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volume 32
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Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 2003 Vol. 20 - 30
Published in English as:
Inuyasha Graphic Novel Vol. 32

Chapter 309: 選択
(The Choice)
Kagome turns to the two girls behind her and asks what has happened to Kikyo. She tells her that after Mount Hakurei collapsed Kikyo was run through by Naraku's tentacles and fell into the miasma filled chasm. Because her body is made from grave soil, it was not so easily dissolved. The miasma intered through her chest wound though, and continues to spread throughout her body. Kagome says she understands and climbs into the pool of water. She says that the water is causing her pain when she enters it. Kagome moves her hand to touch Kikyo's breast where Naraku's miasma is leaking from her into the water, and suddenly she is pulled against Kikyo and they sink deeper into the water. Kagome watches as the water turns black, and Naraku's miasma fills the area around them. In the blackness of the miasma Kagome sees some sparkling light and reaches for it. The two girls shadowy figures can be seen from above and they tell Kagome to put her hand with the light into Kikyo's chest. Kagome shoves Kikyo's the light into the hole and the miasma blows forth from her chest trying to keep her soul out. Kagome struggles to put it in. She keep telling herself how much it physically hurts to do this, due to the miasma. She looks at Kikyo's chest and notices that the wound has disappeared, but some miasma is continuing to leak out. She tries one final time as she presses both hands against Kikyo's chest, trying to force her soul back in and more miasma spews out. Kikyo begins to stir and the water becomes clean. Kagome thinks to herself that Kikyo will be okay, and that is good. Kagome awakens laying next to the waterfall. She sees Kikyo standing with the two girls and calls out to her. Kikyo is quite cruel to Kagome, and refuses to thank her for saving her life. She tells her that Inuyasha is coming to see Kagome and begins to leave. When Kagome demands to know where she is going, she tells her she needs to recover her strenght. As she leaves, she feels the warmth in her chest where Kagome healed her wound.

Chapter 310: 苛立つ心
Iradatsu Kokoro
(The Angry Heart)
Inuyasha finds Miroku and is shocked to hear that Kagome passed through a barrier. Shippo tells him she was following Kikyo's soul skimmers when she disappeared, which surprises him. Meanwhile Kagome is still sitting at the waterfall thinking about what Kikyo said to her. Kagome is upset about Kikyo's attitude, and says that she will not let her make a fool out of her. When Inuyasha arrives Kagome can tell he is curious about Kikyo after she admits she was there. She gets angry and tells Inuyasha that she hates him when she thinks he is only interested in Kikyo's condition. At first Inuyasha and everyone else are taken aback by what Kagome said, but then he gets angry and starts yelling at her saying he doesn't know what her problem is. Kagome tells him to "sit" as Sango, Miroku, and Shippo watch. Later, everyone has left Kagome alone and Miroku asks Inuyasha if after he heard Kikyo was alright, he did not feel the need to pursue her. He said he wouldn't have because of the way Kagome looked. Sango asks if Kagome had been laughing and happy when they arrived if Inuyasha would have gone after Kikyo then. He just stares at the ground without answering. Meanwhile Kagome is still sitting by the water fall with her face buried in her arms. She is thinking how she feels like the lowest of the low now. She thinks that because she was sitting there alone she let her feelings build up and made her have her tantrum. She thinks she probably doesn't hate him. She looks up and sees him sitting in front of her with his back to her. He asks her if she is still mad, and she responds by asking him if he hasn't gone looking for Kikyo yet. He tells Kagome that at the base of the mountain he met The Saint, and found out it was a puppet version of Kikyo. He says that the two little girls told him Kikyo had been poisoned by Naraku's miasma and that she was slowly dying. Kagome tells him what happened when she found Kikyo, and how she purified her wound. He asks if she really did that, and she says she did. She can tell he is worried and tells him to go after Kikyo. He refuses and forcefully tells her that if she helped Kikyo, then Kikyo will be fine, therefore he has no reason to chase after her. Inuyasha starts to get angry again, and asks if she remembers what she said to him. That she hated him. She says she had forgotten about it, and he is shocked because he says that it hurt him that she would say that. Back at Abi's mother's cave...Abi's mother asks if Abi has killed Naraku yet. Abi tells her that gathering the human's blood needed to dilute the poison from her mother has been difficult to gather. Her mother asks if she has tried attacking the castle. Abi seems to be unaware of such a place, and her mother tells her it is a very suspicious place, and that perhaps Naraku is somehow connected to it.

