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volume 19
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Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 2000 Vol. 36 - 46
Published in English as:
Inuyasha Graphic Novel Vol. 19

Chapter 179: 疑い
Kagura begins the assault to take Kohaku's Shikon shard as Sango keeps him safe inside a temple. Inuyasha, Miroku and Kagome try to hold them off, but protecting Kagome is slowing Inuyasha down too much. Sango bursts forth to help while Inuyasha leaves Kagome with Kohaku inside the temple. He is unsure if he can trust the boy or not, but has no other choice for the moment. Miroku does his best to hold off the demons, but they eventually crush the temple causing Kohaku to flee with Kagome. He leads her off into the woods, and Miroku notices that no demons seem to pursue them, which makes him think that their true target was not Kohaku at all.

Chapter 180: 消された心
Kesareta kokoro
(The Erased Heart)
Miroku unleashes his wind tunnel to try and destroy enough demons so Inuyasha can follow after Kohaku and Kagome. Kagura admits that this has all been an elaborate trap to allow Kohaku to kill Kagome and take her shards. Miroku takes in too much poison from Naraku's wasps and must stay put. Kohaku and Kaogme hide beneath in a hole beneath a tree and discuss his lack of memory and how much he cares for his sister. Inuyasha looses Kagome's scent and runs into one of Naraku's puppets who tells Inuyasha that it was he who wiped away Kohaku's memories. He snaps his fingers and Kohaku raises his sickle while Kagome's back is turned.

Chapter 181: 珊瑚の決意
Sango no ketsui
(Sango's Decision)
Naraku's puppet tells Inuyasha that Kohaku will always do as he says, and he ordered him to kill Kagome. Suddenly Inuyasha smells Kagome's blood, so he quickly kills the puppet and dashes off following the smell. Meanwhile Kohaku has slashed Kagome's arm quite a few times, but when Naraku mentally orders him to kill her he pauses and cannot deliever the deathblow. Just then Sango arrives on Kirara with Shippo and a weakened Miroku in tow. She sees what has happened to Kagome and chases after her brother who has taken Kagome's shards as well. She catches him and intends to end his suffering and then follow him in death so he will not be alone. Inuyasha arrives and Kagome and Miroku tell him to go after Sango before she makes a mistake. They believe that Kohaku chose not to kill Kagome and is trying to fight Naraku's control. Meanwhile Sango has pinned Kohaku and is ready to kill him with her sword.

Chapter 182: 消えない顔
Kienai kao
(The Face That Wouldn't Disappear)
Sango prepares to kill her little brother so that something like this can never happen again, but Inuyasha knocks the sword out of her hand before she can. He tells her that is what Naraku would want her to do, and Kohaku quickly tries to escape with the Shikon shards again. Inuyasha stops him and gets the shards back when Kagura flies in on her feather and takes Kohaku back again. Inuyasha tells Sango that Kohaku fought against Naraku's control and refused to kill Kagome when he had the opportunity. Meanwhile Kohaku is kneeling before Naraku and Naraku lays a hand on his head, wondering if he really wants his memories so badly. He gives him a taste of them and what he did to his family causing Kohaku to scream in anguish. Naraku takes his memories away again, but Kohaku still remembers Sango's face even with Naraku's manipulations. Sango thanks Miroku for his the comforting words and for taking the venom to protect them, and he squeezes her bottom in return. Alone Inuyasha and Kagome talk about how much he has matured and how worried he was that he might have lost her. Just then Sango comes by to thank them and interrupts their tender moment.

Chapter 183: 変化の秘密
Henge no himitsu
(Secret of the Transformation)
Sesshomaru visits Bokuseno, an old acquantance of his father's. Bokuseno is a tree creature and Teseiga and Tetsusaiga's scabbards were carved from his limbs. Sesshomaru is investigating the connection between Tetsusaiga and Inuyasha's ability to become a full-demon. In the meantime Inuyasha and the others help an old man and a little boy back to their village when the old man sprains his leg. Soon Inuyasha smells blood from the direction the man and boy left in. Sesshomaru is getting lectured by Bokusen on Inuyasha's demonic blood. The Tetsusaiga was given to Inuyasha to prevent his transformation because his the blood he inherited from his father which allows him to become a full demon is too powerful for his body. If he transforms too often he will go berserk and kill indiscrimanently. Soon he would die himself. In the village they come across a group of bandits and Inuyasha smells a demon amongst them. Their leader as it turns out, and he demands that Inuyasha give him Tetsusaiga.

