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volume 17
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Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 2000 Vol. 15 - 25
Published in English as:
Inuyasha Graphic Novel Vol. 17

Chapter 159: 闘鬼神
Sesshomaru goes to Kaijinbo's hut to see what the hold up is with his new sword. When he enters he finds Jaken's corpse lying on the ground. He uses Tenseiga to revive him, which overwhelms Jaken. He informs Sesshomaru that the sword Kaijinbo forged, Tokijin, seems to have possessed him. That night Inuyasha is staring at the stars waiting for morning to come so he can transform back into his half-demon form. Miroku tells him to get some rest, but just as he does Kaijinbo arrives bearing Tokijin, the new sword. He tells them who he is and that the sword is demanding Inuyasha's blood. He tells them it is made from Goshinki's fangs, and they realize that is the reason it desires to kill Inuyasha. Sango and Miroku tell Inuyasha to stay back while they deal with him. Sango hurls her Boomerang Bone at Kaijinbo who slices it in two. Miroku follows by using a sutra and smashing his skull with his staff. Kaijinbo's skull is split, but he still refuses to stop fighting.

Chapter 160: 蘇る鉄砕牙
Yomigaeru Tetsusaiga
(Tetsusaiga Reborn)
Inuyasha refuses to stand by and hide from Kaijinbo when he is who he came for. He gets ready to face off against the creature, but before he can Totosai comes flying in on his bull to give Inuyasha the newly forged Tetsusaiga. Inuyasha is still stuck in his human form though and cannot transform the Tetsusaiga. He does his best to parry Kaijinbo's strikes, but even without letting the blade touch him he is getting cut rather badly. Slowly the sun rises and Inuyasha transforms back into his half demon self. Tetsusaiga transforms to, and Inuyasha is anxious to see what his new blade can do. Unfortunately he does not seem terribly pleased about some aspect of the new design as he demands to know what Totosai did to it.

Chapter 161: 闘鬼神の使い手
Tokijin no tsukaite
(Tokijin's Choice)
Inuyasha shouts that the improved Tetsusaiga weighs too much and he can barely use it. Totosai tells him to ignore it and just fight, while Kaijinbo charges at him. Inuyasha hefts the blade with much difficulty and clashes it against Tokijin. The pure energy from Tetsusaiga rips Goshinki's body apart though, and all that is left is his hand clutching the hilt of Tokijin. Inuyasha is quite upset that his fang added so much weight to his sword, and Totosai tells him to train harder if he wants to weild it easier. He then tells them that the the evil blade needs to be destroyed, and Inuyasha steps up ready to do so. Just as he is about to Sesshomaru arrives and tells them that the blade is his. Totosai warns him that he will be possessed if he touches it, but Sesshomaru mearly smiles as he picks up the blade and purifies it of it's evil lust. The sword chooses him as it's master and he proclaims that he came to see if something he believes about Inuyasha is true or not.

Chapter 162: 血の匂い
Chi no nioi
(The Scent of Blood)
Sesshomaru tells Inuyasha to come at him, or he will will be struck down. Inuyasha is worried about the weight of Tetsusaiga being a deficit in the battle, but charges onward. He manages to block, but cannot lift the blade enough to swing it. Under Sesshomaru's command the Tokijin is even more powerful as it slices Inuyasha without so much as touching him. Everyone else is getting more worried as Inuyasha is at Sesshomaru's mercy. He wonders why he smelled a change in Inuyasha's blood after his battle with Goshinki, but seems to think it was a mere fluke until he disarms Inuyasha of Tetsusaiga. Myoga warns Inuyasha not to leave the blade behind, but he does so and slowly begins to change into his demonic state. Totosai sees this and sends everyone else away as he blows fire to keep Sesshomaru back. With the battle over and his enemies in retreat Sesshomaru sits and ponders the change he felt in Inuyasha when he became a full demon for a few seconds. Even he was worried by this.

