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volume 24
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Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 2001 Vol. 38 - 47
Published in English as:
Inuyasha Graphic Novel Vol. 24

Chapter 229: 首塚の鬼
Kubizuka no oni
(The Ogre of the Burial Ground)
At the castle Inuyasha prepares to attack the giant Oni's head again, when Miroku stops him and uses his sutras instead. The head disappears and Miroku points out that it was only an illusion. Inside everyone sits trying to figure out what to do next. Miroku and Inuyasha spy on the lord of the castle who seems to be possessed, but Miroku thinks the evil is coming from somewhere else. The lady of the castle takes Miroku off alone, which upsets Sango, and shows him where the oni's head was buried. Inside the pit there are the bones of many Buddhist priests. The woman tells Miroku that the oni likes eating priests with strong spiritual powers and she intends to do the same with him. She transforms into an oni, but Miroku can no longer move. Upstairs the lord of the castle has transformed as well, and Inuyasha prepares to strike him down.

Chapter 230: 依り代の姫
Yorishiro no hime
(The Princess Vessel)
Inuyasha tries to attack, but the oni is using a girl as a human shield. He bursts through the roof and Inuyasha follows. Kagome and Shippo care for the wounded while the old exorsist and Sango go in search of the lady of the castle and Miroku to ensure they are safe. When they arrive at the tomb of the oni beneath the castle they see that the woman has transformed into an oni as well. Sango is paralyzed and cannot move, and just as the oni is about to eat Miroku, the old exorcist runs in and helps Miroku get free. It turns out she actually does have some spiritual powers after all and was unaffected by the oni's paralysis. The head of the oni flies off and leaves. Meanwhile Inuyasha continues his battle on the roof when suddenly the oni's form seems to go wavy. He realizes it must be an illusion meant to distract him. Inside Kagome and Shippo find the body of the princess in the room where the castle lord had kept himself locked away. Suddenly behind them the oni woman's head appears.

Chapter 231: 巨大な邪気
Kyodai na jaki
(A Greater Aura)
The oni's head comes into the room with the corpse of the lady of the castle who'se form she stole. It starts to suck the souls of the 99 previous monks it had killed out of the corpse where they had been stored. It needed to eat a 100th priest, Miroku, to fully restore it's body, but it soon notices Kagome's Shikon fragments are realizes she would be a much better feast. Inuyasha knocks out the other oni who soon reverts back into the head of the castle and then dissolves. Inuyasha makes a quick save of Kagome and slices the oni's face. Miroku and Sango arrive and ask why something so powerful had been in hiding for so long. The oni explains that if it had previously come out a greater evil known as Naraku would have absorbed her, but now that he has disappeared she no longer has to worry. She breaks through the roof and flies away, but Miroku quickly unleashes his wind tunnel and sucks the creature in. The old exorcist woman says he goodbyes realizing that with Naraku gone more demons will begin coming out of the woodwork and make for good business for her.

Chapter 232: 猿神さま
(The Venerable Monkey God)
The gang is traveling through a village when the notice the fields are in ruins. Suddenly the villagers rush Inuyasha assuming he is some sort of Dog God and beg him to help them with their monkey problem. Apparently monkeys have raided their fields and they will go hungry if this keeps up. Miroku agrees to help them, so he lets Inuyasha, Kagome, and Shippo deal with it while he and Sango search the area for Naraku. Inuyasha goes exploring when suddenly a giant cyclops gorilla jumps out of the bushes. Inuyasha punches it and it transforms into three tiny monkeys. The monkeys hand Inuyasha a stone and then run off. Soon the stone grows huge and is like a massive weight attached to Inuyasha's hand. Kagome pursues them and asks them why they are destroying the villagers fields. They explain that they are guardians of a Shinto temple and that the object within with their master's spirit resided was taken. They believed it was buried in one of the villagers fields. Inuyasha finally arrives dragging the huge boulder behind him. The monkey children tell him that only their master can remove the spell since they have forgotten how to remove it; so together they set out in search of the their lost master.

Chapter 233: ご神体の行方
Go-shintai no yukue
(The Holy Object)
Everyone returns to the village, but the local residents say that they do know know anything about the vessel the monkey god might be living in, and they certainly did not take it. They look all around the village, under the houses, and everywhere in between but they cannot find anything that matches the description of the dark place the monkeys told them about. Miroku and Sango return after having found nothing and are surprised to see the prediciment Inuyasha has gotten himself into. Miroku says he can use his spiritual powers to help them find the god, but wants to wait until tomorrow so that he can secure a place to stay for the night. Some of the villagers bring out vegetables to feed everyone and Kagome notices a glow coming from them. The monkeys say that is their god's aura and then Kagome says she knows where he is. They go into a shed and find the stone used to hold the lid down on a vegtable pickling vat. The stone is actually the object in which the monkey god resided. Having been found the god appears and thanks everyone for finally tracking him down. As it turns out when the temple caught fire the little monkeys brought his stone to safety, and then forgot where they left it. A villager found it and thought it would be a good weight for his vats. The god tells them that recently a great evil passed over the skies of the area heading northeast. They realize that this must be Naraku and head towards the village of Ushitora.

