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volume 30
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Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 2002 Vol. 50/51 - Shonen Sunday 2003 Vol.9
Published in English as:
Inuyasha Graphic Novel Vol. 30

Chapter 289: 観音堂
(Hall of the Bodhisattva)
The chapter opens with Sango and Kagome being left along in a little run down hut away from the men. Sango seems frustrated and Kagome starts talking about when Miroku and Sango were laying on top of each other in Mount Hakurei. Sango thinks back and starts blushing with an upset look on her face. Kagome asks Sango if she likes Miroku which makes Sango angry. After she calms down they notice Kirara peeking through a hole in the papered doors. They peek through and see Miroku outside hugging one of the village girls. Meanwhile Inuyasha and Shippo are wrestling around while Shinnosuke looks on. That night Kagome is sitting in bed half alseep thinking about how she feels sorry for Sango and her predicament with Miroku. She looks over at Sango and notices she is suiting up and getting ready to go outside. The girls watch as the village women wander through the street holding torches and looking as if they were under a trance. Sango leaves the doorway and Kagome tells her that she will call Inuyasha and that Miroku should be nearby. Sango tells her she doesn't have time to waste while Kagome searches for Miroku. Inuyasha senses something is wrong and then sees Kagome running up. She tells him that Sango went off alone and Inuyasha follows Kagome out. Shinnosuke wakes up to find his fiancee, Wakana, in the doorway and she says she thought he died in battle. Meanwhile Miroku is being lead to the river by his new ladyfriend and then into the the building with the painting of Kannon. Miroku moves things along quickly and things really start to get hot and heavy between the two. He jokingly says that Kannon will make them pay for what they are about to do in front of her painting, and the girl responds by telling him how funny he is. As Sango crosses the river to get to Miroku all the village women emerge from the water and pull her under. Inuyasha and Kagome arrive right behind her, but did not see her go under. Back in the temple Miroku has taken the girl to the floor. Some smoke comes out of the girls mouth, and Miroku wonders if there is something wrong with her stomach. Suddenly Miroku jumps up as the face come pouring out of the painting. Outside Sango wakes up drenched and chained to a rock on the riverside.

Chapter 290: 腹の中の妖気
Hara no naka no youki
(A Demon in the Belly)
As Inuyasha and Kagome make their way to the river's edge suddenly the women from the village float up from beneath the surface of the water. Inuyasha seems reluctant to fight them though. Meanwhile Sango is chained inside a cave by the village headwoman. The woman pulls out what looks like a long tentacle with eggs inside. She removes one and tries to force Sango to swallow it. Miroku is doing his best to hold off the creature from the painting while the young girl he was with crouches in the corner. Miroku manages to dodge, and attempts to use a sutra to keep it at bay, but the young woman tries to stop him. The creature hears voices the voices of Shinnosuke and his wife Wakana outside. The painting says it is pleased with Wakana for bringing it another man, and Miroku realizes Shinnosuke is in danger and yells out for him to get away. As Wakana opens the door they are standing right in front of the gaping maw of the creature and Miroku yells "Escape!" The trance that Wakana is in seems to be broken as she pushes Shinnosuke out of the way. Miroku says how troublesome this is becoming and decides to unlease the his wind tunnel. Before he can the girl he was with gets in the way and prevents him from doing so. Miroku jumps over her and smashes the creature in the eye with his staff as it bursts forth from the temple. Miroku tells everyone to get away as he notices smoke coming out of the mouth of the girl he came in with. He slugs her hard in the stomach causing her to throw up a small salamander creature. He quickly dashes over to Wakana and Shinnosuke, stands her up, and slugs her as well, which cause her to get sick and puke one out. Outside Inuyasha is doing his best to fight off the women without hurting them. Suddenly a large hanging scroll falls out of the sky and into the water causing a huge salmander like creature to emerge. Shippo exclaims "It's a salamander monster!" The salamander says it will appreciate the flesh of a half-demon. Inside the cave, Sango is hanging from the wall semi-conscious with smoke coming from her mouth. It looks like she swallowed the salamander's egg afterall...

