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volume 36
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Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 2004 Vol. 12 - 21
Published in English as:
Inuyasha Graphic Novel Vol. 36

Chapter 349: 屍の群れ
Shikabane no mure
(The Swarm of Corpses)
The demon corpses under Kagura's control enter the temple grounds and prepare to attack. Inuyasha uses the Wind Scar, but since the demon's are already dead it only mangles their corpses, not preventing their attack. Miroku steps in and begins to draw them into his Wind Tunnel, but the Saimyosho arrive and prevent his attack as well. Outside, Kagura watches the attack, hoping that her gamble that the baby is inside the temple with the Fuyoheki will pay off. Goryomaru is weakened from refilling the children's spirit jars and cannot assist in defending the temple. The fight against the corpses is futile so Inuyasha rushes to find Kagura and stop her, the Gyoja leave the temple as well to aid the battle, but Sango and Miroku try to stop them from getting themselves killed. The children rush to protect the exhausted Goryomaru and Kagome stays with them to ensure that they don't leave again. Inuyasha finds Kagura and confronts her, asking if Goryomaru is an enemy or ally of Naraku. Kagura realizes that the baby must not be in the temple after all and begins to make her escape, clearing the demon corpses out of her way. Meanwhile Kagome is locked in a room with Shippo, the children and and Goryomaru when she notices that her Shikon shard feels hot, and is reacting to Goryomaru's arm. As Kagura approaches, Kagome prepares for battle when suddenly Goryomaru gets up and wraps an arm around her throat with an ominous look on his face.

Chapter 350: 神楽の命
Kagura no incohi
(Kagura's Life)
Kagura flies towards the temple where her crystals sense the baby's energy. Unknown to her is that Goryomaru, Kagome and the children are actually inside. Kagome is being held by Goryomaru, who tells her not to move as he lifts his arm and fires a massive blast of energy at Kagura, hitting her directly in the chest. Kagome is shocked that Goryomaru was protecting her, but is still frightened of him and rushes to Inuyasha. Inuyasha and Kagome are both confused by Goryomaru, unsure of whether they can trust him or not. Goryomaru gives them no time to question him as he asks them to leave his temple immediately. As they leave the area, the group begins to wonder aloud if Naraku would sacrifice Kagura just to throw off their suspicions about Goryomaru. Meanwhile near a waterfall the group of Sesshomaru, Rin and Jaken find Kagura's mangled body floating down the river. Sesshomaru ignores her and continues walking, but Rin rushes in to save her from going over the falls. Rin isn't strong enough to hold on however, and Jaken rushes in to rescue her. Unfortunately he isn't strong enough either and so all three begin to go over the falls before Sesshomaru saves them. Back on the shore, Rin and Jaken watch as Kagura's lifeless corpse begins to heal itself, and finally she comes back to life. With her heart still inside Naraku it is impossible for her to die while he still lives. Kagura insults Jaken and Rin, and Sesshomaru decides to leave, but Kagura offers a bit of information, telling Sesshomaru that she knows where Naraku's heart is. At their base, Hakudoshi questions Naraku about why he continues to let Kagura live knowing full well that she is a traitor. Naraku smiles and answers that he has one more job for Kagura before he ends her life.

Chapter 351: 羅漢像
(The Rakanzo)
Kagura tells Sesshomaru that she is positive that the Fuyoheki is kept inside Goryomaru's temple, which means that the baby carrying Naraku's heart is inside somewhere as well. Kagura believes that Goryomaru must be helping to protect the heart, but that she can't be sure because Naraku no longer trusts her enough to provide information on the whereabouts of his heart. At her realization that Naraku knows she plans to betray him, Kagura wonders why she is still allowed to live, and leaves Sesshomaru, Rin and Jaken. Back at his temple, Goryomaru senses that Inuyasha and the others have begun searching the nearby mountains for something. The group wanders the forest in the rain, and Miroku mentions that he believes the statues surrounding Goryomaru's temple were what generated the barrier that kept demons away. Miroku senses that same power emanating from the mountain. Inuyasha wants to go back and confront Goryomaru, but Miroku says they would be better off investigating the mountain. Kagura heads back to see Naraku, but encounters Hakudoshi on the way. He stops her, proclaiming that he has a job for her to do. On the mountain, the group finds a cave, and upon entering it discovers a group of statues similar to the ones surrounding Goryomaru's temple. Demon remains surround the statues and are being slowly turned to stone. Inuyasha smells Gakusanjin's remains amongst the other demon parts, and Kagome wonders what Goryomaru could be using the statues for. Meanwhile, Hakudoshi and Kagura enter Goryomaru's temple together, the boyish demon tells Kagura to take care of the children as he springs forward, slashing Goryomaru's throat wide open.

