new sword for himself.

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