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volume 25
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Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 2001 Vol. 48 - 2002 Vol. 7
Published in English as:
Inuyasha Graphic Novel Vol. 25

Chapter 239: 霧骨
Miroku and Sango arrive to save Kagome from Mukotsu, but he unleashes one of his bottles of acidic poison and sprays it towards them. When the smoke clears no sign of them remain. Mukotsu assumes he has killed them and takes Kagome back to a small hut he has surrounded with noxious vapors. Shippo rushes off to find Inuyasha, who is still off searching for Jakotsu. Mukotsu is planning on raping an incapacitated Kagome, who tries to fight him off with a pair on tongs from the fireplace. Miroku and Sango arrive and crash through the roof, but Mukotsu's poisons quickly take them out. Just as Mukotsu is about to finish what he started with Kagome, something flies down and slices off his arm. Everyone assumes Inuyasha made it just in the knick of time, but are shocked to see that it is in fact Sesshomaru.

Chapter 240: 奈落を追う者
Naraku o ou mono
(Naraku's Pursuers)
Everyone is shocked to see that Sesshomaru has arrived to save the day. Mukotsu is surprised to learn that someone he other than Koga and Inuyasha were pursuing the Shichinin-tai. He tosses some poison on Sesshomaru who mearly stands and watches passively before slicing Mukotsu in two. Inuyasha arrives and assumes everyone is injured because of Sesshomaru, but Kagome tells him that he saved them. Sesshomaru says he was mearly trying to find Naraku, and when Inuyasha says they do not know his whereabouts, Sesshomaru leaves. Elsewhere Rin and Jaken are sitting together when Rin notices Kohaku. She does not say anything to Jaken out of fear that Sesshomaru may return and kill the boy. Jakotsu goes to visit his teammate Renkotsu after seeing Inuyasha and Sesshomaru talking. He reports that Mukotsu was killed, and reveals that Naraku was the one who brought them back to life. Only their leader has has been lucky enough to actually meet with Naraku though. Renkotsu mentions that a third Shichinin-tai member is heading for Inuyasha's location- Ginkotsu, the mechanical killer.

Chapter 241: 銀骨
Jakotsu is upset that Renkotsu has decided to let Ginkotsu kill Inuyasha rather than him. Deep in the woods Inuyasha, Shippo, and Kirara are carrying Kagome, Miroku, and Sango who are gravely ill from the poison they recieved from Mukotsu. Inuyasha tells Shippo to go on ahead because he can smell one of the Shichinin-tai catching up with them. Just as he leaves with the others saw blades come flying through the trees as Ginkotsu catches up with Inuyasha. Ginkotsu slams down Kirara as she tries to escape with the others. Inuyasha holds off Ginkotsu while Shippo spots a nearby temple to take his sick companions to. When Kagome wakes she sees a Buddhist monk and notices he has a Shikon shard in his throat. It is Renkotsu.

Chapter 242: 煉骨の寺
Renkotsu no tera
(Renkotsu's Temple)
Renkotsu notices Kagome waking up, and tells her to rest as he continues his masquerade, Kagome tries to shout out that he is a member of the Shichinin-tai, but because she is still too weak from the poison she cannot. Renkotsu places an insense burner beside her to make she and Shippo go to sleep. He needs them alive for when Inuyasha comes so he can try and find out why they are pursuing them. Meanwhile Inuyasha is continuing his battle with Ginkotsu, who is putting up quite a fight. Finally Inuyasha is able to use the Scar of the Wind to cut the ground out from beneath him and bury him alive. He makes his way to the temple where the others are and smells the familar scent of a corpse, a sure sign that a memeber of the Shichinin-tai are there. Renkotsu proves to me smart though, and while disguised as a priest leads Inuyasha to believe the smell is coming from the corpses of the priests he murdered earlier. Inuyasha starts to trust Renkotsu, who asks him why the Shichinin-tai were brought back. Inuyasha explains who Naraku who, and Renkotsu gets the information he needs. Meanwhile Myoga is flying to the scene on the back of a crow when he sees Ginkotsu digging himself out. He heads for the temple and starts shooting to call Inuyasha out. Inuyasha leaves Renkotsu to care for the others while he goes to finish Ginkotsu. Rinkotsu finds Kagome's Shikon shards and then plans to kill them.

