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volume 29
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Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 2002 Vol. 40 - 49
Published in English as:
Inuyasha Graphic Novel Vol. 29

Chapter 279: 妖気の渦
Youki no uzu
(Maelstrom of Evil)
Naraku is able to deflect the blast of the Wind Scar and it begins to bounce around inside the cavern, threatening to kill Inuyasha's comrades. Outside Kikyo watches as Kagura flees from Mount Hakurei carrying a small, white bundle. Naraku senses Kikyo outside and leaves Inuyasha and the others to die within the mountain. He begins to leave when Kagome tells Inuyasha that she can see two Shikon shards beneath Naraku. Inuyasha realizes it must be Koga and he carries Kagome up towards Naraku. Her arrow hits the bubble Naraku was leaving departing in, and Koga falls out of the bottom. Naraku's tentacles begin to turn into his poisonous miasma as he leaves them to die and heads out to meet Kikyo.

Chapter 280: 真の目的
Shin no mokuteki
(His True Purpose)
Naraku's innards are falling apart as Kagome rides on Inuyasha's back watching Koga, who is still in a bubble and unconcious. Inuyasha pauses and then tells Shippo to change into his ballon form and take Kagome outside with Miroku and Sango who are riding on Kirara. Inuyasha heads back down to get Koga, pops the bubble, and then shoulders him out. Koga wakes up and gets sick, while outside Kikyo watches as the mountain collapses. Naraku flies down in front of her looking very dangerous with his new body. The others watch as the mountain collapses and there is no sign of Inuyasha or Koga. Out of the dust they emerge, but a giant piece of rock is starts to fall on them. Koga puts one foot on the ground and his speed sends them flying out of harms way. Koga flirts with Kagome and Inuyasha hits him for his rudeness. Meanwhile Kikyo and Naraku continue their confrontation. He talks about his new body, and then Kikyo gets ready to fire an arrow at him while she inquires about what Kagura carried off before the mountain collapsed. Naraku smiles, raises his hand and destroys Kikyo's bow. At that moment Inuyasha senses something...

Chapter 281: 新しい体
Atarashi Karada
(The New Body)
Not only did Kikyo's bow get broken in half but she got slashed open from her chest up to her shoulder. Because she is actually made from earth she seems "solid" and does not bleed. Naraku talks about Onigumo as Kikyo picks up her bow ands starts healing her wound. Naraku says there's nothing she can do as he begins splitting the earth behind her. He raises his hand which is now a grotesque claw with tentacle like fingers and shoves it straight through her chest. Kikyo thinks of Inuyasha as she falls into a very deep pit filled with poisonous miasma. Out of nowhere who should be standing behind Naraku as he turns around but Sesshomaru. Naraku asks if Sesshomaru is going to test him, to which Sesshomaru laughs and hits him with the Tessaiga. Sesshomaru does more than Inuyasha was able to and tears Naraku's whole upper half off. Suddenly a big bubble forms and collects all of Naraku's innards and then sends a powerful blast at Sesshomaru. Jaken dives behind him and is pushed back by the blast as it cascades against his sword. Sesshomaru gathers his strength and pushes the blast back at Naraku cutting his head in half. Naraku laughs and disappears. Inuyasha arrives and sees Kikyo's bow split in two lying by the ravine. At that moment in the forest, Kagura is sitting in a tree staring at a white furry bundle she has been carrying. A voice from the bundle tells her that Kikyo has been killed. An evil baby smiles back at her.

Chapter 282: 桔梗の命
Kikyo no inochi
(Kikyo's Life)
Inuyasha is shocked to learn that Kikyo has been killed by Naraku. He thinks back to how she told him Naraku would not be able to murder her as long has he still had the feelings of Onigumo within him. Inuyasha is upset with Sesshomaru who he believes just passively watched as Naraku killed Kikyo. Sesshomaru seems indifferent and tells him to take it up with Naraku. Kagome and the others arrive and realize what has happened. Naraku's entire plan was set to lure Kikyo there and kill her. Miroku tells of how Naraku tried to get rid of Onigumo before when he created Muso, but had to reabsorb him because it left him too vulnerable. He explains that within the mountain they saw dozens and dozens of small, white, child-like creatures that seem to have been still born or killed. He explains that those must have been the remains of Onigumo and Naraku's feelings for Kikyo. Without Kikyo to stop him, Naraku no longer fears anyone. Koga takes his leave as Inuyasha goes into the ravine to search for Kikyo's remains. Late that night Inuyasha returns to their camp and finds Kagome waiting up for him. He tells her he was unable to find any traces of Kikyo.

