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volume 33
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Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 2003 Vol. 31 - 40
Published in English as:
Inuyasha Graphic Novel Vol. 33

Chapter 319: かけらの意思
Kakera no ishi
(The Will of the Shard)
The skull attatched to Inuyasha's father's chest readies to attack, but when he discovers that this is Inuyasha he pauses. Myoga discovers that this mysterious demon is Hosenki, the creator of the Black Pearl that first allowed Inuyasha to travel to the netherworld. Kagome sees that Hosenki is holding the final shard that they have been searching for. Hosenki tells them that he has the power to speak with jewels and as he lay dying a shard of the Shikon Jewel found it's way to him and asked him not to let the jewel be completed due to Naraku holding the majority of the shards. Hosenki attacks Inuyasha refusing to give up his shard, but soon it's aura becomes dark and Kagome senses the presense of Naraku's shards all around them, corrupting Hosenki's piece.

Chapter 320: 届かぬ矢
Todokanu ya
(The Arrow that Fell Short)
Inuyasha attacks Hosenki with the Scar of the Wind but seems to do no damage. Hosenki retaliates with an attack that destroys the skeletal bird Inuyasha was riding on. The Shikon shard is quickly devouring Hosenki's soul, turning him evil. Inuyasha lands on his arm and begins running up it, towards Hosenki's head. Inuyasha and Sango draw Hosenki's attacks, while Kagome attempts to purify the shard by firing an arrow at it. The arrow hits, but has no effect. Myoga tells Kagome that Hosenki's demon powers are stronger than her spiritual powers and so Kagome decides to increase her attack. She remembers the arrow Kikyo gave her, but when she tries to fire it, the arrow electrocutes her. Inuyasha is surprised, but notices that Hosenki is trying to cover the area where Kagome's arrow first struck him. He tells Kagome to fire another of her arrows at the spot, and she complies. The damage allows Inuyasha to perform the Scar of the Wind again and he rushes to claim the shard. Just as he does, Hosenki knocks him down and proclaims that they are all being manipulated by the jewel.

Chapter 321: 広がる汚れ
Hirogaru kegare
(The Spreading Taint)
Kagura travels with Jaken and Sesshomaru to the mountain where Gozu and Mezu guard the gateway to the underworld. He decides that this is his only way to make the journey and decides to challenge the statues. Elsewhere Inuyasha falls while battling Hosenki leaving Naraku free to take the Shikon shard. Kagome tries to stop him, but cannot. Naraku explains that the damage Inuyasha and the others did to Hosenki is what will allow him to retrieve the shard. Just then the Scar of the Wind comes barreling out of nowhere and Inuyasha comes flying in on another bird. Tetsusaiga slowly becomes red and he swings it with the intent to break Naraku's barrier.

Chapter 322: 破れぬ結界
Yaburenu kekkai
(The Unbreakable Shield)
Inuyasha swings at Naraku with the red Tetsusaiga, but the barrier is unbroken, just as it had failed to cut Hakudoshi's. In Inuyasha's frustration he sends out another useless Scar of the Wind, but Naraku absorbs the attack and then sends it back at Inuyasha and the others. Just as he does, Inuyasha unleashes the Bakuryuu-ha which he had not yet tried against Naraku. Once again the effort is in vain and Naraku forces Hosenki's antlers into Inuyasha. Out of strength, Inuyasha collapses and is at Naraku's mercy. Meanwhile at the gate bridging the two worlds Sesshomaru is facing Gozu and Mezu. He quickly realizes that Tokijin his killing blade cannot hurt the statues, but Tenseiga, his blade of healing can. Gozu and Mezu stop fighting and submit to Sesshomaru, allowing him to pass through the gate which does not turn him to stone as it has done to previous unlawful enterers. Upon seeing this Kagura realizes that only Sesshomaru will be able to destroy Naraku.

