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volume 27
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Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 2002 Vol. 18 - 28
Published in English as:
Inuyasha Graphic Novel Vol. 27

Chapter 259: 爆発
Koga faces off with Ginkotsu and Renkotsu. Koga makes a quick swipe at Renktotsu shredding his shoulder and armor, and then just as quickly shove a piece of armor into Ginkotsu's gun barrel. The cannon backfires killing Ginkotsu, but Koga is caught in the blast as well. Elsewhere Jakotsu and Suikotsu have managed to catch up to Sesshomaru, Jaken, and Rin to carry out their orders. Sesshomaru seems to have no troble smelling out Jakotsu's ambush and proves that he is the superior swordsman. Rin and Jaken move away to give Sesshomaru room to fight, but encounter Suikotsu waiting for them in the middle of a rope bridge stretched across a river. Inuyasha and Kagome pick up the scent of Koga's blood and rush to the scene to find Ginta and Hakkaku very upset.

Chapter 260: 顔
Koga is buried under various pieces of the Ginkotsu's mechanized tank contraption. Inuyasha digs him out, and he is very weak, but still alive. Nearby Renkotsu has collapsed from the wounds Koga gave him. He was able to take Ginkotsu's fragment before running away, and he knows that if he comes back to Bankotsu with it, he will take it from him. So Renkotsu places the fragment into his shoulder wounds and watches as they miraculously heal. On the bridge Suikotsu attacks, but Jaken uses the Staff of Heads to protect Rin. The blast of fire seems to find it's target but Suikotsu is hanging underneath the bridge and all three of them go tumbling into the river below as the bridge gives way. Sesshomaru leaves Jakotsu who barely escapes with his life. In the canyon Rin and Suikotsu have been swept away by the current and Jaken and Sesshomaru go off in seach of her. Rin sees a figure stading over here and panics, but Suikotsu comforts her. He has reverted back to his doctor persona.

Chapter 261: 骨の村
Suikotsu no mura
(Suikotsu's Village)
Suikotsu leads Rin back to his village where all the other children are. In the distance Kikyo can sense his Shikon fragment approaching the village. Jakotsu figured Suikotsu's personality probably shifted back and that he would return to the village, so he is awaiting him there. The villagers approach Suikotsu holding torches and ask him to leave because of the threat he poses to them. Suddenly Suikotsu slices one of their throats but he still appears the same as when he is his doctor persona. Jakotsu comes out of hiding and Suikotsu tells him he thinks he is cured of his doctor personality. Rin and the children try to run away, but one of Naraku's wasps tells Jakotsu that Sesshomaru is on his way. They head farthing in towards Mount Hakurei's barrier forcing Sesshomaru to weaken as he comes in too closely. Jakotsu slashes at him, and this time he manages to slice Sesshomaru's hand.

Chapter 262: 黒い光
Kuroi hikari
(The Tainted Gleam)
Kikyo makes her way back to the village to find the scared children and slaughtered villagers. She realized that Suikotsu is no longer as affected by the barrier. Sesshomaru is battling Jakotsu, while Suikotsu presses his claw into Rin's throat. Suddenly Sesshomaru hurls Tokijin which punches through Suikotsu's chest narrowly missing Rin's head. He then turns and swiftly plunges his hand through Jakotsu's chest. He manages to hang on to Rin though, and asks Jakotsu if he can kill her. He says that the remnants of his doctor persona were scared away when he was hit and now he can kill Rin without any hesitation. SUddenly an arrow flies through Suikotsu's throat as Kikyo makes her way down to be at his side. He reverts to his doctor persona as she approaches.

Chapter 263: 睡骨の記憶
Suikotsu no kioku
(Suikotsu's Memory)
Kikyo ponders what she should do as she stands next to the gravely wounded Suikotsu. Her arrow purified his shard and allowed him to change back to his good, doctor persona. He asks her to remove his shard and let him die. Before Kikyo can, Jakotsu's slices off Suikotsu's head and takes his shard for himself before retreating. Rin thanks Kikyo and then leaves with Sesshomaru. Sesshomaru notices that she also smells of bones and the grave like the Shichinin-tai, and realizes that Kikyo must be the woman that sealed Inuyasha so many years ago. Sango and Miroku make their way up Mount Hakurei while Kanna and Kohaku watch through her mirror. Koga awakens in a cave where Kagome is nursing him back to health. Inuyasha wants to leave them there, but Kagome detects a Shikon shard approaching and Inuyasha smells gunpowder. Renkotsu is perched on the opposite cliff ready to snipe anything that comes out of the cave.