Chapter 234: 亡霊
(The Ghost)
An old wolf runs through the woods pursued by demons. They catch him and are more than the old creature can fight off. Suddenly Koga jumps in and saves the elderly beast. The wolf tells him he was fleeing his territory because of a giant creature, neither demon nor human, had been rampaging and killing in his area. Koga decides to go and investigate assuming it may have something to do with Naraku. Two priests come across the creature in question and flee in terror. The monsterous creature is known as Kyokotsu, and Kohaku is with him. He tells Kyokotsu that the ones with the Shikon shards are nearby. Kyokotsu sees that Kohaku has shards as well and tries to rip them from him, but gets his hand cut off for his troubles. He simply reattaches it when Koga arrives. Kyokotsu says he will take the shards along with Koga's life.

Chapter 235: 凶骨

Kyokotsu says that by eating demons he has been building up his massive body. He says that Koga is next on the menu. He admits that he is a human who has come back from the grave thanks to a Shikon shard. He makes the unfortunate mistake of gesturing towards his forhead when saying this so Koga knows exactly where his shard is located. Their battle begins and Koga is able to twist his head 180 degrees with his amazing strenght, but Kyokotsu mearly twists his neck back around and prepares to devour Koga who he has caught in his clutches. Just as he is about Koga rams his hand into Kyokotsu's forehead and rips out the shard, returning Kyokotsu to a pile of bones. Koga is pinned beneath the bones and trying to reach the shard, but Naraku's wasps come swoop in and carry it off. The wasps carry news to Kohaku of Kyokotsu's death. He informs one of Kyokotsu's teammates, Jakotsu, of his death. Jakotsu wants Kohaku to tell him about his prey Inuyasha, and how beautiful he is.

Chapter 236: 七人隊

(The Band of Seven)
Kagome, Inuyasha, and the others pass through a village and see a lot of commotion going on. Apparently a group of men were murdered and there are rumors that a zombie has been roaming the area. The villages seem to believe it stems from a disturbance to the grave of the Shichinin-tai, a seven member mercenary squad that was slain in the area. Meanwhile a group of horsemen come across Jakotsu wandering down a rural road. They tell him to move aside, and he slices their heads off with lightning speed. Inuyasha detects the scent of blood and everyone rushes to the scene of the battle. They find Jakotsu surrounded by dozens of bodies. Jakotsu quickly guesses that this is Inuyasha and seems excited to see how cute he is.

Chapter 237: 蛇骨

Jakotsu continues to make passes at Inuyasha and Miroku while they try to find out if he is one of the Shichinin-tai who has been resurected. Just is Miroku is about to suck him into his wind tunnel, Kagome notices he has a Shikon shard. Inuyasha gets fed up with Jakotsu's flirting and when he removes Tetsusaiga, Jakotsu unsheathes his blade, Jakotsuto. The blade seems able to stretch over long distances and bend, but when Inuyasha blocks the attack it's true nature is reavealed. It is a sword with one blade attached to another, and so on, allowing it to retract and extend long distances. Sango tries to step in to help, but that makes Jakotsu fly into a rage and cut her arm. As they battle a masked man watches from a nearby ridge.

Chapter 238: 毒の煙
Doku no kemuri

(Poison Smoke)
Inuyasha and Jakotsu battle, but soon a cloud of smoke rolls down the hill and begins to dissolve the bodies of the dead soliders. Jakotsu says it must be Mukotsu's doing, as he retreats. Inuyasha and the others fall back as well. Meanwhile Sesshomaru, Rin, and Jaken are making their way through the woods. Sesshomaru has picked up Kohaku's scent and is planning on getting revenge against Naraku for trying to manipulate him by kidnapping Rin. Inuyasha tells the others to stay behind so he can pursue Jakotsu. Jakotsu though has met up with his former colleague and is rather upset that he interrupted his battle with Inuyasha. He tells Jakotsu that Inuyasha has gone in search of him, which excites Jakotsu quite a bit. They agree that Mukotsu will deal with Kagome and the others while Jakotsu can have Inuyasha. Kagome and Shippo go to draw water from a nearby well and find the dead bodies of a few villagers around. They try to escape but the poison in the air makes Kagome collapse. Mukotsu arrives and gets ready to take the paralyzed Kagome off with him to torture. Just then Sango and Miroku arrive. As Shippo goes off to find Inuyasha.

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