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volume 22
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Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 2001 Vol. 16 - 26
Published in English as:
Inuyasha Graphic Novel Vol. 22

Chapter 209: 無双
The once faceless creature decides that he wants to be called Muso after the priest who'se face he had stolen. He says that he has no memory of who he is or how he got there, but Inuyasha has heard enough from him. He decides to pay him back for all the people that he has slain, and slices his arm off with a quick blow. Muso is shocked, but suddenly Naraku's wasps arrive and Muso's body sucks them in and regrows his lost limb. Muso is able to warp his skin into sharp blade like appendages and rams them into Inuyasha's throat. He notices Kagome and a memory springs to his mind. He believes that she is Kikyo, and then Inuyasha realizes who Muso really is. He slices him to pieces using the Scar of the Wind and tells everyone that Muso was the remains of Onigumo, the theif who'se face and body were burned so badly that Kikyo had to care for him. Ultimately Onigumo merged with many demons to become Naraku, but now it seems that Naraku has tried to reject the human part of himself. In the distance chunks of flesh begin to pull together and Muso returns to life vowing to get revenge on Inuyasha.

Chapter 210: 鬼蜘蛛の記憶
Onigumo no kioku
(Onigumo's Memories)
Kagura is chained to the wall inside the basement dungeon of Naraku's castle. Out of the darkness Naraku arrives and tells her that he wants her to find Muso. Meanwhile Inuyasha and the others have picked up Muso's scent as well and are following him. Out of nowhere Kagura appears and tells them that Muso has headed for Onigumo's old cave. She starts to leave, but Kagome asks her if she told Naraku of Inuyasha's transformation into a human at the beginning of each month. She says she hasn't and then leaves. Kagura wonders why Muso seems free of Naraku's influence. In the meantime Muso has stolen some new clothes and arrives at Onigumo's cave. There he lays in the spot where Onigumo once laid and remembers his past life. He realizes that he was Onigumo, and just then Kaede comes to investigate the presense she felt. The gang arrives in Musashi's Domain and the villagers tell them that Kaede has headed to the cave. Inuyasha hopes he can arrive in time to save her, and he does, just barely.

Chapter 211: 鬼蜘蛛と無双
Onigumo to Muso
(Onigumo and Muso)
Inuyasha tells Kaede to move away while he deals with Muso. Muso reveals to everyone that he is indeed Onigumo. Inuyasha asks him why he killed Kikyo if he loved her as much as he claims and Muso says he had no choice. He sold his body and soul to a group of demons in order to have enough power to claim the Shikon Jewel. His plan was one he did that to create a new body for himself and regain his mobility, but the demons he merged with only wanted to kill Kikyo, and they did just that. Kikyo took the Shikon Jewel with her when she died, and soon after Naraku banished Onigumo's consciousness into the dark recesses of his soul. The next thing Muso was aware of was being reborn without his memories when the bandits found him. Inuyasha is sickened by the return of Onigumo as Muso and vows to kill him for Kikyo's sake. Miroku wants to unleash the Air Rip, but Naraku's wasps have arrived to prevent it. As their battle rages on Naraku seems to be getting some sort of physical feedback from Muso's wounds. Muso is once again hacked to pieces by the Scar of the Wind but regenerates himself yet again.

Chapter 212: 心臓
(The Heart)
Muso transforms his body into a scorpion-like creature and rams his tail through Inuyasha's chest. Inuyasha once again uses the Scar of the Wind to make Muso release him, but he begins to quickly regenerate once again. Miroku watches thinking that he must be impervious when he notices a large chunk of flesh with the familar spider-shaped burn mark on it that seems to be drawing all the rest of Muso back together. He tells Inuyasha this must be the heart, and destroying it should kill Muso. Inuyasha readies another attack but Kagura protects Muso's heart from getting cut by the blast. Naraku's wasps carry the heart away and the various chunks follow behind it. Muso regenerates in a swamp where he comes face to face with Naraku.

Chapter 213: 半妖 奈落
Hanyo Naraku
(Naraku the Half-Demon)
Muso kneels before Naraku and attempts to lash out against him for keeping him imprisoned for 50 years. Just as he does, his arm sinks into Naraku's body and her begins to get absorbed into Naraku. Inuyasha and Miroku arrive just as Naraku finishes taking Muso in. They ask why he would create Muso if all he was going to do was take him back. Naraku admits that he no longer wanted anything of Onigumo within himself, but he made the mistake of releasing him too soon. Miroku asks about Naraku's weakening power and asks if he, like all half demons, looses his powers once a month. Naraku surprisingly admits that he does, but unlike Inuyasha he can choose when that time is. As it turns out when his body separeated into all the other demons that comprised him, Naraku is able to weed out the weak pieces and increase his power buy keeping only the strongest parts of the best demons. Inuyasha has heard enough and unleashes the Scar of the Wind, but Naraku is able to sheild himself against it indicating that his power has increased significantly. He releases a miasma and vanishes once again.

