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volume 23
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Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 2001 Vol. 27 - 37
Published in English as:
Inuyasha Graphic Novel Vol. 23

Chapter 219: さらわれた りん
Sarawareta Rin
Rin is stealing food from a field at night whike Jaken stands guard. Out of nowhere Kagura flies down and kidnaps Rin. As Jaken rushes to tell Sesshomaru what has happened, Naraku appears and tells Sesshomaru that if he wishes to have Rin returned safely he will kill Inuyasha. Sesshomaru rips off the head of the Naraku-puppet and leaves, saying he has implying he has no intentions of saving Rin. Meanwhile Inuyasha has picked up Naraku's scent and is heading for the castle, but Kagome says she senses a Shikon shard in the mountains. Meanwhile Rin is being held captive by Kohaku in a small temple guarded by demons. Sesshomaru finds Naraku's scent as well which leads him to the castle. It is hidden behind an illusionary landscape, and Naraku greets Sesshomaru when he enters and thinks to himself the he will use Sesshomaru for her own gain.

Chapter 220: 奈落の目的
Naraku no mokuteki
(Naraku's Design)
Kagome, Sango, Miroku and Shippo head off in search of the Shikon shard while Inuyasha proceeds to Naraku's castle alone. Kagome is worried about the shard because it is close to Naraku and she realizes it might belong to Kohaku. Meanwhile Kohaku and Rin have been talking about his inability to remember his past or his family, and he knows it is due to some terrible memory he is trying to block out. Suddenly Sango arrives, and he recognizes her from the last time they met. Back at Naraku's castle Sesshomaru prepares to do battle when Naraku suddenly undergoes a transformation, turning into a giant creature with multiple arms. Sesshomaru realizes he is nothing more than a hodge-podge of other demon parts and knows he is the superior of the two. He slices Naraku with ease, but Naraku quickly reforms himself and then grabs hold of Sesshomaru as he plans to suck his into his body and add his power to his own. Outside the castle's barrier Inuyasha detects Sesshomaru's lingering scent and realizes the castle must be hidden there. He removes Tetsusaiga and prepares to try out its new barrier breaking technique.

Chapter 221: 結界を斬る
Kekkai o kiru
(Slicing the Shield)
Inuyasha punches through the barrier with Tetsusaiga and Naraku quickly detects him. He sends Kagura to hurriedly deal with him and keep him from interrupting his battle with Sesshomaru. Kagura is shocked to see that Inuyasha seems to have increased his skills since the last time they met and realizes he may be able to kill Naraku thereby setting her free. Naraku's hell wasps watch over her so she pretends to fight Inuyasha and then lets him pass easily. Naraku is caught off guard when Inuyasha suddenly appears and slices through his personal barrier injuring him badly and inadvertently slicing off the bits of Naraku that had ensnared Sesshomaru.

Chapter 222: 琥珀への暗示
Kohaku e no anji
(Signal to Kohaku)
Together Inuyasha and Sesshomaru are able to badly damage Naraku who decides to retreat. Sesshomaru begins to transform into his true state when Naraku's voice warns him that he should go after Rin rather than pursue him. He says that Rin is with Kohaku and that should have some meaning to Inuyasha who understands what Kohaku is capable of. Inuyasha does not know who Rin is, but manages to arrive to where the others are just as Kohaku is fleeing with Rin. Together he and Kagome chase after him hoping to catch him before Sesshomaru does. As Rin and Kohaku run away Naraku suddenly mentally commands Kohaku to kill Rin. He tries, but she dodges before he is able to knock her unconcious and then ready the killing blow. Behind him stands Sesshomaru.

Chapter 223: 残された城
Nokosareta shiro
(The Abandoned Castle)
Naraku commands Kohaku to kill Rin as she lay unconcious before him. He pauses as Naraku continues to mentally command him, but then turns and faces Sesshomaru intending to fight him and go against Naraku's commands. Sesshomaru intends to kill him, but Inuyasha arrives and punches Kohaku away. He tells Sesshomaru that there is no point in him killing Kohaku, when suddenly Kohaku rises again and tries to attack. Inuyasha blocks the attack, but Sesshomaru dashes forward catching Kohaku by the throat. He realizes that Kohaku has no fear of dying and then drops him saying he will not do anything that Naraku expects of him. Together Sesshomaru and Rin leave after Kohaku flees. Kagura flies in to retrieve Kohaku and thinks to herself that his refusing Naraku will get him into serious trouble, but then realizes he is only behaving the same way she does. Meanwhile Kikyo has found Naraku's abandoned castle. She says that she can usually sense where he is, but now it is as if he has vanished from existance.

