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volume 35
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Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 2004 Vol. 1 - 11
Published in English as:
Inuyasha Graphic Novel Vol. 35

Chapter 339: 試作
Koga and Inuyasha immediately butt heads when they meet each other again while Hakkaku, Ginta, Sango and Miroku examine the mish-mash demon creature. Miroku notices it's soul leaving and explains that this seemed to be driving the creature on. They make parallels between this creature functioning with only spirtual energy and no heart just as Naraku seems to be doing. As they discuss Naraku's probable involvement, Koga gets a bit too close to Kagome and Inuyasha snaps at him. Kagome tells Inuyasha that he has no right to do so, given that he does the same thing when Kikyo is around. Kagome "sits" Inuyasha when he tries to make excuses and Koga looks on with satisfaction before deciding he will head out and discover who was behind this literally heartless creature that attacked them. Inuyasha and the others go off on their own investigation and slay a few minor demons in their search. Miroku asks Inuyasha to apologize to Kagome for their earlier argument, but of course, Inuyasha refuses. As they encounter more and more of these bizzare creatures they notice that they seem to become more and more human looking with each one they slay. It is as if the initial demon that attacked Koga was just an early experimentation and slowly the process that is creating them has become more refined.As Koga runs ahead he encounters Hakudoshi who is trailed by a very vicious looking human creature. Hakudoshi states he will be taking Koga's two Shikon shards.

Chapter 340: 魍魎丸
Hakudoshi introduces himself as a spawn of Naraku, and admits to Koga that he is the one creating all the strange demons that are in the area, using spiritual energy. Hakudoshi says that the closer the demons are to the form of a human the easier their movement is. He then commands the human creature, Moryomaru, to eat Koga, shards and all. Koga launches into his attack first, kicking Moryomaru in the chest, but is shocked to find that Moryomaru's flesh is gellatinous, and his foot merely sinks inside the demon's body. As Koga begins to sink deeper inside Moryomaru's body, he pulls the sword from his belt and cuts himself free. The wound begins to heal and Koga can make out the balls of energy that power Moryomaru. As Koga begins to wonder if continuing the battle is a good idea, Moryomaru attacks, this time his body is solid enough that when he misses Koga, he smashes some nearby rocks. Ginta and Hakkaku begin to panic when suddenly the Wind Scar blazes through the area and almost hits Moryomaru. Hakudoshi is dissapointed at Inuyasha's sudden arrival, when Koga ruins the group's entrance by smashing Inuyasha over the head. Koga and Inuyasha exchange bitter words until Kagome breaks them up and Koga begins flirting with her again, much to Inuyasha's annoyance. Koga explains that his sword saved him from be engulfed by Moryomaru, and Inuyasha chastizes him for comparing his decorative sword to the Tetsusaiga. Inuyasha is happy to have a chance to test his new technique, the Kongosoha, on the demon. The crowd looks on in amazement as Hakudoshi and Moryomaru seem to have been completely wiped out from the blast of diamonds, when suddenly Koga senses something above.

Chapter 341: 残骸
Moryomaru attacks from above, flying above the group with wings, Hakudoshi explains that Moryomaru has the abilities of the countless demons used in his creation of the new foe. Inuyasha isn't impressed though, as he unleashes another volley of his Kongosoha. The attack manages to destroy the tentacle arm of Moryomaru, but it quickily begins to regenerate, angering Inuyasha, who attempts the Kaze no Kizu, which also fails. Moryomaru strikes back, stabbing Inuyasha's arm. Koga dodges pieces of the demon, and realizes that its trying to get at his Shikon fragments. As Inuyasha hears this he rushes to protect Kagome, who is holding the group's shard. Inuyasha realizes that he can't remove the bits of Moryomaru that have attached themselves to him, and Koga rushes in to take Kagome to safety. Sango and Miroku look on, and Miroku decides to help even the odds by destroying some of the pieces of Moryomaru by unleashing his air void. Hakudoshi is put off by this, but Miroku is soon forced to stop as the Saimyosho arrive. Kagome tells Koga to put her down so that she can try using an arrow to purify the demon. Inuyasha is angered when Ginta and Hakkaku compliment Koga and Kagome's teamwork and vows to bring down Hakudoshi and Moryomaru.