Chapter 311: 城
(The Castle)
The lady of the castle watches over her newborn child and thinks back to when she saw all her attendants killed. She vaguely remembers Kanna and Kohaku giving her the baby she assumes is her own, but her memory seems like a dream. Kohaku has been told to stay at the castle to guard the baby, who is actually the child half of Hakudoshi. An old man befriends Kohaku as he works at menial chores around the castle. Inuyasha and the others come to the town where the castle lies hoping to find some information regarding Abi's nest, but the townspeople seem to know nothing. In a small hut on the mountain Kagura is thinking over where Hakudoshi's heart must be kept and how he cannot die unless it is destroyed. Soon she sees Princess Abi heading towards teh castle and the young boy half of Hakudoshi tells Kagura to follow her and see what she is up to. Kagura does as she is told and is surprised to see Abi kill some of Naraku's wasps when the get too close. She realizes that Abi has betrayed Naraku. That evening Abi's birds attack the castle and Kohaku saves the old man from being killed. As soon as he does, a Naraku's voice booms in his head to go and protect the baby Hakudoshi from the birds. Outside Inuyasha and the others have seen the birds and are going to the castle to help out. As they do Kagome senses a Shikon shard and realizes it must be Kohaku's.

Chapter 312: 命令
Kohaku dashes out into the courtyard as Naraku orders him to protect the baby. Outside of the castle Kagome tells Sango that she thinks Kohaku is inside. She wonders if he is still being forced to carry out one of Naraku's plans. As they arrive outside of the castle, they see thousands of birds swarming around it. As they jump over the castle wall Inuyasha tells Sango to go after Kohaku and unleashes the Scar of the Wind ripping the birds to pieces. Inuyasha quickly spots Abi who was shielded from his attack by the halbeard. Abi realizes that it may come in handy afterall. She asks Inuyasha if he is really Naraku's enemy, they why is he protecting the castle. Inuyasha demands to know what Naraku has to do with the castle, and wants to know instead why she is helping him. Abi has finally heard enough and attacks Inuyasha. He uses the Scar of the Wind, but she simply moves right though it with her shield, and slashes his shoulder with the halbeard. As they battle each other, her birds catch fire and begin to dive bomb the house where the mother is hiding with baby Hakudoshi. One of the birds flies in through and open door, and just as it does Kohaku slices it's head off. He tells her to get outside quickly, and that he has orders to protect them. Kohaku slams through the sliding doors and starts killing birds as the women follow him outside. Some of the castle guards run up as the see them, and Kohaku tells them everyone is safe. The lady of the castle tells the guards that Kohaku saved them all, and thanks him. In a burning doorway, Kanna is standing holding her mirror. She says that the castle has fallen. Suddenly a flash goes over Kohaku as his Shikon shard glows. He seems to be in a trance. The guards have formed encircled him and the lady of the castle to protect them. Naraku's voice tells him to murder everyone around him and take the baby. Sango rides in with Kirara hoping to find Kohaku.

Chapter 313: 罪の記憶
Tsuki no kioku
(Restored Memory)
As Sango rushes to find her brother she thinks back to how all this began. She remembers how Kohaku killed her father and their two friends because of Naraku, and then nearly killed her. Sango thinks that even with all that, he is still the only brother she has, she only prays that he has not done even worse things since then. Kohaku stands in the center of the guards with all the women, the lady of the castle, and baby Hakudoshi. The men are talking of how the baby did not even get a scratch when suddenly their heards are sliced off. Again Kohaku hears Naraku's voice telling him to take the baby and kill everyone. Kohaku tries to resist, but Naraku simply answers, "Kill them." And Kohaku does. First he slices the male guards heads off, and then when the female spear unit tries to stop him he murders them too. By the time he is finished he has murdered many men and women and is covered in blood. Just as he is about to strike the lady of the castle, Sango arrives and yells out to her brother. He turns and recognizes her as the person he has seen many times before. Sango looks at the decapitated bodies and realizes it was not the birds that did this, it was Kohaku. With Kohaku's back turned, the woman runs as fast as she can. She escapes out of the castle's courtyard but runs straight into Kanna. Kanna takes her soul as Kagura flies unnoticed above. "What is Kanna doing here?" she wonders. Then she notices her taking a small bundling from the woman. She immediately realizes it is Hakudoshi's other half. Naraku's wasps arrive and Kagura is surprised when they order her to pick up Kohaku. Sango sadly looks at her brother and says "Kohaku... you've done it again." Kohaku stands unflinchingly. "Again?" Suddenly images of killing the other exterminators and his father flash into his mind. A chill comes over him and he grabs his head. Then he remembers trying to kill a girl. With his sickle stuck in her back, the faceless girl turns to look at him, and then her face appears. It's Sango. Kohaku's mouth drops open and he looks as if he is about to be sick. A gust of wind blows past Sango and Kohaku disappears. Kagura carries him off on her feather as he stares back at his sister who is calling out to him. Kohaku now remembers everything.

