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volume 31
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Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 2003 Vol. 10 - 19
Published in English as:
Inuyasha Graphic Novel Vol. 31

Chapter 299: 門の番人
Kado no banjin
(The Gatekeepers)
Inuyasha and the gang are riding on the back of Hatchie, the tanuki as they follow a group of Naraku's wasps towards a large group of volcanos. The wasps fly down towards the volcanoes, and the group follows suite. The wasps disappear inside a small opening, and Miroku and Inuyasha peer down inside. Meanwhile Hakudoshi is monitoring them from afar. Once inside they find a large oval shaped door incircled in chains with two large, statues holding spears next to it. Inuyasha approaches the gate and says that he will use the Wind Scar to open it. As soon as he is about to, a voice asks if he would like to pass through. Suddenly the two statues spring to life and explain that only the deceased may pass through. Myoga tells the group that they are Gozu and Mezu, the guards to of the gate to the underworld. Suddenly they attack, and Inuyasha uses the Wind Scar on them. They are unscathed. Myoga explains that the only way for Inuyasha to pass through the gate is if he is dead or once the doorway has been opened and closed once again.

Chapter 300: 開かれた門
Hirakareta mon
(The Opened Gate)
Everyone stares on as Inuyasha stands before the two giant statues with the chained door to the netherworld behind them. One of them tells him only the deceased may pass. Inuyasha proves to be too quick for them as he springs out of the way of their spear and brings the Tetsusaiga down on one of their necks. The sword mearly clangs off and he is shoved into a wall by the other statue. Miroku shouts "Try this!" and releases the Wind Tunnel. The statues mearly turn and watch as rocks and debris are sucked in and they stand unmoving. The two statues try to crush Miroku and Inuyasha gets free while they are distracted. He springs forward and tries to figure out what to do next when Myoga pops up and tells him to strike the chain on the door with the Wind Scar. Inuyasha powers the blade up and blasts the chain causing it to shatter. Suddenly two blasts of wind almost tear Inuyasha's legs off as Kagura rides into the cave on a sea of demons. The door cracks open and a huge light empties from inside.

Chapter 301: 門のむこう
Mon o mukou
(Beyond the Gate)
Kagura rides the demons towards the light coming from the gate, but as soon as they reach it, the demons begin to shatter as they turn to stone. Kagura dives off in the nick of time and the statues go back to their pedistals and freeze as they were before everyone arrived. Kagura rushes back to Hakudoshi and in a fit of rage uses her fan to slice him in half. All it takes is a glance from him and she doubles over in pain. He reattaches himself and tells her from this day forwards she should mind her manners because he and Naraku are connected. Naraku, wherever he is, started to crush her heart in retaliation for her striking out at Hakudoshi. By a stream down the side of the mountain, Kagome is telling everyone what she she sensed the presense of a shard. Myoga arrives as they are all trying to figure things out. Sango points out that they were supposed to die trying to get the final shard and get them out of the way. Miroku points out that Hakudoshi and Naraku would also be killed if they tried to retrieve it. Inuyasha says there must be another way to get through, because the same fate awaits all who would enter through the gate. They decide that there must be another path- the same path the Shikon shard took to get to the other side. Meanwhile a small military unit is traveling through the night. One man spots something and wonders if they are birds. Suddenly the flock of pterodactyl looking demons swoop down on them and suck their blood. A sexy looking woman with mussed up hair lands with them and watches. She tells them not to leave a single drop of blood behind. It is the demon princess of birds, Abi. Suddenly Naraku arrives with her and asks her to build a path for him so he can reach the underworld.

Chapter 302: 阿毘姫
Abi Hime
(Princess Abi)
Inuyasha and the others come upon the remains of a destroyed village. They find the dried up corpses that have been drained of all their blood and immediately know that it has been the work of a demon. Meanwhile on a cliffside Naraka floats in his bubble while Abi's birds try to attack him to no avail. He and Abi talk calmly. Naraku says that he will help her gather blood to speed her poisoned mother's recovery, if she builds his path for him. He creates a halbeard from bones within his body and gives it to Abi. Inuyasha and the others are taking a rest in a village. Suddenly the pterodactyl creatures attack the village and everyone rushes outside. Inuyasha uses the Wind Scar to kill quite a few of them. Suddenly another flock can been seen glowing in the distant night sky. As they get closer it is obvious that they have caught on fire. They kamikaze into the straw roofs of the houses settting them ablaze. Miroku unleashes his Air Rip and sucks up quite a few, but out of nowhere the a group of Naraku's Hell Wasps arrive. Abi arrives and shouts at them for interfereing. Inuyasha calls her one of Naraku's stooges and that the Hell Wasps are proof of that. Abi gets more and more angry and then she pulls her hand forward. It has transformed into a giant bird's talon. Slowly she is transforming into a more powerful form.