Chapter 283: 犬夜叉の本心
Inuyasha no honshin
(Inuyasha's True Feelings)
In a village one evening with some farmers are harvesting rice. Suddenly a nasty group of demons fly overhead, and once they pass only the skeletons of the farmers are left. The next day the gang comes upon the skeletons. Inuyasha seems very angry as he stares at the bones and thinks about Kikyo. Kagome looks sad as she realizes what Inuyasha is probably thinking about. Miroku and Shippo dig a hole and place all the bones inside when a monk wanders up. He says he saw a miko nearby. This piques Kagome and Inuyasha's interest. Inuyasha thinks he may have been mistaken about Kikyo's death and Kagome gives him permission to go and see while Miroku watches uncomfortably. The others continue on without Inuyasha and soon meet up with men on horseback. Shippo and Kirara hide in the tall grass as the men round up Kagome, Sango, and Miroku, tie them up and take them to a castle. At the castle many people and being judged by a woman watching from the shadows. She judges them and they are beatenwith poles and dropped into a pit with many other bodies. Kagome is taken into the room to see the woman while Kirara and Shippo are flying around searching for Inuyasha. Unfortunately they run into the flying pack of demons that killed the farmers. Suddenly the old priest that told them he had been in touch with Kikyo steps out of the shadows. He then falls to the ground and starts to dissolve revealing Kagura standing behind him. Kagome realizes it was mearly Kagura making use of the deceased man's corpse. The other woman who seemed to be in charge of the executions pulls out a little bundle, and is holding the evil baby. The baby states that he wants Inuyasha to come.

Chapter 284: 心の闇
Kokoro no yami
(Darkness in the Heart)
We open inside the manor house with Kagome bound and looking at the woman with the baby. Kagome realizes he is one of Naraku's children. The baby says that he wants her eyes which shocks Kagome. They start closing in on her and Kagome starts screaming for Miroku and Sango. Outside Miroku and Sango are standing up with their arms tied behind their backs as many samurai with swords drawn surround them. One of the samurai charges Sango and then she pops her switchblade out of her sleeve cutting the ropes. She cuts Miroku loose as well and goes to get their weapons. Miroku then saves the other captives. Inside the baby tells Kagura to cut the ropes binding Kagome. She does and the holds Kagome down while the lady pushes the baby towards her. The baby latches on and hugs her and then everything start getting hazy. Kagome has a vision of Inuyasha walking away and then thinks he's not coming. The baby's eyes open wide as he says that he has "grasped the darkness in her heart" and Kagome's eyes are solid white. She embraces the baby and closes her eyes. In a large field, Inuyasha senses something and notices some demons flying in the distance. Shippo wanders up and tells Inuyasha of the trouble at the castle. Miroku and Sango finish off the samurai as Kagura watches. She goes back inside and Kagome is still holding the baby, who says that the hatred in the castle will grow until all the humans have killed on another.

Chapter 285: 暗示

Inuyasha rushes to the fortress where everyone else is with Kirara and Shippo flying closely behind. He jumps over the gate in a single leap sees Miroku and Sango standing in front of a few villagers they managed to save. There are unconcious bodies all around them, but a large group of archers are taking aim at them. Just then Inuyasha jumps down looking very angry and starts punching the archers in the face sending them flying. Miroku tells Inuyasha that Kagome is inside and he rushes off to save her as he thinks to himself that he can smell Kagura lurking about. Inside Inuyasha finds the woman that had been caring for the baby lying on the floor, with blood streaming from her mouth. He also sees the remains of the old priest that told him Kikyo was still alive partially melted on the floor. At that moment we see Kagura and Kagome zipping through the air on her feather towards a large temple building on the side of a heavily wooded mountain. Inside Kanna is holding her mirror as Kagura walks in with Kagome holding the baby. Kanna gives Kagura a Shikon shard. The baby tells them to place the shard inside of Kagome and then she will be completely under their control. He tells them after this is done, his job will be over and he will need to be placed into hiding. Inuyasha is running through the woods trying to get there in time. Kagome begins to resist the baby, but it begins to prey on her hatred of Kikyo. The baby continues to talk to her as Kagura takes the Shikon shard and holds it against Kagome's forehead. Kagome resists their suggestions and she screams out "I LOVE Inuyasha!!" and just then he punches the door down screaming "Kagome!!!"

