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volume 18
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Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 2000 Vol. 26 - 35
Published in English as:
Inuyasha Graphic Novel Vol. 18

Chapter 169: 土中の敵
Dochu no teki
(The Enemy in the Earth)
The battle continues as Koga and Inuyasha do their best to fight Juromaru and Kageromaru. Unfortunately the only ones who seem to be taking any damage are the good guys. Koga's leg is badly slashed and Inuyasha is wounded severely. He quickly springs up when he things Kagome is in trouble and seems to wield the Tetsusaiga as he used to for a time, until it becomes heavy once again. They point out that it must be because he was trying to protect Kagome. Kageromaru continues to hide underground and spring forth before anyone can hit him, but Sango fixes this buy spreading a poison on the ground that drives him out. Koga and Inuyasha continue their tag team, but Inuyasha gets knocked down and Koga becomes over confident when he thinks Kageromaru has run off so he tries to go for a headlong attack against the oncoming Juromaru.

Chapter 170: 粉砕
Koga rushes towards Juromaru as Inuyasha shouts for him to move quickly. Just as he does Kageromaru bursts forth from Juromaru's mouth ready to slash Koga's head off. Right behind Koga Inuyasha is bearing down on all of them with the Tetsusaiga, at the last second Koga dodges and Inuyasha slices both Juromaru and Kageromaru cleanly. The two creatures disentigrate as the battle finally ends. Koga and Inuyasha continue to argue and almost come to blows before Kagome intervenes and forces Inuyasha to "sit" and then tries to nicely pursuade Koga to leave. After he does Inuyasha is very upset over the way she treated him and was nice to Koga, even though it was for his benefit. Kagome is tired of Inuyasha's behavior and says she is going home. Meanwhile Kikyo is still at the her distant village cleaning some laundry. She senses Naraku and asks what he is doing. He says he is mearly checking up on her, and she says he has been doing that with surprising frequency lately, but seems like he will not harm her. She says this is due to Onigumo's presense within him, which seems to unnerve him greatly.

Chapter 171: 桔梗の危機
Kikyo no kiki
(Kikyo's Crisis)
Kagome leaves Inuyasha in Kaede's care and tells Shippo that she will be back once she gets supplies, but asks him not to tell anyone since she wants to make Inuyasha sweat it out a bit. Everyone berates Inuyasha for driving her away, but he persists that this is not his fault. He goes to sit by the well and wonders what Kagome is up to. In the mean time Kikyo has noticed a large, black, Soul Skimmer in her area that is eating all the lost souls that she requires to continue living. Naraku has sent it to prove that Onigumo's feelings have no sway over him. She grows weak and wanders away. Soon she returns to Musashi's Domain and finds Inuyasha at the well. She collapses in his arms and tells him that the giant creature is Naraku's doing. Inuyasha promises he won't let Naraku kill her again.

Chapter 172: 鬼蜘蛛の心
Onigumo no kokoro
(Onigumo's Heart)
Inuyasha makes short work of the giant Soul Skimmer that has been eating all of the lost souls that Kikyo needs to survive, and her own Soul Skimmers quickly begin to retrive the loosened souls for her. Kikyo asks Inuyasha to take her to the Goshinboku God Tree where they both met their respective fates 50 years ago. Inuyasha obligies and carries Kikyo there. In the present day Kagome awakens to realize it is night time and she is running late. She intended on returning to the past much earlier, so she gathers her supplies and heads for the well. In the past Kikyo asks Inuyasha if he knows why Naraku pitted them against each other. Inuyasha says it was so he could taint the Shikon Jewel, but Kikyo tells him Naraku's mere touch would have done that. The reason he did it was because of Onigumo's impure and jealous feelings within Naraku. That is why Naraku was now trying to kill Kikyo, to rid himself of the one thing he unwillingly holds feelings for. Kikyo tries to leave, but Inuyasha stops her and says she cannot go alone to fight Naraku. He tells that if his life beyonds to her, then hers does to him and he would never let Naraku have her. They hug tightly just as Kagome emerges from the well and comes across them.

Chapter 173: 嫉妬
Inuyasha asks Kikyo to tell him where Naraku's castle is, and she asks him why. He explains that he will go and kill Naraku so that Kikyo will never be attacked again. She explains that only she can destroy him completely and Inuyasha says he could not bear to lose her again. She tells him while Onigumo's feelings reside within Naraku that he will not be able to kill her. Kagome listens intently but does not alert them to her presense. Kikyo tells Inuyasha that she thought she was going to die alone, but was happy that he was there when she almost met her fate. They embrace deeply and Inuyasha says that he will always be there for her. In Naraku's castle he watches this on Kanna's mirror and then tells her to leave. He is disgusted with himself for being jealous of this scene and undoes his kimono to reveal the spider scar on his back. He slices the skin off his back with a katana and then kills one of his attendants who sees what he has done. Kikyo visits the cave where she cared for Onigumo and in the meantime Inuyasha sees Kagome and realizes she saw everything. He is unable to say anything to her though. Soon Kikyo arrives at Naraku's castle to pay a visit.