Chapter 224: 休息
Inuyasha and the others investigate Naraku's abandoned castle and realize that he is probably not coming back. Kagome has returned to her time, and Miroku and Sango want to get some rest while they wait for her to return. Kikyo, meanwhile, has sent out her soul skimmers in search of any trace of Naraku, but they have found nothing. That night Sango is off by herself thinking about Kohaku when Miroku comes to try to comfort her. She is surprised when he doesn't try to put the moves on her, but as soon as she points out that he hasn't he decides to do so. In the modern era Kagome is trying her best to prepare for her Math mock examination that is coming up, but Inuyasha becomes impatient and decides to visit her. She has trouble studying because Inuyasha keeps complaining about her mother's cooking, or modern baths, or any other number of things. Eventually he falls asleep on her bed and Kagome quietly watches as he sleeps.

Chapter 225: 城跡の化け物
Shiro ato no bakemono

(The Monster in the Ruins)
Koga, Ginta, and Hakkaku are searching Naraku's former castle, but they find no trace of him. They realize that Inuyasha will probably know what has happened to the villan, so they go off in search of him. As soon as they leave something begins to form in the castle basement- another of Naraku's offspring. Inuyasha smells Koga coming, and is immediately angry when he starts flirting with Kagome. Koga is angry that Inuyasha had Naraku so close to being beaten but let him get away at the last second. Soon Naraku's offspring from the basement is upon them. It is a giant mouth covered in hair. The creature seems easy enough to fend off, after Koga grabs Kagome and runs her to a safer distance, but they soon realize the monster purposefully fell down the cliff in order to get near Kagome and her Shikon shards and the fragments in Koga's legs.

Chapter 226: 奈落の行方
Naraku no yukue

(Where is Naraku?)
Koga struggles with the creature which seems to be rapidly shedding its hair as it wraps and tangles Koga in it. Slowly it tries to draw him in towards its mouth, but Inuyasha arrives in time to save him and Kagome as well. The demon reveals that it is not actually one of Naraku's offspring per se, but is actually the poor quality bits of demons that Naraku discarded from himself when he separated recently. The various demon parts reacted when Koga's shards drew near in the castle and started to come together to form this creature. Inuyasha makes an insulting comment that Koga had such trouble with a creature that is essentially rejected material from Naraku, so Koga insists that he was going easy on it hoping to find Naraku's hiding place. He claws the demons mouth almost in two, and it tells them that Naraku has gone somewhere no one will ever be able to reach.

Chapter 227: 消えた気配
Kieta kehai

(Lost Scent)
The creature tells them that it does not know where Naraku has gone, so Koga kills it and hands a chunk of it to his men. He tells them that is Naraku's scent and to make sure they remember it because they are going to take the wolves and fan out to search for him. Koga bids farewell to Kagome and departs. Inuyasha and the others try to find out where Naraku could be, but have no clues to go on. Meanwhile Kikyo searches areas where evil auras are present, but seems to find nothing. She comes across an old bandit who says he was making a pilgrimage to Mount Hakurei where it is said all sins can be purified. He can travel no further and asks Kikyo to deliever a lock of his hair in his stead. She does so, and when arriving at Mount Hakurei she notices something does not feel right.

Chapter 228: 鬼の首城
Oni no kubi jo

(The Ogre's Head)
An old woman is standing in a field using some magical power to attempt to destory a weasel demon. The demon almost gets the upper hand when Inuyasha steps in and saves her. She tries to exorcise Inuyasha as well, because she is a professional exorcist, but then they tell her they are demon exterminators. The old woman tells them about Oni's Head Castle, a nearby locale that has fallen under a curse. Apparently the castle lord has fallen into murderous rages and has slain anyone who approaches his room. Inuyasha reluctantly agrees to investigate when the offer of a reward proves too tempting for Miroku. When they arrive they must wait until sundown when the Oni's Head that has cursed the castle usually appears. As it turns out the lord buried the head of an oni beneath his castle site as a ward against evil. Now the head has cursed the place. The lord's daughter comes out to wish them good luck just as the Oni's Head appears. Sango tries to destory it in one strike, but her boomerang mearly passes though. Even Inuyasha's Scar of the Wind has no effect.

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