Chapter 286: 捨てた心
Suteta Kokoro
(The Discarded Heart)
Inuyasha is sitting in the darkened room holding Kagome. The baby gets Inuyasha angry when he tells him that when he abandoned Kagome to go look for Kikyo it allowed darkness to enter her heart. Just then Miroku and Sango burst in riding on Kirara. Shippo is concerned about Kagome, who is still unconcious and Miroku is surprised to see Kagura and Kanna there. Miroku realizes that this baby is the result of the half developed child-like creatures he saw within Mount Hakurei. He exclaims that this baby is the human heart that Naraku was trying to rid himself of. Miroku and the baby continue to exchange words until the topic of Kikyo comes up and Inuyasha gets really angry and the baby talks about how he is confirms that he is in fact the remains of Naraku's human heart with one exception- he has no feelings for Kikyo. Miroku realizes that the half developed creatures must have contained Onigumo's lust for Kikyo. Inuyasha whips out Tetsusaiga and executes the Wind Scar which makes the baby laugh. A giant sphere of energy shields Kanna, Kagura and the baby from the blast. The sphere sends the Wind Scar back at Inuyasha and the others as they dive out of the way. The whole castle is destroyed as the sphere containing the baby and the ladies flies into the air. The baby tells them they will meet again with a devilish smile and they fly away. A short time later Kagura, Kanna and the baby are riding on her feather. The baby is trying to rest when Kagura asks how he felt things went. She tells him she thought he seemed very powerful. He tells her to stop being so noisy so he can sleep for awhile. He thinks to himself "Kagome's soul is too difficult to take... I used too much power." Kagome wakes up while they are resting by a forest stream. She seems a little angry about Inuyasha leaving them to look for Kikyo. She then leans against Inuyasha and closes her eyes as he notices she has gotten over her anger rather quickly. She tells him she is still angry though, before thinking to herself that is it because she loves him.

Chapter 287: 耳千里
(Thousand-Mile Ears)
Inuyasha has just given Kaede word of Kikyo's death, and she is rather upset about it. They are both sad, and are praying at a small shrine when Kaede mentions that they should never have expected her to return the first time, let alone once more and then mentions that she knows Inuyasha is having a difficult time of it. But whenever he needs Kikyo that he can always return to that altar. In the present Kagome is back in school and her friends notice how melancholy she seems. Back in the past Inuyasha, Sango, and Miroku are discussing the unknown whereabouts of Naraku and the Shikon Shards he now has. At that moment in a swamp an old, grotesque demon emerges from the bog as a vapor cloud descends from the sky with some familar looking wasps swarming around it. The demon says that he knew "he would come". From the cloud comes Naraku, or what is left of him after Sesshomaru demolished him. Only his torso, head and various floating bits are still left. Naraku addresses the the old demon as "Mimisenrei". Naraku says that supposedly the old creature hears everything that goes on in the world and he wants information. The old man compliments him on his new body which pieces itself back together from Sesshomaru's attack. Naraku asks about the whereabouts of the final shard. That night Inuyasha, Miroku, and Sango think about the pieces that they know about but have yet to collect. Kogas two shards and Kohakus. It is mentioned that Kohaku will die without his shard. In the present Kagome stares out the window while she's having trouble concentrating on her studies. Suddenly Inuyasha appears behind her. He wants to go now, but she says the would rather go seperately. Back to the swamp Naraku follows distantly behind Mimisenrei who tells him the final fragment lies between the boundary of this world and the netherworld.

Chapter 288: 鬼女の集落
Oni Onna no Shuuraku
(The Colony of Ogre Women)
The gang wander through the woods where the come upon an old man. The old many tells them about a group of women he saw throwing a corpse into the river. The corpse was wrapped in a straw mat and had been completely skinned leaving just the muscles and bones. He tells them he thinks they were from the Village of the Oni Women. As they walk, they start discussing the Shikon Jewel. Inuyasha asks if Kagome knows where the next fragment might be. Kagome says no, and then she worries about the jewel becoming polluted with evil. At that moment a samurai comes wandering out of the woods following a river. He meets a young girl and asks her if there is a village nearby. The man is taken to the village where he is cared for and fed. He notices that only women seem to live here, and that night while sleeping he notices a strange painting of a woman making mudras (Buddhist hand signs). When he touches the painting it's sticky like mucous and then a woman's head emerges much to his shock. Suddenly all that is left is his body, minus it's skin. Miroku immediately senses something and Inuyasha asks him if he sensed something was wrong, and Miroku said "only for a moment". They find a body in the river, but when Inuyasha proudly fishes it out and shows that he is not dead (or skinned). The man's name is Shinnosuke and tells them that three days after his wedding he was called to fight in a battle. He suffered serious injuries and only how, two years later, has he made his way home. Now he seems to be looking for his fiancee, Wakana. Inuyasha thinks that they should investigate the Oni Village and once they arrive Miroku starts flirting with all the women which frustrates Sango. Eventually it is night time and the head woman tells them they can stay there, but in separate quarters for the men and women. Sango and Kagome think that is odd, but oblige. The young girl that led the samurai to the town is spying on the men and whispers Shinnosuke's name. It is Shinnosuke's fiancee, Wakana. Suddenly the man-eating painting asks her if she wants to return with him. As the painting speaks you can see a bit of skin hanging out of it's mouth with blood trickling down. It tells her it wants her to him bring Shinnosuke there, and the girl nervously agrees.

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