Chapter 264: 炎の川
Honoo no kawa
(The River of Fire)
Renkotsu has blocked the river in the ravine below and dumped oil into it. Now it is a firey inferno, and the smoke is wafting into the cave, as he tries to smoke them out. Inuyasha gives Kagome his outer kimono because it is very protective against fire. Outside he jumps across to Renkotsu, but get shot point blank with the cannon Renkotsu is holding. He plummets into the flames but Kirara flies out and grabs him. Renkotsu fires another blast into the cave this time and then goes in to claim his the shards in Koga's legs. As he approaches Koga seems unconcious but springs into action and kicks the cannon away from Renkotsu. As a last resort Renkotsu pulls out two crude sticks of dynamite planning on killing everyone if he can't have the shards for himself. Inuyasha arrives in the cave just in time and drags Renkotsu out of the cave with him. Suddenly the explosion shakes the cave and no sign of Inuyasha or Renkotsu is visible.

Chapter 265: 白霊山の洞窟
Hakurei-zan no doketsu

(The Mountain Cave)
Kagome blames herself when she thinks Inuyasha has been killed. Because she took his kimono she thinks he did not have enough protection to survive the blast. Inuyasha walks up though, relatively unharmed. He tells them that Renkotsu didn't want to die so he threw the dynamite away at the last second. Downstream Renkotsu is worried that he will not be able to defeat Bankotsu since he was not able to get Koga's shards. Bankotsu walks up to greet him and gives him the bad news... he heard about Ginkotsu's death and Suikotsu has also died as well. Now the Shichinin-tai are only the two of them and Jakotsu. On Mount Hakurei Sango and Miroku find a suspicious cave. From inside Miroku senses evil and thinks Naraku must be inside. Kagura and a horde of demons await as Kanna tells her Miroku and Sango are on their way in.

Chapter 266: 回廊
(The Corridor)
The evil grows stronger and they realize that the barrier was actually set up to hide the evil within the mountain. Demons begin to spring out and Sango and Miroku try to hold them off. Miroku cannot unleash his Wind Tunnel because of Naraku's poisonous wasps. Kagura knocks out Sango with her own boomerang, and with more and more demons attacking, Miroku has no other choice but to suck them into his hand and injest large amounts of poison. Outside Inuyasha and Kagome are worried about Sango and Miroku. Inuyasha decides to force his way inside hoping that because he is a half-demon the barrier will not kill him.

Chapter 267: 限界
(The Limit)
Inuyasha leaves Kagome in Koga's care and proceeds through the barrier. It is very painful as he passes through but her perseveres. Inside the cave Miroku is barely staying concious at Sango's side. He continues to suck in demons and wasps that get too close and he finally passes out. Jakotsu steals a new kimono after Sesshomaru ruined his. He meets up with Bankotsu and as they sit together talking he gives him Suikotsu's Shikon shard. Bankotsu is incredibly touched by this and tells Jakotsu he is the only one he can truly trust. Once Inuyasha crosses the barrier the comes across Renkotsu who is weilding the cannon again. Inuyasha gets pushed too far within the barrier and he is forced to change into his human form even though it is not the beginning of the month.

Chapter 268: 白心上人
(Hakushin the Holy)
Renkotsu realizes what has happened, and even though Inuyasha is no longer harmed by the barrier, he is in a very dangerous situation because he is a human now. Renkotsu chases him and tries to shoot him, but Inuyasha slides down inside one of the caves through a small crevice. Inside the cave Sango awakens to find Miroku's unconcious body. She realizes that he has taken in the poison to save her and decides that they will die there together. Her tears fall onto Miroku and he awakens, feeling slightly better and wondering why the demons are not attacking. Then they realizes they have passed into the barrier again and it is purifying the poison Miroku ingested. Outside the cave where Inuyasha escaped, Jakotsu meets up with Renkotsu. Renkotsu discovers that he gave Suikotsu's shard to Bankotsu, and worries that Bankotsu is getting too many shards. He tells Jakotsu that Inuyasha is inside the cave and sends him down to finish him off. Miroku and Sango proceed deeper into the cave and find the temple of Hakushin inside. They are shocked when the mummy speaks to them.

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