Chapter 314: 解けた呪縛
Toketa Jubaku
(A Broken Spell)
As Inuyasha chases away Princess Abi from the fallen castle, Kagome senses that Kohaku's Shikon shard has is also departing. Kagura carries the boy back with her and also brings baby Hakudoshi as well. Kagura warns Kohaku that if he continues to follow Naraku blindly he will wind up dead. Kohaku says that he is sick of living like he is and no longer cares. Kohaku now remembers all the atrocious things that he has done, and he seems unable to cope. Kagura inquires about why he had been with the baby, and he seems surprised to meet the slighly older Hakudoshi. Kagura quickly puts two and two together and realizes that the baby contains not only Hakudoshi's heart, but also Naraku's as well.

Chapter 315: 鳥の巣の臭い
Tori no su no nioi

(The Scent of the Nest)
Princess Abi returns to her nest to talk with her mother, who is gradually recovering from the poison she injested. Abi's mother tells her that Naraku has lifted the barrier that was hiding their nest from detection. Inuyasha and the others discuss the alliance between Abi and Naraku, while Sango sits alone, wondering about Kohaku and whether she might be able to save him. Miroku comforts her, and much to everyone's shock, instead of trying to grope her bottom, he puts his arm around her shoulder and sits with her. Later that night, Inuyasha is visited by two girls, Kikyo's assistants. They take him to see Kikyo, who is still recovering from Naraku's miasma. She asks Inuyasha about Naraku's latest plan, and when she learns that he is trying to reach the next world, she warns him not to take Kagome with him.

Chapter 316: 託された矢
Takusareta ya
(The Arrow Passes On)
Kikyo tells Inuyasha that she believes Naraku will use Kagome to find the final Shikon shard if she travels into the underworld with the others. Therefore she feels she should go instead. It is apparent that Kikyo is still physically weak though, and Inuyasha begs her not to strain herself, and tells her he does not want to risk loosing her yet again. She gives Inuyasha a special arrow for Kagome to use. It is covered with Onigumo's grave soil and is similar to the arrow she used to kill Entei, Hakudoshi's horse. Sesshomaru arrives with Jaken and faintly smells Naraku's scent mixed in with that of Abi's birds. Inuyasha tries to warn Kagome about the danger they will soon be facing, but she insists on coming with them to the otherside. At Abi's nest Naraku arrives. Abi tells him that her mother would like to greet him personally as the cave begins to rumble.

Chapter 317: 鉄鶏
(The Steel Fowl)
Tekkei, Princess Abi's mother is fully revived after drinking in the blood of all the humans slain by her daughter. Naraku arrives outside their nest and Tekkei quickly attacks him now that he is of no use to them. She devours Naraku, barrier and all. Soon Inuyasha and the others arrive and Myoga tells them that Tekkei is related to the birds of hell and hence is a barrier connecting both worlds. When they arrive at the nest Naraku bursts forth from Tekkei's body killing her. Then he quickly makes short work of Abi by running her through with his tentacles. He annouces that he can now travel to the underworld where the final Shikon shard lies.

Chapter 318: 血の河
Chi no kawa
(The River of Blood)
Naraku decides not to waste anymore time, as he decapitates Tekkei, spewing forth a river of blood from her neck. Naraku simply smiles as he enters the river, this is boundary between worlds. Inuyasha and the others quickly follow him, while Shippo notices that screaming faces are appearing on the surface of the blood. Myoga warns them that once they enter the next world, they may not be able to find a way back, but none of the group is concerned with that right now. Shortly after departing, Sesshomaru arrives with Jaken and Rin. The river has now dissapeared, and only Tekkei's body remains. Kagura calls out to Sesshomaru, and tells him that there is another way to cross over, but it might be too dangerous, even for him. Kagome and the others arrive and can see Inuyasha's Father's remains in the distance when suddenly huge diamond spears begin hurling their way. The group does their best to avoid them and make their way toward Inuyasha's father's skeleton. Once they arrive they find the demon behind the spears, a skull embedded within the breastplate of Inuyasha's father. It is defending the shard in the grave.

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