Chapter 174: 土の結界
Tsuchi no kekkai
(The Soil Shield)
Kikyo arrives at Naraku's castle and he seems unimpressed by her visit. She fires an arrow at him and tears off his arm as he watches her unflinchingly. He admits that he had hoped her death would free him of Onigumo's attachment to her, but she tells him he will never be able to do so. Just then another offspring of his slides out of the jar it had been growing it and slides over to Kikyo. When it touches her it is blown apart and dies as soon as it was born. Kikyo tells him that she went to the cave where she cared for Onigumo. She tells him that Onigumo's lustful feelings for her were so strong they were absorbed into the earth of the cave, and now she had added that soil to her own being since she was created from earth herself. Now Onigumo's lust protects her from Naraku's touch. As long as Onigumo is a part of him he will be unable to harm her. Naraku states that he will use the Shikon Jewel to rid himself of Onigumo and then Kikyo will be the first to die. Kagome decides to return to modern Japan almost as soon as she returns and Miroku suspects that she must have seen Kikyo and Inuyasha doing something since he knew Kikyo had been in the area. Inuyasha confirms this and then privately decides that he can no longer see Kagome because of his feelings for Kikyo. Kagome independantly decides the same thing.

Chapter 175: 出会った場所
Deatta basho

(Where They First Met)
Miroku tells Inuyasha that he needs to go see Kagome, but he refuses and said he has decided not to see her anymore. Miroku says that they need the Shikon fragments Kagome took with her, and Inuyasha is the only one who can travel through the well to retrieve them. In the present Kagome returns to school and tells her friends that she was dumped and does not want to discuss it further. When she goes back home she considers returning the shards but realizes if she does then that will be the last of her reasons to return to the past. Outside she stares at the Goshinboku God Tree and realizes how much she loves Inuyasha.

Chapter 176: かごめの心
Kagome no kokoro

(Kagome's Heart)
Two of the villagers that live in the same village with Kikyo are talking about how the Hitomi family castle vanished recently. Kikyo realizes this is Naraku's home. Hatchie, Miroku's tanuki friend comes to tell Inuyasha and the others about this and tells them that hundreds of insects flew out of the castle when it vanished. They realize these are Naraku's hell wasps and Miroku and Sango say they are going to investigate, but recommend that Inuyasha go end things with Kagome before he joins them. Inuyasha decides that this is the honorable thing to do, so he heads to the well and finds Kagome sitting there waiting for him. She explains that she wanted to see him again,and she realizes she cannot compete with Kikyo because she did not die for Inuyasha. She is alive and there is nothing she can do about those feelings he harbors for Kikyo. She knows that she and Kikyo both share a desire to see Inuyasha though, and she hopes that she can at least stay by his side even if that is all she can do. Inuyasha and she hold hands and set out together once again.

Chapter 177: 城の跡
Shiro no ato

(The Castle's Ghost)
The tanuki takes everyone to the former site of the castle where all that remains is the foundation. Miroku wonders if it was just another fake castle like the ones Naraku has created in the past, but Sango retrieves a piece of armor from the ground. She tells everyone that it is her father's armor from the night they were called to the castle and Kohaku turned against them. Miroku collects the remains of Sango's father and exterminator colleagues and says he will give them a more appropriate burial. Elsewhere Kohaku is living with an elderly couple and says he has no memory of his former life. They tell him he was found unconcious near the castle. That night he recalls that someone was trying to kill him and he ran away. Just then Naraku's wasps come out of nowhere to chase after him. He flees and encounters a large demon intent on taking his Shikon shard. Sango and the others are following closely behind. She is shocked when they come across her little brother.

Chapter 178: 琥珀の記憶
Kohaku no kioku

(Kohaku's Memory)
Sango saves Kohaku from the demon and then they take him with them to bandage his wounds. He tells them that he does not know who he is or where he is from, and Sango sits him down and tries to tell him where he came from. She tells him to be patient and his memories will begin to come back. Inuyasha and Miroku are weary of his return, but want to give Sango the space she needs to be alone with her brother. Soon a swarm of demons arrive with Kagura who demands the return of Kohaku. Kohaku tries to go to her to avoid endangering the others, but Sango stops him. Kagura says that in the confusion he escaped with a Shikon fragment, and Naraku wants it back. She thinks to herself that the plan Naraku devised is beginning and hopes Kohaku faithfully carries out his part.

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