Chapter 291: 珊瑚の行方
Sango no yukue
(Where is Sango?)
Inuyasha is standing before the giant salamander. Suddenly he jumps forward and pulls out the Tetsusaiga, but as soon as he does the village woman burst from the water and block his clear shot. As the women knock into Inuyasha the salamander comes crashing down on the small rock they were standing on, pulverizing it and sending Kagome flying. Inuyasha is too far away to save her, but suddenly someone catches her. Miroku says the demon has shown it's true colors. Miroku takes the hilt of his staff and starts slamming it into the womens stomachs causing them all to get sick. Kagome thinks that the creature's power is somehow connected to Naraku. Miroku asks where Sango is, and Kagome tells him that because he has been so affectionate towards the village women, she became upset, which seems to make Miroku a little uncomfortable. Suddenly Kirara arrives just as Inuyasha uses the Scar of the Wind on the salamander and says he's nothing but a little fish to him. Even with the salamander now mearly hunks of meat the villagers still seem out of it. Miroku jumps on Kirara's back and is surprised when he is taken underwater in search of Sango. When he sees her floating underwater she immediately throws her boomerang at him causing them both to head towards the surface. Miroku sees the smoke coming out of her mouth. Miroku rides towards her telling her to let him help, but she continues the attack. Miroku jumps from Kirara and continues dodging the boomerang before throwing his staff between Sango's legs and tripping her up. While Kagome is tending to the village women Inuyasha suddenly perks up and says he smells blood. Back at the battle Sango has slashed Miroku's arm with her katana. Miroku tells Kirara not to worry and to leave Sango to him.

Chapter 292: 特別なおなご
Tokubetsu na onago
(Unique Among Women)
Miroku stands at the edge of a cliff with Kirara looking on and Sango standing before him with her sword drawn. Smoke escapes from her mouth. Miroku tells her that he will take the salamander out of her stomach when suddenly she dashes towards him almost slicing his head off before he ducks. He quickly snatches his staff off the ground and blocks her next strikes. Miroku manages to knocks her down and gets her sword away from her, but as his fist is coming down to hit her in the stomach she pops her concealed blade out of her forearm and slices him across the face which allows her to escape his hold. She slices again and catches his forearm but he grabs her arm and slugs her to cough up the egg. Inuyasha, Kagome, and Shippo arrive in time for Miroku to explain what has happened. After awhile the others wish Shinnosuke and his wife farewell while Miroku and Sango have some privacy. Sango apologizes, but Miroku says he knows it was his problems with women that lead to this in the first place as Kagome had explained to him. Miroku and Sango share their most intimate moment, and he asks that if they both survive their final battle with Naraku, if she would bear his children. She agrees, and makes him promise to stop chasing other girls. Miroku seems unwilling to promise that though. Meanwhile, in a dark wooded forest... an old priest is wandering around when a shadowy figure suddenly arrives with a knife and brutally slashes him until he is lying dead. It is Kagura and she places the baby onto the priest's dead and bleeding body. The baby is attempting to kill priests and as they die see where their souls go. Doing this he hopes to find the entrance between this world and the next... where the final Shikon shard lies.

Chapter 293: 分断
(Split in Half)
Rumors of Buddhist and Shinto priests being murdered across the countryside have piqued Inuyasha and the other's interests. A villager tells them that supposedly a woman carrying a baby is the one doing the killings. In a temple Kagura and the baby attack a high ranking priest, once again hoping that the baby can find where his soul enters the next world. They mortally wound the priest, but while the baby attempts to look into his heart the priest is able to let out a powerful blast of holy energy which splits the baby in two. The scent of blood leads Inuyasha to the temple where they hear the baby was killed. Elsewhere Kagura meets up with Kanna to tell her what has happened. Kanna takes one half of the baby and tells Kagura it was for the best. She asks that she protect one half of the child while she takes the other.

