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volume 34
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Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 2003 Vol. 42 - 52
Published in English as:
Inuyasha Graphic Novel Vol. 34

Chapter 329: 蝕まれた霊木
Mushibamareta reiboku
(Tree Blight)
Sango sees her brother and believes all the destruction that has been caused by the rats was because of him. Sango tries to destroy the box, but Kohaku shuts and and pulls it out of the way. Sango's wild swings only cause the rats to increase as she cuts them down. Sango chases Kohaku leaving Miroku behind. Elsewhere, Inuyasha, Kagome, and Shippo watch as the rats continue up the tree. Soon Hakudoshi arrives only to discover that Kikyo has moved on, leaving the trap set up to destroy the rats. He uses some giant slugs to begin to destroy the tree that is interfering with the rats. Kagome warns Inuyasha not to use Tetsusaiga or the rats will only increase in number and the tree will be further damaged. Inuyasha goes after Hakudoshi, while Kagome uses her arrows to take out the slugs. Inuyasha uses the Wind Scar, slicing Hakudoshi to pieces, but seeming not to permanently damage him at all. The magnetic attraction the tree seemed to be giving off for the rats begins to wane quickly. Sango continues after Kohaku and the two parry each others attacks. Miroku suddenly notices that the rats seem to be returning.

Chapter 330: 暴走する群れ
Bososuru mure
Miroku realises that the swarm of attacking rats approaching must mean that the Mayose tree has been destroyed, and so he opens his Wind Tunnel to try and stop the onslaught of rats. He absorbs countless numbers of the horde, but some manage to run past him. Meanwhile, Sango and Kohaku battle over the box, while Sango tries to make Kohaku remember who he is. Kohaku already knows though, but realizes that the Saimyosho are watching him. Sango manages to stop Kohaku from escaping, but before she can attack, the swarm of rats charges them. At the Mayose tree, Inuyasha kills the last slug, but unfortunately the tree is already dead and the rats have no inclination of climbing it. Inuyasha, Kagome, and Shippo escape as the rats begin to reform around the tree, Inuyasha knows the only way to stop them is to destoy the box that controls them. As Kohaku protects the box from Sango, the rats draw closer. Luckily, Miroku leaps from Kirara in time to suck up the pack of oncoming rats. Kohaku escapes but Sango chases him on Kirara. Unfortunately, Kohaku cannot outrun the rats and is overcome by them. They attack and he is left unconcious, giving Sango the chance to save him and destroy the box. But once she strikes it with her boomerang she realizes it is protected by a barrier. In the distance, Inuyasha leaves Kagome and Shippo to run ahead, he smells blood in the air.

Chapter 331: 人の心
Hito no kokoro
(A Human Heart)
As Inuyasha rushes ahead he realizes that it is Sango's blood that he smells. Kagome and Shippo follow behind and Kagome senses a Shikon fragment and realizes it must be Kohaku. Miroku approaches the pile of rats and watches helplessly as Kirara tries to pull Sango and Kohaku free. Unable to use his Wind Tunnel, Miroku struggles against the rats himself. Inuyasha arrives in time to see an arrow strike the box and destroy the mystic barrier that was protecting it. Inuyasha uses Tetsusaiga to smash the box and the rats begin to fade from existence. Kagome and Shippo are still on their way to meet the others when Kagome notices Kikyo and her two assistants in the distance. Inuyasha sees her as well but makes no attempt to follow her. Sango and Kohaku both recover, and Sango tries to see if her brother is okay when he leaps up and is carried away in a barrier by Hakudoshi. Hakudoshi asks who the girl is that tried to protect him, but Kohaku lies and says he does not know. He worries about putting Sango in danger and decides that he will kill Naraku as soon as he has a chance. Later that evening everyone tries to rest as Miroku treats Sango's wounds. Sango is torn between the heinous acts that Kohaku has committed under Naraku's influence, and protecting the brother she once knew. Miroku tells her that her feelings of love for Kohaku are natural and that she should not feel the need to fight them. Kikyo wanders through the remains of a village that suffered the rats attack. She is disgusted that Naraku would do all this just to lure her out. She decides that she will be the one to hunt Naraku now and gives a lock of her hair to Kocho and Asuka, her assistants. She will use it to discover where Naraku is hiding.