Chapter 243: 七人隊の臭い
Shichinin-tai no nioi
(The Scent of the Seven)
Inuyasha heads to the main gate of the temple to battle against Ginkotsu, who manages to ensnare him in wire. Inuyasha is able to get free and slices the shoulder of his mechanical suit off, just as Renkotsu arrives. Inuyasha smells smoke and can see it is coming from the temple where Kagome and the others were resting. Renkotsu bars his way though, and tells him that he is also with the Shichinin-tai. He fooled Inuyasha's nose by wearing the monks clothing and making sure there was the smell of other corpses around which helped mask his true scent. Myoga comes and wakes Shippo who is panicked to see the room in flames. Outside Renkotsu shows his talents with flames by setting Inuyasha ablaze with a special gauntlet and wires that he wears. Nearby Koga also smells the fire as he rushes towards the temple only to encounter Jakotsu, who intents to make short work of him. They battle it out as Shippo protects the others from the collapsing temple and fire with his kitsune fire.

Chapter 244: 仲間の命
Nakama no inochi
(The Lives of One's Companions)
Ginkotsu yanks Inuyasha backwards down the stairs hoping he will impale himself on the drill bit that has extended from his armor. Inuyasha quickly swings around and slices straight through Ginkotsu's armor and hacks hims shoulders clean from the rest of the armor. He dashes past Renkotsu who mearly stands there as Inuyasha passes and examines the shards he has taken. Naraku's wasps swoop down and carry of the living remains of Ginkotsu. Inuyasha first sees Kirara with a firey rafter across her back, and when he pulls it away he sees Shippo crying, but still holding the barrier he made to protect the others. Shippo tells Inuyasha the the others have all stopped breathing. Elswhere Koga is worried that whatever Jakotsu did to Inuyasha, he may have done to Kagome as well. Koga dashes past Jakotsu without a second thought. Myoga manages to suck up most of the poison in Sango, Kagome, and Miroku's system and they slowly regain conciousness, much to everyone's relief. In fact, Inuyasha cries he is so relieved to know that everyone will be okay.

Chapter 245: 七人塚

(The Burial Mound)
Myoga tries to get everyone to drink snake's blood to help them regain their health, when Koga arrives and is happy to see Kagome alive. He tells the about Jakotsu, who he had encountered earlier, and Miroku fills him in on the other Shichinin-tai. Meanwhile a group of villagers shows Kikyo the smashed remains of the Shichinin-tai's mass grave. Kikyo cannot detect any evil in the area due to Mount Hakurei, which is said to be able to purify evil. Kikyo notices a local doctor named Suikotsu has a Shikon shard in his neck just as the other Shichinin-tai has had in the past. She realizes he must be pure because the shard in his throat is not tainted in any way. Even so Kikyo is not completely trusting of Suikotsu.

Chapter 246: 汚れなき光
Kegarenaki hikari

(The Unsullied Light)
Kagome leads the others to the village where Suikotsu and Kikyo are living. The two of them are helping to treat a man's wounds, and Kikyo seems to be gradually accepting that Suikotsu is a good man. He seems to have become nervous at the sight of blood though, which Kikyo notes is unusual for a doctor. Suikotsu goes off with some of the children to gather herbs while Kikyo talks to one of the villagers. The man tells her that there used to be a member of the Shichinin-tai named Suikotsu, but it isn't possible that they could be the same person. In the fields Inuyasha comes upon Suikotsu and attacks him when he smells like a corpse, a sure sign of one of the Shichinin-tai. The children try to convince Inuyasha not to attack him when suddenly there is an explosion in the village. Renkotsu, Jakotsu, and Ginkotsu, who has been rebuilt as a tank like vehicle all drive into the village looking for Suikotsu.

Chapter 247: 睡骨

Everyone is surprised to see Kikyo in the village with Suikotsu, and now the Shichinin-tai seem to be there to take Suikotsu with them. He does not know who they are though, and refuses to go along with them. Renkotsu sets out to finish off Inuyasha and tells Jakotsu to retrieve Suikotsu. Kikyo fires an arrow at him, though, which spooks him. Renkotsu mans one of the cannons on Ginkotsu's back and fires at Kikyo, knocking her out. The children get in the way of the battle, and Jakotsu tries to kill them, but Suikotsu jumps in the way to protect them from the blade, He is badly cut across his back, and suddenly seems to undergo some sort of change. He tries to kill one of the children. The Shichinin-tai's Suikotsu has reawakened and is ready to kill.

Chapter 248: ふたつの心
Futatsu no kokoro

(The Two Souls)
Kagome realizes that Suikotsu must have a split-personality, that of the good doctor and the evil assassin. Renkotsu tosses Suikotsu his claw and he immediately attacks Inuyasha. Ginkotsu tries to run over Kikyo while Inuyasha is preoccupied with Suikotsu. Miroku makes a quick save, and the children start yelling that the want this old Suikotsu back. This starts to have an effect on Suikotsu, so Renkotsu decides they should retreat before he reverts back to his other personality. Kikyo is injured and her Soul Skimmer seems unable to come to her aid to heal her. This is because of the purifying powers of Mount Hakurei. Kikyo explains that this must also be the reason they withdrew after getting Suikotsu.

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