Chapter 294: 炎蹄
(The Blazing Hoof)
The boys that were present when the priest slew the baby tell Inuyasha and the others that the baby was trying to find the boundary between this world and the neatherworld, according to the priest. As the boys talk, they hear a loud sound. One of the demons that the priest had sealed has escaped, Entei, a large demonic horse. The horse flies out of its mountain prison and soars off before he can be stopped. Elsewhere Kagura watches as the half of the baby she was caring for returns to life. Now he is a somewhat older boy. The demonic horse Entei comes to him and he rides it into battle against Inuyasha.

Chapter 295: 白童子

The boy introduces himself as Hakudoshi and tells them that a mere human priest would never be able to kill him. Hakudoshi spills the beans regarding the border between the two worlds being the location of the Shikon shard. Kagura thinks it was a bad idea to tell them, but Hakudoshi realizes that the more people searching the better his chances are of finding it. Hakudoshi and Kagura quickly make their escape though and continue their search for the barrier. Later a headless demon roams out of the woods and almost attacks Kagome when Inuyasha kills it. On the back of Entei, Hakudoshi has a large collection of demon heads that he has cut off.

Chapter 296: 首のない妖怪
Kubi no nai youkai
(The Headless Demons)
Sesshomaru has left Rin and Jaken because Tenseiga has alerted him to something. Meanwhile Inuyasha and the others pursue reports of another headless demon that is rampaging. They find the creature, but a small otter demon asks them to help him. They kill the rampaging demon and then listen to the small boy, whose name is Kanta. Kanta tells them he was fishing with his father, also a demon, when Hakudoshi cut off his head. Miroku realizes he is using demons, who are more hearty, to search for the barrier's location. If they help the boy reattach the head before his father's body dies, perhaps they can learn where the shard is before Hakudoshi. Shippo tells Kanta not to worry, and tells him about how Inuyasha helped him when his father was killed. As they pick up Kanta's father's scent they detect the smell of blood and worry that the body has been injured. In the distance the body is lying next to Sesshomaru.

Chapter 297: あの世とこの世の境
Ano yo to kono you no sekai
(Between This World and the Next)
The gang tracks down the body and are surprised to see Sessho-maru standing next to it. Kanta tries to attach the head while Sessho-maru watches with disinterest. The head has been seperated too long and will not reattach. Sessho-maru starts to leave, but Kagome and Shippo ask him to use his sword, Tenseiga, to reattach the head. He refuses but then Tenseiga itself signals him that it want's him to save the demons life. He obeys and Kanta's father returns to life. Miroku asks where Kanta's father conciousness had been during this and he told them in was in a world with giant skeletons and mist. Hakudoshi also manages to use the demon's heads he has cut off to find out the location of the neatherworld as well. Kanta and his father say goodbye, as Inuyasha reveals that he and Kagome have actually been to the neatherworld before. It is where his father's grave lies.

Chapter 298: 宝仙鬼
Inuyasha goes to Totosai's home in search of Myoga. Inuyasha tells him they need to return to his father's grave and need the Black Pearl to do so. Myoga tells him that the pearl disappeared once it's purpose was served. He also tells Inuyasha that when Kagome was there with him she did not detect the shard, and he does not believe a shard could actually travel there. Inuyasha gets angry and applies some physicality to make him tell him how he can get there. Myoga recommends he visit Hosenki, the creator of the Black Pearl. The go to visit Hosenki inside in his giant clam shell, but discover that Hosneki has passed away and his son is now in charge of the family business. He is not as skilled has his father though, and will be unable to make another Black Pearl for 100 years. Hakudoshi realizes that the only way though will be passing through "The Gateway," so he sends Kagura to tell Inuyasha about it in hopes that he will open if for him. Everyone realizes it must be a trap, but they seem to have no other choice.

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