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volume 21
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Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 2001 Vol. 1 - 15
Published in English as:
Inuyasha Graphic Novel Vol. 21

Chapter 199: 石の花
Ishi no hana
(The Stone Flower)
Inuyasha and the others make their way to a peaceful village when Kagome detects the presense of a Shikon fragment there. As they spread out to search for the shard Shippo saves a young girl named Satsuki from a group of mean boys. Shippo quickly falls for the girl who apparently has a Shikon shard and is praying to hoping it will bring back her brother who has died. Miroku drives out a small lizard demon from a house in exchange for a place to sleep, while Sango and Kagome note that the girl's "Shikon shard" is actually just a piece of quartz. That night Shippo attempts to take Kagome's shards and allow the little girl to make a wish with them, but Inuyasha stops him. In the night the lizard Miroku drove out disguises himself as Satsuki's deceased brother and claims that her wish brought him back home safely.

Chapter 200: 砕かれた夢
Kudakareta yume
(Shattered Dream)
Shippo realizes that Satsuki's brother is actually a lizard demon in disguise, but before he can act, the demon takes Satsuki hostage. Shippo dispells the creature's illusion and reveals it's true form, while making a quick escape with Satsuki. The giant lizard follows closely behind and Shippo uses his toy horse to ensure that Satsuki escapes danger. He tries to take on the lizard by himself, but the demon proves to be too powerful for him. Just as he is about to be killed Inuyasha and Miroku arrive and make short work out of the creature. Satsuki comes back now that the demon has been dispatched and Inuyasha lets her believe it was Shippo who destroyed the monster. Satsuki decides to stay with the village chief, while Shippo and the others make their way out of the village.

Chapter 201: 奈落の臭い
Naraku no nioi
(Naraku's Scent)
Koga has picked up Naraku's scent and his leading his troop of wolves along with Ginta and Hakkaku. He catches up to Inuyasha and the two almost get into a fight once again. It doesn't take Koga long to notice that Inuyasha's smell is a little different, and everyone decides that they should not pursue Naraku immediately because it is the beginning of the month, and Inuyasha's transformation into a human is immemant. Inside Naraku's castle, Kagura observes the skeletons of the retainers that once worked for Hakudoshi. The poisonous barrier had long since killed them. Kanna senses Koga approaching using her mirror and warns Kagura. Kagura wonders what Naraku wants her to do, but Kanna tells her that Naraku is not around. Kagura sets off to kill Koga using the skeletons from the castle.

Chapter 202: 骨の渦
Hone no uzu
(Vortex of Bones)
Koga confronts Kagura who manages to trap him in a vortex of swords and skeletons. As he is sliced from all over Ginta and Hakkaku decide the only way they can help him is if they backtrack and find Inuyasha. When they find them, the group is waiting around a small temple while Inuyasha hides out inside to keep anyone from discovering his transformation. The two wolfmen tell Kagome what is wrong, and Sango suits up while telling Inuyasha to stay put. No sooner does she say this than Inuyasha bursts out of the temple and warns Ginta and Hakkaku not to breath a word of his tranformation to anyone. Meanwhile Koga escapes Kagura's tonado of skeletons but she uses her cutting winds to slice the Shikon shards out of his legs. Everyone arrives in time to prevent her from dealing the final blow to Koga, but Kagura manages to escape with his two shards.

Chapter 203: 逃亡
Kagura retreats with the two Shikon shards she took from Koga when the others arrive to aid him. Kagome bandages his wounds and Koga is shocked to see that Inuyasha has become a human. He tries to fight Inuyasha for foolishly revealing his weakness to him, but they soon realize that Kagura is heading away from castle as if she intending on keeping the fragments for herself. Kagome realizes that the barrier masking the castle and Naraku's scent has weakened just as Inuyasha has turned human. She recalls that Naraku is also a half demon, and therefore must also weaken at this time of the month as well. Meanwhile Kagura has tracked down Sessho-maru and attempts to strike a bargin with him. She will give him the two Shikon shards if he will kill Naraku and free her. Sessho-maru refuses and Kagura leaves in disgust. Elsewhere Naraku realizes Kagura's betrayal, but seems to weak to do anything about it. Only his head remains normal while the rest of his body has reverted to the various pieces of demons that merged with the bandit Onigumo to create him.

Chapter 204: 夜明け
Koga catches up to Kagura with the help of Kirara and the others but dashes off to fight leaving them behind. Kagura uses her wind controlling abilities to make short work of Koga since he is much slower with the Shikon shards to help speed him up. Inuyasha tries to help out, but Sango and Miroku prevent him from doing so out of fear that Kagura will realize he has become a powerless human. Koga is lying bruised and battered just as a swarm of demons arrive which everyone suspects to be Naraku's doing. Kagura tries to finish off Koga just as Inuyasha appears on the battlefield. For a brief moment she sees him mid-transformation as he returns to his demon form.