Chapter 303: 三叉戟
San sageki
(The Trident)
Inuyasha and Abi battle each other, and she is surprised that a half demon could be so powerful. Inuyasha uses the Wind Scar, but the halbeard Naraku gave Abi creates a barrier to protect her. After this Abi decides to retreat. The gang puts two and two together and realizes that Abi's blood harvesting must have something to do with erecting a passage to the underworld for Naraku. Meanwhile in a field Rin and Jaken are sitting in a field. Suddenly strong wind comes up and Kagura arrives. Jaken asks if she has come to kidnap Rin again. Jaken says that Sesshomaru would wring Kagura's neck if he came back. Kagura seems to lose interest and immediately flies away. As Kagura flies off the recalls how Hakudoshi was sliced in two by her winds, but he did not die. And then she remembers that the baby had previously been cut into two pieces and split and seperated between herself and Kanna. She realizes that Naraku made Kanna keep a piece of baby-Hakudoshi, and that because he trusts Kanna so much, that that piece must somehow be the key keeping him alive (or killing him). Late one night in a village a woman is asking why she can not hear her baby crying. She is lying under a blanket and looking rather tired. An elderly man says "Ogukata-sama, your child was stillborn." She becomes bery upset and as everyone tries to console her suddenly their spirts begin to be sucked from their bodies towards the door. The woman looks up horrified and sees Kanna standing in the doorway, the spirits entering her mirror. Kohaku stands behind her carrying a bundle with a baby's head peeking out of the blanket. The baby is Hakudoshi, and recreated from the half of the baby Kanna took.

Chapter 304: 聖さまの里
Hijiri-sama no sato
(The Village of the Holy Woman)
In the village the woman is remembering how Kanna gave her the baby as the father holds his new "son" proudly. They seem to be an important, high-ranking family. The father says he has posted extra guards to protect his new son and wife. Meanwhile Inuyasha and the others are rushing across a winding mountain path in pursuit of Abi who retreated. Kagome wonders where her nest might be. On the path they encounter an elderly couple and children that escaped from the village. They have to carry them since they seem to tired to go on. The man seems to say that there is a Village of the Saint (Hijiri-sama's Village) where they can get protection from Abi's birds. Miroku asks if it is the home of a priest, but the old man says he isn't sure, and has only heard rumors about it. The old woman says that the saint of the village is always hidden under a hood and robe, and no one has heard their voice. Sango points out that perhaps everyone has heard this rumor and is heading for that village. They realize that Abi will probably attack there since so many people will be seeking shelter. Sure enough Hakudoshi is watching from high up on the cliff as they people below make their way around the winding mountain pass. Kagura asks what they should do, and he tells her to watch. Drop by drop each of these peoples blood will help build a path to the netherworld. Suddenly the birds begin to flock overhead and just as they are going to attack Inuyasha and Sango come to their rescue. A blast of wind hits the ground and Inuyasha looks up to see Kagura flying on her feather with Hakudoshi riding his giant horse in the sky. Kagome realizes that Abi must be heading for the village right now, and Hakudoshi says she is correct. Inuyasha uses the Wind Scar on him, but his barrier mearly reflects it. Off in the distance a young girl watches. It is one of the village saint's attendants. The saint sits on a horse carrying a bow. It slowly slots an arrow, and cracks and bandages can be seen on it's fingers. The saint is wearing elaborate robes and a hood, under the hood is a black veil that obscures all but the outline of the saint's face. It appears to be Kikyo.

Chapter 305: 残された矢
Nokosareta ya

(An Abandoned Arrow)
Hakudoshi is riding on his horse, Entei, with Inuyasha standing on a rock jutting out from the cliff side trying to protect the villagers. Hakudoshi tells him that the Wind Scar won't harm him, so Inuyasha begins to power up the Tetsusaiga to break his barrier. Hakudoshi tells him to abandon the humans because they are about to become bird food. The Tetsusaiga glows red as Inuyasha sends another wave of energy to slash the barrier. Again, nothing happens as Hakudoshi smiles on. Even Kagura is shocked that Inuyasha could not penetrate the barrier. Suddenly an arrow flies in and shatters Hakudoshi's barrier leaving he and his horse, Entei, vulnerable. Inuyasha does not miss his chance as he sends the Wind Scar slicing through Hakudoshi and Entei. As chunks of their bodies fall to the earth, Hakudoshi's head yells out for Kagura to retreat. Inuyasha notices the arrow stuck in the cliff side and looks to see where it came from. On the other side the Saint leaves on their horse and turns back to look at Inuyasha. Meanwhile in a small house on the cliff side Kagura is staring at a small sphere containing Hakudoshi's head and various ribbons of his flesh. Hakudoshi begins to piece himself back together and wonders who could have been strong enough to do such a thing. Kagura watches carefully as his body reforms and notices that he has no inner workings, he is more or less hollow. She realizes that his heart must be kept elsewhere. Everyone looks at the arrow Inuyasha is holding and Kagome realizes that if Inuyasha's red Tetsusaiga could not cut the barrier, then maybe Kikyo could. Inuyasha says that Kikyo's scent is not on the arrow. He says whoever they are they must be an ally, but he does not recognize the scent. The villagers start piping up and saying it was the saint's divine protection. Miroku says they should get going since the birds are probably on their way to the village. Meanwhile the Saint is quickly heading back. The small girl leading her horse seems to be flying a few feet above the ground. The attendant tells the Saint they are almost back and seems to be telling him/her to hang in there as if they were ill.