Chapter 332: 小さな幸せ
Chiisa na shiawase
(Small Pleasures)
Inuyasha returns to the village and tells Kaede that her sister, Kikyo, is still alive. She is not surprised and relates the story of how the two girls came for Kikyo's burial soil recently. Inuyasha explains that it was Kagome that saved her from Naraku's poison. Meanwhile in modern times Kagome has returned home for a bit of rest. When Inuyasha learns she has gone home without telling him, he is a little perturbed, but Sango and Miroku tell him that Kikyo's return has left Kagome feeling unsure of where she stands once again. Since Kagome lost her bicycle in the Warring States Era, her mother buys her a used one which Inuyasha promptly destroys when he comes to see Kagome. Inuyasha tries to repair the damage, but to no avail. Kagome heads off to school where she meets up with Yuka, Ayumi, and Eri and they ask her how things are going with her boyfriend. Kagome explains that he's at her house, and they insist on going to meet him. Inuyasha accidentaly breaks Grandpa's pot and Kagome's friends start to grow bored since the much anticipated boyfriend is nowhere to be found. Finally Inuyasha walks in on the girls, but he is wearing a cloth over his head which hides his ears. The girls ask him many questions and decide he must be half-foreign due to his unusual eye and hair color. As the girls leave, they tell Kagome how cool they think Inuyasha is and give her their approval. Kagome goes back to her room and Inuyasha apologizes for destroying her bike and promises that he will carry her through the feudal era himself.

Chapter 333: 宿り蛹
Yadori Sanagi
Inuyasha and the others come across a group of villagers who are having trouble with a kitsune. They discover that a beetle has possessed the kitsune and dispatch it with little difficulty. Sango explains that it is a Yadori Sanagi, a parasite that possesses stronger demons. That night more Yadori Sanagi attack the group while they sleep, and Shippo is possessed and manages to fly away. Everyone tries to pursue, but he escapes. The next morning he attacks the villagers who were bothered by the other kitsune. Of course Shippo's attacks are rather comical and annoying more than anything else. The villages come to find Kagome once Shippo defeats Miroku and Sango and ask her to help exterminate the new village menance - Shippo.

Chapter 334: 宿主
(The Perfect Host)
The villagers try to attack Shippo, but Kagome tells them to stop. Inuyasha seems to be unconcerned about Shippo's plight. The villagers pucture the Shippo-balloon, but it is not him. Inuyasha and Kagome encounter a silly looking chicken that is Shippo in disguise. When he is discovered he attaches a propeller to Inuyasha sending him flying away. Sango decides to use poisoned food as bait to trap Shippo, but Shippo spits chestnuts at everyone and escapes again. Inuyasha becomes frustrated and takes a swing at Shippo using the Tetsusaiga, which scares the Yadori Sanagi into releasing Shippo. Shippo admits he can remember what he did while possessed and Miroku suggests they follow the escaping beetle before it can possess someone else. Kikyo is in the area following a large group of the beetles and comments that it is unusual to see them so active. That night Sango tells them for that many to be in an area, perhaps a Great Demon had been possessed and recently killed. Perhaps Naraku is somehow involved.

Chapter 335: 消えた山
Kieta yama

(The Lost Mountain)
Kagura flies above a forest killing a few bothersome Yadori Sangai as she passes. She notices smoke from below and spots Kohaku burning a nest of the insects. Kohaku discusses the nesting habits of the insects, which is knowledge he learned as a demon slayer. Of course, these are things he should have forgotten, and he quickly clams up when Kagura begins to ask him about what he knows and Naraku's plans. While flying back, they notice a mountain that seems to be moving on it's own. Elsewhere, Inuyasha and the others come upon a giant crater. The locals told them that a mountain was there until the previous night it moved away. Inuyasha smells the scent of a demon as well as Naraku's scent in the area. Kohaku realizes that the large amounts of Yadori Sanagi means that their host was killed, which must have been a very large creature. Naraku ordered them to kill all of the bugs, meaning that the mountain that has moved must have possibly been the host the bugs were living off of. Kagura pursues the mountain much to Hakudoshi's displeasure. Also Inuyasha and the others catch up to the moving mountain as well only to discover that it is a rock and tree covered demon. When Naraku's name comes up, the mountain demon tells them that Naraku entered it's body and disturbed it's long slumber. The mountain tells them Naraku took a protective stone from within him and continues to attack thinking Inuyasha and the others may be hiding Naraku.