Chapter 323: 最後のかけら
Saigo no kakera
(The Final Shard)
Naraku attempts to take the corrupted shard from Hosenki, as Inuyasha looks on, helpless to do anything against Naraku's barrier. As Naraku extends a tentacle, Sango throws her Hiraikotsu and lops the tentacle off, but Naraku quickly recovers and takes the final shard from Hosenki's body. Naraku laughs and tosses Hosenki at Inuyasha, sending them both colliding into the skeleton of Inuyasha's father. Miroku decides to use his Wind Tunnel, but Naraku quickly produces a nest of Saimyosho, and Naraku tells him to choose between death by the poison of the insects, or to live, wandering through the underworld forever. Naraku confides to the group that he alone can pass back into the realm of the living. Inuyasha curses him, when out of nowhere, a blast flies at Naraku's barrier, and Naraku finally shows a bit of nervousness, as Sesshomaru appears holding the Tokijin. Sesshomaru sees Inuyasha watching him from inside their father's skeleton, and quickly rushes him, punching his younger brother in the face. Sesshomaru curses Inuyasha for damaging their father's grave as he flies back up to face Sesshomaru. Inuyasha, Kagome, Miroku, Sango, Shippo and Jaken can do nothing but watch, when suddenly Hosenki's head asks Inuyasha if he has any power left to fight.

Chapter 324: 試される資格
Tamesareru shikaku
Sesshomaru begins his assault on Naraku using the Tokijin, the attack from the blade is strong enough to cause Naraku's shield to quiver, but not strong enough to destroy it. As Inuyasha and Kagome watch the battle, Hosenki tells Inuyasha that he must use Tetsaiga on him before the shard is absorbed into the almost completed Shikon Jewel, he goes on to explain that if Inuyasha slays him with the Tetsaiga, his demonic powers will be added to the blade. Inuyasha brings his blade down on Hosenki's diamond covered skeleton, sending shards flying out, cutting Inuyasha. Much to everyone's surprise, the Tetsaiga has no effect on Hosenki. Outside, the battle between Sesshomaru and Naraku rages on, Naraku smiles and sends three snake-like tentacles at Sesshomaru, who quickly cuts them apart, sending miasma spewing to the ground, almost hitting Miroku, Sango and Jaken. Sesshomaru asks Naraku if he really thought the miasma would effect him, but Naraku only smiles and reveals that it was the onlookers he was hoping to catch with his attack. Below, Jaken and Miroku have stopped moving, but Sango has managed to put on her mask, and Kagome fires an arrow into the miasma in order to purify it. Naraku tells Sesshomaru that everytime he attacks him, more miasma will form, and Kagome no longer has any arrows with which to purify it, except Kikyo's arrow, which has rejected her. Sesshomaru however, could care less for the humans below, and continues his assault. Inuyasha rushes in to protect everyone from the miasma, while Hosenki grows weaker now that the Shikon shard has been removed, he implores Inuyasha to hurry and add his powers to the Tetsusaiga.

Chapter 325: 金剛槍破

(Diamond Spears)
The miasma drifts from Naraku down towards the group on the ground, as Inuyasha stands ready to defends his friends. Hosenki begins to taunt Inuyasha, calling him a mere half-demon who couldn't wield his power even if he had it. Inuyasha unleashes the Kaze no Kizu against the miasma, pushing it back, while Naraku just laughs. Suddenly though, shards of diamond fly through the air and tear through his barrier, destorying it. Tetsusaiga has become encased in crystal, and Hosenki explains that it is because Inuyasha wasn't driven by the desire to merely power up the sword. As he begins to die, Hosenki tells Inuyasha that he will inherit his power, Kongosoha. Inuyasha wastes no time in testing his new technique, unleashing the Kongosoha against Naraku, who's body is heavily damaged. Sesshomaru strikes with Tokijin, ripping Naraku's remains into bits, which remain floating in mid-air. Among the flesh is a dark jewel fragment, which Kagome notices is the one taken from Hosenki. Suddenly, the arrow Kikyo gave her begins to pulsate and Kagome knows what she must do. She fires the arrow at the shard, and when it strikes it creates blinding light. After the light fades, Naraku's remains and the arrow are nowhere to be found, but the purified Shikon shard drifts toward the ground below.