Chapter 342: 奪われた物
Ubawareta mono
(Stolen Objects)
Inuyasha stares defiantly at Hakudoshi and Moryomaru as the hacked off pieces of Moryomaru slowly wrap around him. Inuyasha uses his newest technique that he learned in the Underworld, the Kango Soha. The Tetsusaiga turns to diamond and he strikes at his opponents. At that moment in a cave, Kanna and the baby Hakudoshi are sitting. The baby seems to send some sort of telepathic message to Hakudoshi who jumps in front of Inuyasha's strike and takes the full brunt of it. Everything except his head is destroyed, but Moryomaru is unhurt. Suddenly the pieces of Moryomaru that have wrapped around Inuyasha disperse and attack Kagome. She aims an arrow at them, but there are too many for her to hit. Miroku jumps in to help, but is stabbed through the chest by one of the pieces. Hakudoshi and Moryomaru flee in the confusion, while everyone stands around Miroku who is lying on the ground. He sits up and explains that when he was struck it was soft rather than sharp and left him unharmed. Unfortunately they lost the crystal they were using to track Hakudoshi. Elsewhere Hakudoshi and Moryomaru retreat to the cave where Kanna and Hakudoshi are awaiting them. Hakudoshi's body reforms and he gives the crystal to them. Kanna explains that the crystal was used to track Naraku, and now Inuyasha and the others will be unable to do so. Koga says his goodbyes to Kagome and she thanks Inuyasha for saving her. Shippo is surprised to see the two of them are not fighting for a change. Miroku and Sango discuss why Moryomaru was so important that Hakudoshi would sacrefice his own body to protect him. In the cave, Hakudoshi says he will leave Moryomaru with Kanna who states she will provide him with a soul. The scene changes to Sesshomaru and Jaken walking when suddenly Sesshomaru detects someone. Kagura appears and tells him that she can tell him where Naraku's heart is located.

Chapter 343: 許嫁
(The Forgotten Fiancee)
Kagura explains to Sesshomaru that no matter how many times Naraku or Hakudoshi are attacked their bodies will not die, due to the fact they keep their heart hidden somewhere. Kagura gives Sesshomaru one of the crystals used to detect his powers which are now being hidden by the Fuyoheki. Sesshomaru leaves the task to Jaken, and Rin explains that she thinks Kagura must love Sesshomaru, a comment Jaken finds ridiculous. Meanwhile Miroku blames himself for loosing the shard that can detect Naraku's location. The gang comes upon a village and many of the peasants recognize Miroku. They believe he has finally come to marry the headman's daughter, Shima, as he had apparently promised to do two years ago. Shima had a frail constitution, and Miroku's herb treatments helped her to become healthy. He asked her to bear his child if she recovered and hence she now believes he has returned to claim her. The topic turns to what the villagers were doing when the gang arrived. They explain that a demon of the lake wants Shima for a bride, but now that Miroku is there, she can marry him instead and then kill the creature. Miroku is caught between a rock and a hard place and Sango is peeved as well.

Chapter 344: 昔のあやまち
Mukashi no ayamachi
(Past Indiscretions)
Everyone waits outside in the cold while Miroku has a talk with Shima about their situation. Miroku tells the villagers that even if he marries her, the demon will more than likely still come to claim her. The village people correct him and tell him after the wedding they want Miroku to deflower the girl. If she is not pure, then the demon will have no interest. Just then a giant Sango-head burst into the room. It's Shippo trying to help Sango out, but Sango just calmly escorts Shippo back outside and gives Miroku a cold glance. Just then a huge explosion bursts forth from the ground, but only a small fishman appears before them. This tiny fellow is the demon that seeks Shima. Inuyasha stomps him a few times, but the demon asks about the promise that was made to him. It was revealed that Shima's father prayed to the demon that the water from his lake, in addition to Miroku's herbs, would cure the ailing Shima. Shima feels sorry for the demon, but tells him that she still can not be his bride, because two years ago she and Miroku had gone the distance. Everyone is shocked by this, especially the demon who then transforms into a huge monster catfish. Sango refuses to help Miroku fight the creature, but Inuyasha intervenes. Miroku takes this as a opportunity to try and talk things out with Sango. Sango merely replies that she should have known things could have never worked out between them.