Chapter 184: 毒の繭
Doku no mayu
(The Venomous Cocoon)
The bandit's leader is called Gatenmaru, and he deeply admires Inuyasha's sword. He is surprised when it repels his axe easily, and then he spits poison into a wound on Inuyasha's stomach and puts Miroku and Inuyasha into an acidic cocoon. Miroku is able to use his spirtual powers to keep the cocoon from killing them, but the poison in Inuyasha's wound is gradually making him sicker. Gatenmaru tries to take Tetsusaiga, but it's barrier refuses his touch. Irritated he tells his bandits to do whatever they wish with the measly blade. The old man Inuyasha helped watches and realizes he must get the sword to Inuyasha and help him.

Chapter 185: 蹂躙

Inuyasha and Miroku watch as Gatenmaru rams his tongue through a woman's throat and proceeds to devour her. The old man makes a break for it with the sword, but gets speared in the back for his trouble. Kagome arrives and he asks her to get the sword to Inuyasha. Inside the cocoon Miroku's barrier is weakening and he Inuyasha seems to be growing dispondant. Soon he bursts forth and has become a full demon once again. Gatenmaru transforms into a giant moth creature but Inuyasha tears him apart with a mear swipe of his hand. The bandits try to flee but the demonic Inuyasha says they are going nowhere.

Chapter 186: 失われた心
Ushinawareta kokoro

(The Lost Soul)
Inuyasha begins to massacre the remaining bandits and everyone looks on in horror as he kills a group that were begging for their lives. His rage is getting more and more out of control, and Shippo tells Kagome to give him Tetsusaiga to help restore him to his senses. Just as she is about to Sesshomaru arrives wanting to test the full extent of Inuyasha's demonic powers. He expertly weilds Tokijin and slices Inuyasha with it rather badly. In his state though Inuyasha is a killing machine and will not stop no matter how badly he is hurt. Sesshomaru has seen enough and prepares to deal the killing blow to Inuyasha.

Chapter 187: しみついた血
Shimi tsuita chi

(Blood Soaked In)
At the last minute Sesshomaru turns his blade so that it does not pierce Inuyasha, it's force mearly slices him and repells him. Inuyasha is finally knocked unconcious by this and Kagome rushes to protect him from Sesshomaru. He tells her that if Inuyasha were to wake right now he would kill her, and that she should give him the Tetsusaiga. Miroku asks why he is suddenly so concerned for his half-brother, but Sesshomaru mearly says it would be a waste of time to kill him now without Inuyasha fully understanding why he transforms. Sesshomaru leaves as Inuyasha awakens and realizes he is covered in the human blood. The villagers are all afraid of him except for the little boy he helped earlier, who thanks him for avenging his grandfather. Inuyasha heads off to wash the blood away, but the smell stays with him. He realizes that if this continues he will probably kill Kagome and his friends as well. He decides to pay a visit to Totosai to see what can be done to halt his transformations.

Chapter 188: 爪の封印
Tsume no fuin

(The Talon Shield)
Inuyasha decides that he does not want to become a full demon again because of the dangers it poses. He tells Totosai he needs a way to make the Tetsusaiga easier for him to handle, and Totosai tells him that he must slay Ryukossei, the dragon that his father was unable to defeat. The dragon is sealed on a cliffside and Inuyasha must travel there and kill it. Once he does he will surpass his father and his fang inside Tetsusaiga will lighten in weight. One of Naraku's wasps listens intently and reports back to Naraku. Inuyasha is supposed to kill the creature while it is sealed, but as soon as he arrives Naraku breaks its seal and allows it to awaken to have an even match against Inuyasha.

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