Chapter 326: 帰還
(The Way Home)
Kagura watches Hakudoshi floating in midair inside his barrier. She secretly wishes that Naraku would die while seeking out the shard lost in the underworld. Suddenly the arrow Kagome fired in the other world lodges into Hakudoshi's chest while Naraku's destroyed body slowly materializes within Hakudoshi's barrier. Naraku says that if the barrier had been destroyed just a little sooner he would have been unable to return to the living world. Meanwhile in the underworld Inuyasha makes his peace with Hosenki. They managed to keep Naraku from gaining the Shikon shard he was seeking, but now are worried about becoming trapped. Hosenki tells them to follow Sesshomaru to the barrier and travel through it with him before the barrier closes. They chase after Inuyasha's elder brother, while Sango realizes that the only way to keep Naraku from using the power of the Shikon Jewel will be to destroy it, but doing so will destroy her brother, Kohaku, as well. Meanwile Narku realizes that only Kikyo's arrow could have been so powerful. His biggest threat still lives but he deduces she must still be weak and in hiding. Kagura realizes that baby Hakudoshi must hold Naraku and older Hakudoshi's hearts within it's tiny body. She tries to goad Kohaku into taking some action against the child. Kohaku decides that he must not blow his cover and pretend to still be under Naraku's control. At this time Naraku orders Hakudoshi and Kohaku to go and hunt down the recovering Kikyo and kill her.

Chapter 327: 厨子鼠
Zushi nezumi
(The Shrine Rat)
Hakudoshi and Kohaku venture in search of Kikyo and find a large rat demon dressed as a Buddhist priest. Kohaku slices the rat's head off and following Hakudoshi's orders removes the box from the creature's back. Elsewhere Inuyasha is searching for Kikyo alone while the others wait for him at the edge of the forest. When Inuyasha reports back Kagome thinks that he is lying when he says Kikyo was not around. The two argue, even though Inuyasha is telling the truth and was unable to find Kikyo. Eventually the group comes to a village where demonic rats are running amok devouring people and livestock. Inuyasha slices the rats just as Sango warns him not to. Being a demon exterminator, Sango knows that these rats will multiple when cut to pieces. She explains that only poisonous gas will kill these types of demons. Miroku uses his air rip to suck up all the rats and Sango explains that a larger rat carries these rats within it's box and unleashes them to feed on humans and animals. Inuyasha can smell an ever increasing number of rodents a good distance away. At the scene Hakudoshi and Kohaku have opened the box and an unending stream of the vermin are spilling out devour villages and leaving nohting in their wake. Hakudoshi tells Kohaku that this will surely lure Kikyo into the open.

Chapter 328: 魔寄せ
(The Demon Lure)
Sango and Miroku watch helplessly as the rats cover and destroy everything in sight. She explains that if she could find the box they were being released from and destroy it, the rats would vanish. As Inuyasha, Kagome, and Shippo wait for Sango and Miroku to return, they notice some of Naraku's wasps buzzing in the sky. Miroku deduces correctly that Naraku seems to by trying to lure someone out, and Inuyasha and Kagome soon realize it must be Kikyo he is seeking. On a mountain top, Kikyo and her two assistants, Kocho and Asuka watch the destruction. Inuyasha notices that the rats seem to be grouping together and heading to a certain location, and Miroku explains that a spell must have been cast to group them together so they can be terminated. The only person strong enough to perform such a spell is Kikyo. While the others go in search of Kikyo, Sango volunteers to go and find the source of the rats and destroy it. Kagome, Shippo, and Inuyasha come to a tree that appears to reach into the clouds, and find the rats desperately climbing up it. Meanwhile at the box Hakudoshi senses that Kikyo has emerged and commands Kohaku to stay and watch over the box while he goes to find her. Kohaku wants to close the box, but realizes that Naraku's wasps are watching him. He can not allow Naraku to know he has regained his memory. Just then Sango arrives, and believes her little brother has caused this massive slaughter.

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