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volume 20
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Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 2000 Vol. 47 - 53
Published in English as:
Inuyasha Graphic Novel Vol. 20

Chapter 189: 竜骨精
(The Dragon-Bone Spirit)
Ryukotsusei awakens and decides to take his vengence on Inuyasha for his father sealing him away. Myoga tells Inuyasha that his father was only able to seal the beast, and so Inuyasha could not hope to defeat it. Not only that buy Ryukotsusei dealt his father such grave injuries that he eventually died from them. Inuyasha does not seem to care and tries to strike at the wound left by his father, but it seems to have no effect. As Totosai, Kagome, and the others make their way to the battleground Inuyasha loses his grasp of Tetsusaiga and begins to transform into his full demon self once again. Totosai explains that the only way to defeat Ryukotsusei is with the Bakuryuha, Tetsusaiga's ultimate attack.

Chapter 190: 爪と刀
Tsume to katana
(Talons and Blade)
Inuyasha proves to be a much more worthy opponent against Ryukotsusei once he has transformed, and even Totosai thinks he may be able to win now, but unless he does it using the Tetsusaiga it will not become lighter. Everyone decides they should leave as Inuyasha's berserker state puts them all in danger, but Kagome insists on staying. In his rage, Inuyasha manages to focus enough to pick up Tetsusaiga which causes him to revert back to his normal self. Ryukotsusei thinks this is foolish, but as Inuyasha does this Tetsusaiga becomes lighter and he is able to pierce Ryukotsusei's scaly armor.

Chapter 191: 新生鉄砕牙
Shinsei Tetsusaiga
(The New Tetsusaiga)
Even with the Tetsusaiga pierceing his heart Ryukotsusei refuses to die. He is truly powerful, but Inuyasha is increasing in power as well. The Tetsusaiga has regained it's former light weight, and now it seems able to execute the Scar of the Wind at anytime. Inuyasha uses this against the dragon, but it seems to have no effect. Totosai tells Inuyasha to run away, but he refuses and insists that he must surpass his father. Totosai knows Inuyasha cannot defeat Ryukotsusei without the Bakuryuha, but just as the thinks this Ryokossei fires a blast at Inuyasha who decides he has to cut through it... the essense of the Bakuryuha technique has just been set in motion.

Chapter 192: 爆流破
(The Crushing Stream)
As Ryukotsusei's blast heads for Inuyasha, he strikes it and the energy from both attacks intermingles and is forced back upon Ryukotsusei, killing him. Inuyasha has executed the Bakuryuha, and defeated his father's nemesis. Now the Tetsusaiga is lighter once more and he has learned it's ultimate technique. Everyone seems very happy for him. Meanwhile at Naraku's castle Kagura brings an old woman to Naraku. Her name is Tsubaki and she is a dark priestess who once fought against Kikyo five decades ago.

Chapter 193: 黒巫女 椿
Kuro miko Tsubaki
(Tsubaki, the Black Priestess)
Kagome is struggling to keep up in her math classes at school, but is realizing she has fallen behind quite a bit. She tells her friends she has gotten back together with her boyfriend, which seems to worry them quite a bit. When Kagome makes her way back to the Sengoku Jidai error she steps out of the well and feels something bite her leg. She looks down but sees nothing. Before long the Shikon shards around her neck have become tainted with evil and are absorbed into her body. The invisible snake that bit her was working for Tsubaki who is coating Naraku's Shikon shard with Kagome's blood. Now she has Kagome under her control, and Naraku decides that recreating the events that caused Inuyasha to be sealed by Kikyo might be appropriate.

Chapter 194: 呪詛
(The Curse)
Kagome does her best to fight off Tsubaki's poison, but her attempts seem futile. Tsubaki is surprised at her tenacity, and Naraku tells her not to underestimate the girl. Miroku and Sango set off to find the source of the evil and free Kagome from the poison. Tsubaki recalls how she tried to take the Shikon Jewel when Kikyo's powers started to wane, only to have her own snake sent back against her. While Inuyasha waits with Kagome she suddenly springs up and fires an arrow at him. Kagome tells him to run away, hoping that she will not be forced to kill him. Meanwhile Kikyo watches as Miroku and Sango try to penetrate Tsubaki's barrier. She enters effortlessly.

Chapter 195: 向けられた矢
Mukerareta ya

(The Arrow's Mark)
Kagome manages to fight off the curse and asks Inuyasha to take her to the barrier. Meanwhile Naraku falls to pieces as Kikyo destroys him. Unfortunately it was just another puppet, but Tsubaki is quite shocked to see Kikyo is still alive and unchanged after all these years. Tsubaki recalls how Kikyo sent the curse back against her, causing her face to be damaged so she sold her soul to a demon to regain her beauty and youth. She is sickened that Kikyo, a dead golem would preach to her about how seeking immortality is wrong. Just then Inuyasha arrives with Kagome who fires an arrow to break Tsubaki's barrier. In the process of Kagome fighting off the curse the tained Shikon Jewel begins to purify itself.

Chapter 196: 椿の祠
Tsubaki no hokora

(Tsubaki's Shrine)
Kikyo discovers that Tsubaki was planning on using Kagome to kill Inuyasha in the same way that she attempted 50 years ago. Sickened by this she tells Tsubaki that she does not care what happens to Kagome, but if Inuyasha is harmed she will kill Tsubaki without hesitation. Tsubaki is clearly afraid of Kikyo's powers after all these years. Tsubaki heads outside to greet Inuyasha and the others once Kagome pierces the barrier. Slowly the Shikon Jewel is become polluted once again. Tsubaki tells them that she can still kill Kagome with her curse when she releases the demon that has been living within her. A large weasel demon bursts forth from her eye and prepares for battle.

Chapter 197: 式神

(The Shikigami)
Inuyasha could easily kill Tsubaki's demon, but with Kagome's life in the balance he tries not to fight back. Miroku tries to use his sutras to destroy Tsubaki's snake demon, but they are of no use. Kagome fights her way up while Tsubaki is distracted and fires a few arrows at her, but Tsubaki spills more of her blood onto the Shikon Jewel causing her to weaken once again. Inuyasha manages to fight his way towards her and destroy her snake demon and weasel as well, but Tsubaki informs them that will not affect Kagome's curse in the least.

Chapter 198: 呪い返し

(The Curse Reflected)
Tsubaki unleashes a barrage of demons from her eye and everyone has their hands full as Kagome slowly grows weaker from the curse. Miroku notices as Tsubaki's snake regrows it's head and realizes the demons have been buying it time to recover. The snake lunges for Kagome, but like Kikyo before her she is able to reverse the curse and send it back on Tsubaki. Tsubaki quickly flees as Naraku observes though Kanna's mirror. He voices his disappointment with Tsubaki for giving up so easily. Once she has gotten far enough away the remaining demons of Tsubaki die. Without them she cannot keep her eternal youth and beauty. She now has the Shikon Jewel though and with it she will no longer need the demons. Just as she holds it up, one of Naraku's wasps bursts forth from her eye and carries the jewel away. Kikyo stares at her admonishingly and wonders why she thought she could ever defeat Kagome if she couldn't even defeat her.

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