Chapter 163: 本当の強さ
Honto no tsuyosa
(True Strength)
Totosai works to repair Sango's boomerang while Kagome, Miroku, and Inuyasha are off talking. Myoga is telling him to make sure that he does not try to fight without using Tetsusaiga again, but Inuyasha insists that it is too heavy for him now. He holds it out to show them, and the weight causes him to fall into the river. Miroku says that they should tell him why he must use the sword, but Myoga says if he knew that it is what sealed away his full demon's blood he would never use it at all. Kagome agrees and Totosai sits down to talk to Inuyasha. Everyone is worried that he will tell him the true reason behind them wanting him to use the sword, but Totosai poetically tells him that the weight is because it was forged with his own fang, and now rather than relying on his father's power he must rely on himself. Inuyasha thinks they are keeping something from him, but decides he will try to master the sword once again. Meanwhile Sesshomaru returns to pick up Rin when Kagura arrives to meet him. She tells him that she was born from Naraku just as Goshinki, whose fangs made Sesshomaru's new sword. She asks him if he is strong enough to kill Naraku, but he seems uninterested. Kagura leaves him while pondering a way to become free of Naraku once and for all. Meanwhile in Naraku's castle he is watching as his fourth offspring is born from it's pot. His palace guards rush in to see that the creature has sliced Naraku's head clean off.

Chapter 164: 四匹め
Yon hiki me
(The Fourth One)
The two castle guards rush in to check on Naraku, who they believe to be their lord, Kagewaki. A tentacle from within the pot slices their heads off and drags their bodies inside to be devoured. Naraku's hand produces a heart and he squeezes it causing the creature great pain. His disembodied head speaks and says he appreciates it's spirit, but he will not hesitate to destroy it should it ever do that again. Meanwhile Koga, Hakkaku and Ginta from the wolf tribe are still in search of Naraku's castle hoping to avenge their friends. Ginta and Hakkaku are worn out and tired of searching, but Koga insists that he will continue with or without them. Suddenly he smells Kagome and rushes to meet her. He and Inuyasha argue, and he notices that Inuyasha seems much slower with Tetsusaiga than he used to be. Inuyasha starts to worry that Kagome is getting tired of him when he takes something she said out of context. Koga leaves and a short time later runs head long into one of Naraku's puppets who is riding a skeletal horse and has a caged creature with him.

Chapter 165: 獣郎丸

(Juromaru, the Beast Boy)
Koga prepares for battle as the fake Naraku puppet leads Juromaru out of it's cage. Juromaru is the newest creation of Naraku and he is bound in chains and a mask over his mouth. Koga tells him to remove them, but Naraku refuses and says that this will be quite adequate. Koga begins the battle but Juromaru is able to match his speed move for move. Inuyasha comes running when he smells Naraku and Koga, and is worried that Koga might claim victory before he does. He arrives only to see Koga running away. Juromaru stays to fight Inuyasha, and Naraku decides to remove his manacles. Just as before Juromaru slices off the fake Naraku's head and then bares his fangs for everyone to see.

Chapter 166: 解かれた封印
Tokareta fuin

(Without Shields)
Inuyasha battles it out with Juromaru, who seems to be too quick for the half-demon. His hands seem to stretch to make impossible slices and then disappear before anyone can see what is happening. Meanwhile Ginta and Hakkaku find Koga and ask him if he found Naraku. He says he did, but decided to leave Juromaru for Inuyasha to deal with. When they remind him that Kagome is in danger he speeds off to the battlefield once again. Inuyasha draws out Tetsusaiga and slices at Juromaru's arm, and watches as it flashes off into the bushes. When Juromaru stops he realizes he missed and cut nothing when suddenly a blade bursts forth from the ground and pounds through his chest. A small snake-like creature that looks like Juromaru emerges and proves to be the one who has been making the lightning fast attacks.

Chapter 157: 影郎丸

(Shadow Boy)
The snake-like creature introduces itself as Kageromaru and says that it lives inside Juromaru's stomach. Juromaru will only take orders from him, and that is why the mask and chains were place on him by Naraku to keep Kageromaru from escaping. Inuyasha is in pain from having his stomach torn though, so Miroku and Sango try to keep the duo busy. Kageromaru is too fast for them though and they wind up almost getting killed. Juromaru tries to bite off Miroku's arm when Inuyasha dives in with the Tetsusaiga. He turns to see Kageromaru dashing towards Kagome's head intent on slicing it off. Koga runs in out of nowhere and kicks him away without Kagome even noticing what is going on around her. Together Inuyasha and Koga try to team up to take on the terrible duo, but both still seem to have bitten off more than they can chew.

Chapter 168: 二対二
Ni tai ni

(Two Against Two)
The battle continues as Koga begins to be able to match Kageromaru's movements. The barbs between he and Inuyasha continue to fly though, when Inuyasha is pinned to the ground and bitten in the shoulder by Juromaru. Koga has a few close calls at catching Kageromaru, but they quickly realize he is tunneling underground before he can be caught. Inuyasha is stunned by getting thrown into a tree leaving Koga to continue the battle. Kageromaru says he will eat Kagome's liver and just as he says that Inuyasha springs back to lucidity.

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