Chapter 205: 半妖の秘密
Hanyo no himitsu

(The Half-Demon's Secret)
Kagura realizes that Inuyasha loses his powers at the first of the month, much to everyone's regret. Koga berates him for revealing his weakness to the enemy, but Miroku points out that if he had not, Koga would be dead right now. Kagura decides to finish things here and now and sends a group of tornadoes flying towards Inuyasha, who uses the Wind Scar to deflect them. As the blast from Inuyasha's blade is about to kill Kagura, the demons sent by Naraku fly into the path of the blast and sacrefice themselves to save Kagura's life. Kagura flees in the confusion but leaves the Shikon shards she had taken from Koga in the process. Inuyasha tries to get the shards but Koga scoops them up, puts them back in his legs and runs off. Kagome asks him not to reveal Inuyasha's secret, and Koga rudely says he won't. Meanwhile Kagura believes Naraku never learned of her betrayal and returns to the castle. She follows Kanna down into the basement where she sees what has become of Naraku. One of the claws of the demons that made up his body grabs her by the throat and Naraku tells her he will reabsorb her into his body should she ever try something like that again.

Chapter 206: 山の中の姫
Yama no naka no hime

(The Princess in the Mountains)
The gang arrives in a rural village where some peasant women stop them to ask for help. Apparently all of their husbands have gone missing in the woods. Inuyasha protests wasting their time helping people if there isn't a Shikon shard involved, but everyone else seems to want to help reunite the women with their missing husbands. The women warn them of a beautiful female demon that lives in the woods, and Miroku decides it would be better for him to deal with such a creature on his own. Sango decides she had better go with him and leaves Kagome, Shippo and Inuyasha behind to sit this adventure out. While they are gone, Kagome tells Inuyasha how it seems that Sango is falling for Miroku, and of course Inuyasha seems to have never noticed. In the woods Sango tells Miroku that apparently the woman is the spirit of a noblewoman that who died alone in the forest. Miroku gives Sango a small bracelet to protect her during the battle. When they break through her barrier Miroku is separated from Sango. He is seduced by the woman while Sango discovers the men from the village have had their youth sucked from them after looking into the woman's eyes. At that moment the woman is inviting Miroku to do just that.

Chapter 207: 乙女心

(Maiden's Heart)
Sango runs into the room where Miroku and the demon woman are embracing passionately. Sango interupts them and the woman pulls back to reveal her true form. She is actually a large dog creature still wearing the woman's kimono. Sango starts to attack but is stopped by Miroku. She is surprised to see that he was never under the demon's control, but was apparently carrying out some sort of plan. He tells her that the bracelet he gave her will prevent the demon from seeing her, and then proceeds to apologize to the demon/woman. Sango wonders why, but then sees the form of the woman inside the dog creature. Miroku uses his sutra to drive out the demon and then tells Sango to kill it quickly. Miroku holds the woman in his arms and explains that when the woman died a dog must have eaten her remains and created the demon they just drove out. The woman's soul now begins to disappear and Miroku buries her remains at the village. All the men return now with their youth regained as well. Meanwhile Sango goes off alone and feels depressed that Miroku was right all along- she really wasn't needed on this mission. Miroku explains that it was she who slew the demon and then the two have a quiet, romantic moment as Inuyasha, Kagome and Shippo peek at them. Suddenly Miroku ruins it by grabbing Sango's bottom.

Chapter 208: 顔のない男
Kao no nai otoko

(The Man Without a Face)
A group of bandits come across a large sinewed sack of muscle laying in the road. They approach it and stab it repeatedly with their swords. A hand emerges and then a nude male with a large spider scar on his back stands up and attacks the men. Not too far away Inuyasha picks up Naraku's scent and they procede towards the source. When they arrive they find a massacre has taken place. The bandits have all been killed and their faces have been ripped off. Only one woman has survived and she tells them that a man without a face attacked and killed everyone. Meanwhile on a riverbank the faceless man is trying on the faces he removed from the bandits. He seems displeased with all of them and tosses them away just as a priest named Muso approaches. The priest tries to destroy the creature but proves to be too weak and has his face ripped off as well. The faceless demon places the priest's face on his head and seems pleased with the result. Inuyasha and the others make their way into a town following the scent of fresh blood and find that it is being destroyed by a man on horseback. Inuyasha can tell from his scent that this is one of Naraku's spawn, but the demon now wearing the priest's face claims he does not know who Naraku is but felt that if he murdered people it would help bring back his memories. Using Kanna's mirror Naraku watches the scene and wonders about the most worthless part of himself now meeting with Inuyasha.

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