Chapter 306: 里の結界
Sato no kekkai
(The Village Shield)
The gang heads to the town The Saint is supposed to be protecting hoping they can meet the person that must have destroyed Hakudoshi's barrier. Inside a cave, one of the Saint's attendants has errected a barrier over the entrance to a cave to protect the villagers. Abi grows impatient, and sets her birds aflame, which causes the villagers to panic and leave the safety of the barrier. The Saint arrives and chases Abi away by destorying her birds. Just then the group arrives but the villagers tell them that the Saint has already moved on. That night, they discuss the possibilities of Kikyo being the Saint. Inuyasha is not sure what he will do if that is the case, but everyone decides they will try to see out Abi's nest since that is where the Saint is supposedly going as well.

Chapter 307: 禁域の山
Kiniki no yama
(The Forbidden Mountain)
Late at night two villagers lead Kaede up a small slope to a shine. They tell her very strange things are going on, and that they saw an odd light in the sky. Kaede is led to Kikyo's shrine where she sees two girls that look like the Saint's assistants holding two pots. On of the men exclaims that they are demons, and then they begin to fly away, a trail of light following behind them. She says they aren't demons as they fly away. She says she did not sense any malicious intent from them as they left. The village kneels with his torch and points out that one they had been digging the earth up around the shrine. Meanwhile Inuyasha and the others are coming into a forest clearing when they notice a few large serpentine dragons flying off in the distance with some of Naraku's wasps. Inuyasha says that they are most likely searching for the Saint. Off they go and when they arrive they see the Saint's two assistants, the same ones that stole the earth from Kikyo's shrine, kneeling before a waterfall on the mountain. The two girls pour the contents of their urns (soil) into the water and suddenly the dragons and demons that were flying overhead catch sight of them. As the demons bear down on the mountain in front of Inuyasha and the others a powerful arrow rips the beasts apart. Inuyasha takes Kagome off his back and sets her on Kirara and tells everyone else to get out of there and look for the Saint while he deals with the demons. He wipes out the demons with the Wind Scar. As chunks of the demons fall Inuyasha turns to run off as he thinks to himself that he needs to meet the Saint to confirm everything. Suddenly he stops cold in his tracks. He stands with opened-mouth as the Saint sits before him.

Chapter 308: 滝壺
(The Waterfall Basin)
Inuyasha stares at the Saint and her two assistants. He asks the Saint to show him her face, believing it to be Kikyo. Elsewhere Miroku, Sango, Shippo, and Kirara are fleeing from the demons that are pursuing them. Sango tells Shippo and Kagome to wait behind a tree while she and Miroku get rid of the demons. Shippo gets afraid when he sees a light glowing deep in the forest and tells Kagome there are some demons nearby. She turns and gets ready to fire her arrow when she sees what the glow is coming from- Kikyo's Soul Skimmers. Suddenly Kagome disappears through a barrier leaving them behind. Inuyasha realizes that Kikyo did not die afterall, and just as he realizes this two blasts of wind fly out of the sky and cut the Saint's in two from the shoulders up. As the robes fall from the Saint's face she falls to the ground, Inuyasha can clearly see that it is Kikyo. He dashes over to her head and pulls back the cloth, but there is nothing there. Only a small paper doll. Kagura tells Inuyasha that the reason the arrow was able to pass through Hakudoshi's barrier and destroy Entei was because it was coated in the soil from Onigumo's cave. Kagura says that only Kikyo could do such a thing with the soil from the cave, and use Onigumo's love of Kikyo against Naraku. As Kagura leaves she smiles as she thinks to herself that Naraku's biggest nuisance is still alive. Inuyasha watches as the two girls fade away. Elsewhere Kagome is following the Soul Skimmers through the woods when she comes to a waterfall. The same one the two girls brought the soil to earlier. She peers into the water and sees Kikyo, fully clothed with her eyes closed beneath the surface. Kagome asks if she is still alive and then a voice comes from behind her. The two girls tell her that Kikyo's life is coming to an end. They tell Kagome that she has to make a choice... to save Kikyo or not.

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