Chapter 352: 御霊丸の死
Goryomaru no shi
(Goryomaru's Fate)
Goryomaru's throat is cut by Hakudoshi's spear, but he survives and attacks with a blast of energy from his arm. Hakudoshi shields himself with no trouble, and peers down at Goryomaru, ready to attack once more. Meanwhile in the mountain cave, Inuyasha smells Goryomaru's blood and the group rushes back toward the temple. Hakudoshi is about to bounce Goryomaru's energy back at him, but Inuyasha arrives just in time, and Hakudoshi targets he and Kagome instead. As they dodge the blast, Hakudoshi flashes a wicked smile and dives down to Goryomaru, decapitating him with a single slash. As the others watch Hakudoshi's fatal attack, Kagura notices that Kanna and the baby emerge, the temple was being used to hide the child the entire time, just as Kagura thought. Hakudoshi orders her to deal with Inuyasha and the others as he, Kanna, and the baby take to the air to make their escape. As he leaves, Hakudoshi reveals that Goryomaru never knew he was housing the child, he was just an innocent pawn being manipulated by Naraku. Kagura reveals to the group that Naraku's heart is inside the baby, and that Naraku has her heart as well. Kagura has no need for stealth anymore, and leaves to find Hakudoshi and the child and do what she can to kill the demon baby. Inuyasha and the group help the children to bury Goryomaru, and then tell the children they must leave the temple. As she flies through the air on her feather, Kagura spots an ogre's face carved into a mountain range with Kanna and the baby standing in its mouth, she wonders if she should make her move.

Chapter 353: 鬼の岩
Oni no iwa
(The Ogre Cliff)
Following Kagura's lead Sesshomaru, Jaken and Rin arrive at Goryomaru's temple only to find it completely abandoned. After searching the grounds, they find numerous demon corpses, as well as Goryomaru's grave. However, the gravesite is empty, and Sesshomaru catches the scent of its inhabitant, deciding that the person may be useful to him. Inuyasha and the others, now armed with the knowledge that the baby holds Naraku's heart, race to find and destroy the child. They spy Kagura outside the ogre-shaped cave and follow her and enter the cave. Once inside, the group sense a disturbing energy, and dive deep within the sloping cave. Inuyasha unleashes the Wind Scar, and reveals Naraku, who seems pleased to see his enemies. Naraku produces the almost-complete Shikon Jewel and tells Kagome that she should hand over her shard to him before he kills everyone. The walls begin to drip acid, while outside, Kagura watches the mountainous ogre come to life, as Hakudoshi secretly watches her. Inside, Naraku laughs and proclaims that the acid will kill them all, but Inuyasha announces his plan to kill Naraku first.

Chapter 354: 破れない壁
Yaburenu kabe
(The Indestructible Wall)
Inuyasha and Miroku launch their attacks on Naraku, with Inuyasha unleashing a failed Wind Scar, and Miroku using his Wind Tunnel. Naraku counters it with the Saimyosho, but Miroku ignores them and absorbs them in his attack. Inuyasha jerks his hand closed, refusing to let Miroku sacrifice himself just to kill Naraku, especially before he's gotten to use his newest attack, the Kongosoha. The attack rips Naraku to shreds, but doesn't damage the inside of the Ogre's stomach. Kagome thinks she might have a chance to purify the almost completed Shikon Jewel, and fires one of her arrows at it, but Naraku vanishes with it before the arrow can hit its mark. Outside, Kagura watches and wonders whats become of Inuyasha's group, when suddenly Hakudoshi and the remnants of Naraku appear behind her. Naraku tells her that everyone inside will be devoured by the acid of the Ogre's stomach, when suddenly Hakudoshi speaks up and asks Kagura how the group of heroes learned of the cave in the first place. Naraku wonders as well, and Kagura tries to lie and says she doesn't know. Inside the Ogre's belly, Inuyasha asks the weakened Miroku to set up a barrier to protect himself, Sango, Shippo and Kagome from the rising acid while Inuyasha attempts to break them out. He unleashes another Kongosoha, but like the previous attempt, this one fails as well. Miroku is losing his battle with the Saimyosho's poison and passes out, causing the barrier protecting everyone to dissapate. Inuyasha rushes back, throws his kimono over his friends and tells Kagome to give him the Shikon shard. It appears he has no choice now but to use it on himself.

Chapter 355: かけらを使う
Kakera o tsukau

(Using the Shard)
Inuyasha has no other choice but to use Kagome's shikon fragment on himself. Naraku smiles from outside the Ogre mountain, knowing that Inuyasha will be forced to use the fragment. Kagome hesitantly hands over the shard, and watches in surprise as Inuyasha slams it against the Tetsusaiga. But her surprise turns to horror as the powered up blade begins to change Inuyasha. Naraku knew that the evil energy from the Ogre's belly would infect the shard as soon as Inuyasha tried to use it. Inuyasha feels his mind slipping away as he transforms into his fully demonic state. He screams for the others to get away from him, but Kagome rushes out from under the protection of his cloak and runs through the drops of acid to be with Inuyasha. Kagome holds Inuyasha, and through her contact with him, the shard is purified once more, allowing Inuyasha to regain himself. As Kagome holds him, Inuyasha uses the Kongoshoha once more, this time ripping the ogre's belly wide open, causing the entire face of the mountain to crumble before his mighty blow. Inuyasha stands with the weakened Kagome as he peers into the sky only to find that Naraku has disappeared once more. Outside, Kanna and the baby leave the area, but run into Kikyo. She tells Kanna that she knows Naraku's heart is inside the baby as Kanna looks on in fear.