Chapter 336: 岳山人
(Mountain Man)
Gakusanjin the rock demon demands to know the whereabout of Naraku, because he believes Inuyasha and the others are allied with him. Gakusanjin explains that Naraku took the magical stone that hid his demonic powers, allowing him to slumber undetected and undisturbed. Now that Naraku has it, his demonic powers can no longer be sensed. Gakusanjin loses his patience with Inuyasha and attempts to attack him as Kagura looks on, but one deft move of the Tetsusaiga levels the mountain ridge between them, shocking Gakusanjin. Miroku promises that they will return his stone should they find it while hunting Naraku and Gakusanjin gives them crystalized stones containing his immense power. They will work as a detector for the magical stone. The energy within will disappate when near to the magical stone, and return when far from it. Nearby Kagura realizes what Naraku is using the magical stone for. With it, he can hide the power of baby Hakudoshi from detection. Elsewhere Kohaku has been sent to save Kanna, who is caring for the child. She senses Kikyo approaching, and Kohaku has been dispatched to save them, but his true intentions are to kill the baby, who is believed to hold Naraku's heart. Kohaku sees Kikyo's two servants, Kocho and Asuka and follows his orders to kill them. He slices them, and they change into to paper dolls that float down into an onlooking Kikyo's hand.

Chapter 337: 不妖璧
(The Nulling Stone)
Kagome senses a single Shikon fragment which can only mean that Kohaku is near. Kohaku stares defiantly as Kikyo asks him why he would follow someone like Naraku, who has appeared behind Kikyo, poised to attack. Meanwhile, the crystal given to the group begins to indicate that they are drawing near to the power supressing stone Naraku stole from Gakusanjin. Kikyo is having difficulty following Naraku's attacks since she can no long detect his spiritual energy, due to the supressing effects of the stone. He manages to pin her and commands Kohaku to take her head. Just then Inuyasha and the others arrive causing Naraku to flee. As Inuyasha explains to Kikyo why she was unable to detect Naraku's presense, Kikyo learns that Kohaku is Sango's brother. Elsewhere Kagura is speaking aloud to herself with Kohaku nearby. He uncharacteristically responds to her and tells her that he believes Naraku was attempting to keep Kikyo from getting to close to the baby that contains his heart. This openess from Kohaku shocks Kagura and she begins to suspect that he has regained his memory. Shippo checks on Kagome while Inuyasha and Kikyo talk things over. She seems to be alright with them sharing a private moment, but can not help but wonder what they are discussing. Kikyo explains that Naraku has taken his heart out of his body and placed it somewhere else which is why she can no longer injure him by attackhing his body. Just as they are talking Naraku gives the spirit-masking stone to the baby to ensure that no one will be able to detect where he has his heart hidden away.

Chapter 338: 魄
(Harvesting Souls)
A group of soliders is attacked by a giant flying eel as Kohaku recounts what Kagura has told him about Fuyouheki, the stone that hides Naraku's aura. Kagura and Kohaku are planning to use the detection crystals in order to track down the baby that houses Naraku and Hakudoshi's heart and eliminate him. Hakudoshi notices the large eel and decides to go and kill it along with Kohaku. Once that is finished they find human spirits inside the giant beast's stomach. Meanwhile Koga, Hakkaku, and Ginta are on the trail of someone they believe to be Naraku. What they find is a demon that seems to be comprised of pieces of other creatures. Inuyasha and the others seem to be having no luck as well, as their trail has grown cold. Kagome perks up when she senses Koga's Shikon shards ahead and they arrive just in time to see a large egg hatch from the creature.

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