Chapter 214: 百鬼蝙蝠
Hyakki komori
(The Ogre Bats)
Inuyasha realizes that the only way for him to defeat Naraku now is for him to become much more powerful as well. He sets off to ask Totosai if there is a technique he can use with the Tetsusaiga to break though all mystical barriers. Totosai tells him there is no such technique and Inuyasha leaves in frustration. As he leaves Myoga appears and tells him a way he may be able to learn such a manuver. He tells Inuyasha that in the west lies a powerful barried kept by the Hayakki Bat demons. If he kills the keeper of the barrier Tetsusaiga will absorb the creatures blood and become much more power, and theoretically be able to shatter any barrier. Meanwhile a woman is surrendering her daughter Shiori to the Hyakki Bat leader Taigokumaru. He is Shiori's grandfather, and after his son, Tsukuyomaru, had Shiori with a human woman, he has agreed not to attack the village should his granddaughter be turned over to him. The mother does so so spare the village, but the Hyakki attack anyway. Inuyasha and the others arrive and are told that Shiori is a half-demon like Inuyasha. She is a decendant of the ones who created the barrier and Inuyasha realizes that if he kills the child he will be able to power up the Tetsusaiga.

Chapter 215: 紫織の結界
Shiori no kekkai

(Shiori's Shield)
Taigokumaru appears behind Shiori and refuses to let her mother take her back with them. Inuyasha steps up and unleashes the Scar of the Wind, but the Hyakki Bat's barrier proves to be too strong for even the Tetsusaiga. Taigokumaru fires off a blast at them, and they decide to head back to the village to rethink things. As they try and figure out a way to get to the girl, the Hyakki Bats attack the village once again, this time intending to wipe it out entirely. Miroku and Sango fight off some of them, but Taigokumaru arrives carrying Shiori with him. She is still being forced to protect him with the barrier, and there seems to be nothing Inuyasha can do about it.

Chapter 216: 父の願い
Chichi no negai

(A Father's Wish)
The bat demons begin to demolish the village, and Inuyasha tells Shiori she has to make a decision. He tells her he will kill Taigokumaru if she wishes to return to the village with her mother. She decides that she wants to return, and Inuyasha tells her to use the barrier to only protect herself and not Taigokumaru. He uses the Scar of the Wind once again, but the barrier still deflects the blast. Everyone realizes that Shiori doesn't have the ability to adjust the size of the barrier, and as long as Taigokumaru is holding her he seems to be protected. Taigokumaru powers up and unleashes a deadly blast that kills almost everyone in the village. Shiori's mother begs the demon to consider his deceased son's wishes and leave them in peace, but Taigokumaru makes a sickening revelation. When his son fell in love with Shiori's mother, Taigokumaru was so angry that he killed his own son. Shiori is shocked and Inuyasha becomes incredibly angry upon hearing this.

Chapter 217: 紫織の力
Shiori no chikara

(Shiori's Power)
Inuyasha tells Taigokumaru that he will unleash his full power on the creature this time and be sure to slay him. Taigokumaru refuses to believe that Inuyasha has been holding back his strength all this time and sends another powerful blast of energy towards them all. Inuyasha runs straight towards the blast and uses the Bakuryuha technique to send the blast back toward the bat demon coupled with the power of the Scar of the Wind. Even Taigokumaru is shocked by the power, but just as the blast almost makes contact Shiori's barrier blocks it once again. Taigokumaru complements her for saving him, but she suddenly turns angry. She finally gains control over the barrier and ejects Taigokumaru from it. Shiori falls towards the beach but Taigokumaru sends another blast towards to saying that if he cannot have her no one can. Inuyasha steps in and once again executes the Bakuryuha and this time it finds it's mark, ripping Taigokumaru apart. Mother and daughter are reunited and then they discover that Inuyasha had originally intended to kill Shiori to power up the Tetsusaiga. He says he won't harm her and begins to leave. Suddenly Shiori stops him.

Chapter 218: 赤い刃
Akai yaiba

(The Scarlet Blade)
Shiori tells Inuyasha to cut the red stone which she had been using to manipulate the barrier. She says that it has stored up the power of all those who wielded the barrier including her father and grandfather. Inuyasha agrees, but before he can, the red stone begins to glow evily. Shiori's mother takes it from her, and it burns her hands as she tosses it onto the sandy shore. Inuyasha prepares the Tetsusaiga to slice it, but the stone raises it's barrier and deflects the strike. Suddenly the ghost of Taigokumaru emerges and tries to attack Shiori, but is held back by a mysterious man who lays his hand on Shiori's head. It is the spirit of her father, Tsukuyomaru. Inuyasha slices the stone and Tetsusaiga's blade begins to glow red with it's new power. Shiori thanks Inuyasha for all that he has done, and he thanks her as well. The part company, and everyone reflects on how difficult it must be to grow up a half demon- to be unable to fit into either human or demon society.

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