Chapter 356: 邪な気配
Yokoshima na kehai
(The Evil Presence)
Kikyo stares at Kanna holding the baby with Naraku's heart inside it, and without a word draws back her bow, ready to fire. She can't believe that she has stumbled across the child, as she had been following an evil energy, but before she can fire the source of that energy appears, Moryomaru. Kikyo has no choice but to attack the aggressor, but while her arrows inflict massive damage, Moryomaru reforms without a scratch while Kanna and the baby escape. Meanwhile, back in the village, Kaede cares for the injured Kagome while Miroku is still unconscious from the Saimyosho's poison. Shippo and Kagome discuss Inuyasha's use of the shikon shard and his subsequent transformation with Kaede, when Inuyasha himself walks in and overhears the end of their conversation. He asks Kagome to come with him so they can talk. The pair sit in a tree so that Kagome can get off her injured feet. Inuyasha blames himself for her injuries, but Kagome tells him that because of his actions, everyone was saved. She also tells him that she was happy to be with him inside the cave, and that she's always happy just to be with him. Inuyasha doesn't tell her, but admits to himself that he feels the same way. Far away in his mountainside manor, Naraku tells Kagura that he has an important job for her. Taking her down a flight of stairs into a prison-like room, Kagura notices that the room is filled with statues resembling the ones from Goryomaru's temple, and is surprised to see Goryomaru's unconscious body lying in a cell. Naraku's mission for Kagura: to guard Goryomaru's cell with her life.

Chapter 357: 薬売り
Kusuri uri
(Medicine Merchant)
Kagura and Naraku stare into Goryomaru's cell watching him as Naraku gives Kagura her orders to watch the prisoner. Kagura asks who exactly Goryomaru is, but Naraku tells her that that information isn't pertinent to her task. Just then, Goryomaru awakens and unleashes a blast from his arm at Naraku, destroying most of his body. Naraku simply laughs and explains that he cannot be killed. Before leaving he tells Kagura that she should be careful around the prisoner. Meanwhile, Inuyasha and the others are in search of a medicine salesman that Kaede knows of. They hope that they can find a cure for the Saimyosho's poison so that Miroku will no longer have to worry about their attacks. Kaede explains that the medicine man is mysterious, and appears randomly, dissapearing soon after making his sales. The group investigates a nearby village that has seen him two days prior when Inuyasha catches his scent. Meanwhile, the mysterious man saves a girl suffering from a snakebite. Soon the group finds her resting in the forest, and she tells them how handsome the man who rescued her was. The group notices bite marks on the girl's next, but when asked she says she doesn't remember what caused the mark. Miroku decides that he and Inuyasha will deal with the mysterious man while Kagome and Sango stay behind, just in case the culprit has a power over women. Kagome becomes excited and thinks that Miroku is feeling jealous and protective of Sango, but Inuyasha disagrees. At any rate, Sango insists on going along and that Miroku stay behind since he is still recovering from the poison. As Sango and Inuyasha search, a shadowy figure watches Sango and decides that he must have her for himself as Inuyasha catches the scent of something that dazes him and causes him to follow a butterfly off the side of a cliff. Sango follows him and falls into a poisonous vine pit when suddenly the medicine man shows himself and offers her a helpful medicine.

Chapter 358: 幻術
Sango encounters the medicine salesman and realizes he is a demon in human form. He tells her that he can cure her wounds, in exchange for something. Sango realizes she can't move as the demon leans in, revealing vampire-like fangs. Back at the home of the rescued girl, Miroku, Kagome and Shippo learn that ever since the girl returned home she is no longer attracted to her husband. Miroku begins to wonder if a demon is at work. Sango, meanwhile, is about to be bitten by the demon when Inuyasha leaps on top of the medicine man and bites him on the head, causing him to vanish in retreat. Even though the demon has vanished, Sango has fallen under his control and can hear him summoning her. After knocking Inuyasha unconscious, she leaves in search of the handsome demon. Kirara rushes to get the rest of the group and brings them to Inuyasha, where they all go in search of Sango, realizing that she must be under the demon's spell. Sango and the demon are sitting on a large lilypad as he prepares to sink his teeth into her neck once more. Suddenly, Sango breaks free of the spell and clobbers the demon. He begs her for forgiveness and asks if he could explain why he's doing this. The man says that he if sucks the blood of a perfect woman the curse upon him will be lifted and he will return to his true form once more. Sango says she doesn't mind if drinks her blood, in exchange for the antidote for Miroku. As the man leans in, Miroku appears and bashes him with his staff. He is shocked to learn that Sango was going to allow him to drink her blood. After explaining the man's tragic story, Miroku reluctantly allows the ceremony to take place. After drinking her blood, the man returns to his true form....a mosquito.

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