Chapter 345: 記憶の糸
Kioku no ito

With Inuyasha preparing to do battle against the giant catfish demon, Miroku and Sango are deep in discussion about their future together. Sango decides things are not going to work out and heads off on her own to see if Miroku will follow. Inuyasha allows the catfish demon to leave with his life, but soon regrets it when the demon snatches Shima and carries her away. Sango tries to save her, but is caught in the process. The demon decides to make Sango his concubine as well, but Miroku springs to the rescue saving them both. With this, Shima confesses that she had never really promised herself to Miroku and was simply looking for a way out of her engagement. Sango is irritated that Miroku never refuted Shima's claim, when she realized that he wasn't completely sure himself.

Chapter 346: 行者
(The Acolytes)
Inuyasha and the others soon discover that that Gakusanjin, the mountain demon, was slaughtered by a beam of light. Kagome assumes that it must have been Naraku who encountered Gakusanjin who was in search of fuyouheki, the stone he once possessed that hid his power from prying eyes. Inuyasha corrects their assumtions and tells everyone that the scent of humans is on the mountain's corpse. Late one night a group of three travellers slay a demon that is attacking a village. The three make quick work of the creature and haul it's carcass away. The villagers are surprised that the three children could so easily handle a demon. The children return to their master, Goryomaru with the news of their success. The next day Inuyasha picks up the trail of the children who he believes are working with Naraku. The children appear out of nowhere and begin their assault.

Chapter 347: 御霊丸
The three children attack Inuyasha with the combined force of all jar weapons. As the blast of light nears Inuyasha he notices that it has a scent and swings Tetsusaiga at it. The blast falls apart and reveals itself as made of demons. Inuyasha pounds the children and demands to know what they're up to, but they refuse to tell him. The group tells Inuyasha to let them go, and Sango mentions that the children did not appear to have any special demon-exterminating skills, while Miroku notes that they are too clumsy to be working with Naraku. Meanwhile, Kagura inspects the mountainous corpse of Gakusanjin and deduces that Naraku must have done it to keep the demon from retaliating for the theft of the Fuyoheki. She begins to look for clues as to the location of the hidden baby's whereabouts. Later that evening, the group tracks the children to their temple headquarters and Kagome feels a demonic energy surrounding the entire structure. As they approach the bundles of light reappear and are heading right for them, Inuyasha defeats the attack with his Wind Scar and the children fall back to the inside of the temple calling for Goryomaru's help. Suddenly the mysterious Goryomaru finally emerges from the shadows of the temple, revealing his body to be a misshappen, scarred mess of half-human and half-demon flesh. Suddenly demons from all over begin gathering around the temple, they realize the jars are useless now and plan on seeking revenge against their tormentors.

Chapter 348: 異形の腕
Igyo no ude
(The Deformed Arm)
As the demons approach the temple, Goryomaru's deformed arm unleashes an attack similar to the jar's to that that came from the jar's the children carried. Kagura watches on with awe, but the number of demons' is far too many and Inuyasha decides to display his power, which sends the remaning creatures back where they came from. As the danger has cleared Goryomaru explains his origin to the curious group. He is human, but his arm is made up of the spirits of demons, and used as a weapon, just like the jars that his henchchildren, the Gyoja use. Inuyasha and Miroku demand to know if it was the Gyoja that killed Gakusanjin, and they admit that it was. As they learn more about what happened, the group notices that the demons have returned and are waiting outside the temple for anyone who leaves. The group stays in the temple overnight, and while they wait they have dinner with the Gyoja who explain that Goryomaru uses the power of his arm to fill the jar-weapons with their energy. All of the children reveal that their hatred for demons comes from the fact that they were orphaned because of various creatures. Outside the temple Kagura inspects the surroundings, curious as to why the demons cannot enter. She also senses that the baby carrying Naraku's heart is nearby. Kagura becomes impatient, kills the demons and posesses their corpses with her Dance of the Dead. Inuyasha rushes outside to prepare for the onslaught.

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